Race Report August 1st, 2010

Week #13 and #14

The weather was not a factor today as two races were planned to get us caught up with our schedule and position us for the stretch run.
Before we started, 5 yr old Robbie Webb was named our rider of the week for his efforts at the race held on July 25th. He named Matt Markie as his favorite rider.

At Foothills its always great to look around and see who the “Surprise Riders” might be for this week. Long Island BMX was represented well as Cheyenne Noud, George Ragotte and Austin Modell were in the house.

Race 1
The was no money open today so starting off with the 26-24 / 35-39 expert class it featured three riders but the racing was tight. Don Hottes would show that his skills are a little more honed then Scott Merenda and Mike Greco as he was unbeatable and aced a “perfect”.

In 17-18 / 19-25 action, Andrew Cox continued to impress with another win. Justin Markie was second and Jason Bush battled hard with Will Barna to capture the third spot.

15x / 15 nov was a full gate of six riders. Austin Cyr held off a determined Zack Andringa for the perfect score but it sure wasn’t easy. Zack was solid in second with the third spot going to Roberto Elizondo.

Shawn McAuley held off Austin Modell in 14 expert action. The third spot belonged to Chris Pfeffer (Georges Music Center).

The 13 Expert class was up for grabs with three evenly matched riders going for the glory. Chris Pannullo’s (Fusco’s used auto parts) consistency earned him the top spot on the podium. Dan Delisle was second while Ian Dickinson was third.

Casey Tanner and Jon Zeiner finished 1-2 in the 12 Expert class while Chris Therriault held off Robbie DesMarais for the third spot.
Nick Cote’ topped the efforts of Dave Moody in 10x / 11x / 11 nov mixed action. Jake DesMarais finished third.

Former Track Champion Angela Therriault was perfect in the 16 girls / 17 & over woman’s class. Nicole Milton was second and Christine Gryzbek finished in the third spot.

Doing Shoreham BMX Country proud, Cheyenne Noud showed our “locals” how its done by winning every moto. Reining track champion Katie Moody was second and the third spot went to Crystal Lumbra.
Jess Maher, Jenn Cote’ and Michele Gamelin would finish 1-2-3 in 13 girls class.

Lexi Doty continued her winning ways by beating Samantha Lumbra in 12 girls racing.

Isabella Sanchez finally took her skill set to the next level as she could not be beaten this day. Mackenzie Atchison was second in the 11 girls class while Helen Elizondo was third.

With five riders in the popular 10 girls class it looked like the competition would be close and possibly many lead changes. None of that would happen as Kyly Milton, Chloe Arnold and Chloe Bourgoin would finish 1-2-3 in every moto.

K & R Services sponsored Lanie Stroh held off Julia Brock in the 9 girls class.

In 5-7 girls action it was Hope Maher going undefeated. Rileigh Valliere was a very close second with Ashley Jasensky (X-Treme Marine) third.

In 16, 17 & 18 novice action, Long Islands Geroge Ragotte looked to be the dominant rider at least till he reached the final turn when sand bags and anchors were flying in all directions avoiding the dreaded move up award. Jim Ferris would be the overall winner with Jon Daversa second and third went to George.

Tom Goclowski and Dylan Vadney traded moto wins in the 14 novice class. Dylan finished third in the next round so that would seal the deal for Tommy who grabbed the overall win. Dylan was second and an impressive effort from Autumn Classey earned her the third spot.
Wes Reel, Jake Marconi and Trevor Fox (Wild Side tattoo) was the order in 13 novice racing action.

Connor continued the winning ways that he had in the rookie class as he put one in the record books as a novice. R.J. Miville was second while Erik Dugan finished third.

The 9x / 10 nov class required a main event to determine who would go home happy. Sky Domain would not be denied as he won everything he ran on this day. Jon Maura was second and third went to Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing).

In 7x / 8 nov / 9 nov combined racing, the overall win was definitely up for grabs. Zack Ferris (Tactical Arms) won the first round but a fourth place finish in the next round ruined his chances. Colin Riggs had a nice second place finish but he also had a fourth place finish to kill any chances that he had for the win. Hunter Zeiner was the most consistent and he would go home the winner. Ferris was second and Riggs was third.

More combining occurred and it sure was a mixed bag in the 6x / 6nov / 7 nov class. Finny Milton was perfect 2ith Derek Fantano edging out Landon Richard for the second spot.

In Cruiser action Butch Feitel topped Len Ferris in the 50 & over class and Bob DesMarais did the same to Greg Fantano in 40-44 action.
Hope Maher was given a gift in the combined class of 12 & under and 40 & over cruisers.

