Race Report August 15th, 2010

Week #16

For the last time this year we had to go up against another National event. This time it was in Bethel. We scheduled our starting time one hour later and I guess it proved to be the right decision as some of our “regulars” participated in both events. But the conflict plus a changing weather forecast which now predicted late day showers seems to have had an influence on the