Erik Maher won the tie breaker and got the overall in 30-34 / 35-39 cruisers. Greg Sloan settled for second while Alex Rivera was third.
Good racing in the 13-14 cruiser class with 5 riders giving it their best shot. Ausin Modell would prevail with Dan Delisle second and Chris Pannullo (National Mail Service) third.

Casey Tanner, topped R.J. Miville and Pete Franolich in the 11-12 cruiser class.

In 8 & Under / 9-10 action Nick Cote’ easily won the class. Evan Merenda was second and Lane Maher, could only touch the gate as he broke his arm last week in Trumbull.

Matt Bennett held off a hard charging Matt Delisle in 17 & over Rookie racing.

Mike Castle, Liam Stone and Brenden Aleia would finish 1-2-3 in 15 Rookie.

In 14 Rookie action, Darren Zimmerman (David J Mahoney Painting) got the job done. Luke Dengler hung tough with a solid second while Nick Ingala was finishing third.

We don’t see him all the time but when he is here, he usually wins. Alejandro Robles pulled it off again in the 13 rookie class. Brennen Colli, causing us fits when he rode the #16 number plate after signing up with the 831, enjoyed a second with third going to Chris Mello.

Mark Tully “got er done” in 12 rookie action but finishing in front of Travis Welsh and Mason Harris. Mason would have done much better had he not got in the wrong moto in his first round.

In 11 rookie action it would be Jeremy Estralla capturing the win with Ty Bourgoin second and the third spot went to Rich Russell.

William Guido was perfect in the 9 rookie class and it was his last ride as a rookie as this was his 15th Rookie win. Congrats on the move to the Novice class. Dale Doty (Connecticut Wells) was second and Frankie Buckley was third.

A main event in the 9 rookie class is always exciting. Ethan Russell-Ward had little problems in acing a perfect but the rest of the finishing positions were highly contested. Wes Keating slid into the second spot and third went to Sam Inderdohen.

Chris Guido, leadin all the way around in round one, self destructed in turn five for a heart breaking crash. He was okay but settled for 3rd in the moto as Conor Griffin won it. Chris came back to win the next round and it was good enough for the overall win. The second place trophy went to Griffin while Preston Ross was third.

A former rider of the week and brother to the current one, Matt Webb, won the 7 rookie class for his 14th rookie win. Torin Ellis was second with Ian Fosbrook salvaging a third.

A full gate of 6 year old rookies saw Danny DesMarais win both his motos and the main event. Aman Egan (Indian Mountain Mower Service) was second and Lucas North was third.

The last class and last main event of Race # 1 was the 5 & Under rookie class. Sam DeGrange (Betera Chrysler/ Jeep) won the class with Robbie Webb second and Anthony Starr-Bennett third.

Race # 2
All but 12 riders hung around for the second race.

Don Hottes aced a double perfect as he won everything in the 17-18X / 26-34X / 35-40X class. Scott Merenda and Mike Greco finished second and third.

Austin Cyr (Plow plus Maintenance) fought hard with Zack Andringa in the 16 X class and just nipped him for the overall win. Zack did manage a second with Roberto Elizondo third.

Shawn McAuley, probably on his way to his 7th state Championship, won again in this race holding off Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center). The third spot went to Long Island’s Austin Modell.

Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Used Auto Parts) was top gun in the 13 Expert class. Dan Delisle was second with Ian Dickinson third.

Jonathan Zeiner, with relatives watching, won the 12 Expert / 12 novice class. Chris Therriault hung on for second while Robbie DesMarais, looking a little rusty from some time off, was third.

The “D-Man” Dave Moody had it all his way in 11X / 11N racing as he scored a perfect. Jake DesMarais and Scotty Thomson finished second and third.

Landon Richard, Derek Fantano and Brady Valliere was the official finishing order in the 6X / 6N class.

Nothing changes in the 16 & over Girls / Womans class as the order was the same as Race #1. Angela Therriault, Nicole Milton and Christine Grysbek.

Katie Moody and Jasmine Mandelas were the only two ladies racing in the 14-15 girls class and the win went to Katie.

Jessy Maher, Isabella Sanchez and Alexus Doty were all winners in their girls classes.

A full gate again was the feature of the 10 yr old girls group but the results would be the same as Race #1. Kyly Milton, Chloe Arnold and Chloe Bourgoin went 1-2-3.

Lanie Stroh (K & R Services) topped Julia Brock in the 9 girls class.

Hope Maher, starting her tune-up for the NBL Grand Nationals, was again unstoppable as she held off 4 other girls in the 5-7 class. Rileigh Valliere, oh so fast, was second and Ashley Jasensky (X-Treme Marine) was third.

Jimmy Ferris worked his way around the sand bags to finish in from of George Ragotte in 16N / 17-18N action. Actually Alex Hubbard got by him also as George just slammed on the brakes just before the finish line. If George is going to the grands, it seems he values a high Novice plate over a nice Expert plate. Go figure?

William Chaput edged out Cheyenne Noud and Dave Lamb for the 15 Novice win.

In 14 Novice action, Tom Goclowski was the fastest. Second quick was Dylan Vadney with Samir Licul third.

Wes Reel, Jake Marconi and Trevor fox (Wild Side Tattoo) finished off the 13 novice class in that order.

In 10N / 9X action Sky Domain and Jon Moura put the Stampede colors on the top to podium spots with Joe Petrino Jr. edging Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing) for the third spot in their main event. Steve Hull, after spending most of the season out of state, Won all his motos and earned a fifth in the main.

Craig Lumbra won the 9 Novice class holding off Colin Riggs and Garrett Fosbrook to do so.

Arefin Milton, Hunter Zeiner and Zach Ferris had some classic racin goin on in 7X / 7N / 8N. Milton won it with Zeiner and Ferris (Tactical Arms) second and third.

Len Ferris, the oldest rider here, and Casey Leaman, the youngest rider here, should race in a showdown to determine the longest time around the track. Naw, Lenny would be embarrassed to be outrun by a 4 yr old. In 50 & over Cruiser action Butch Feitel beat Lenny for the win. Just kidding Len, you are a great sport and an inspiration to us older guys.

Hope Maher and Therese Campbell were the only female cruisers racing so Hope would beat the slightly older Therese for the win.
Greg Sloan topped Erik Maher for the 30-34 title.

13-14 Cruiser action is always exciting to watch as you just cannot predict who will win. In the first round Dan Delisle finished fith with Ian Dickinson winning it. Should be easy for Ian now right? Well, the second round saw Dickinson finish 5th with Delisle winning it. With all that going on Pannullo (National Mail Service) was finishing second and third as was Austin Modell. So when the scores were tallied there were four riders with a total of 7 points. The second round is the tie breaker so officially it would be Delisle, Modell and Pannullo the top three. Nothing is easy.

R.J. Miville and Peter Franolich was the order in 11-12 Cruiser and Evan Merenda and Lane maher (Just touching the gate) in 8 & Under / 9-10 Cruiser.

Matt Bennett again held off Matt Delisle in 17 & over rookie repeating what he did in the first race.

15 Rookie had the same results as race one also and that was Mike castle, Liam Stone and Brenden Aleia 1-2-3.

Davis J. Mahoney Painting sponsored Darren Zimmerman kept his perfect Sunday in tack as he won the 14 Rookie class. Nick Ingala second and Luke Delgler was third.

13 Rookie start Alejandro Robles should have the cops called on him as he simply stole the show again. Man, this kid can ride. Brenne Colli was second and Jose Estrella was third.

Mark Tully also had a great day as he doubled by winning the 12 Rookie class in race two. Mason Harris, who got in all the right motos this time was second with Anthony Ingala third.

Tyler Bourgoin, after finishing second in Race #1 to Jeremy Estrella, managed to turn the tables in race two and kept Jeremy behind him. The third spot went to Alex Gothier.

Dale Doty (Connecticut wells) held off Frankie Buckley to win the 10 Rookie class. Main event time in the 9 Rookie class with 9 riders in the class. The main saw Ethan Russell-Ward winning it again with Wes Keating second and Sam Inderdohnen third.

Evan Merenda and Chris Guido were the only competitors as Preston Ross was a no-show in 8 Rookie action. The win was Merendas.

Matt Webb and Carter Stroh (A & S Construction) were the two hot rods in the 7 Rookie class. When the dust settled it was Matt Webb earning his Novice ranking with the win. Carter was second with Torin Ellis third. This was a major accomplishment for Matt by doing it all in his first year. Welcome to the Novice ranks Matt. Well deserved.

A full gate of 6 yr old Rookies and Danny DesMarais again aced a perfect. Lucas North was second while Aman Egan (Indian Mountain Mower Service) was third.

Finally in the 5 & under rookie class, Sam DeGrange (Bertera Chrysler / Jeep) was top dog. Robbie Webb a solid second and Kraig Geissler third.

For complete finish reports
for Race #1 and for Race #2

Please understand that the actual motos that were run on the report were the first and third round. The best of the two are aded as the finish in the second round (Two moto system).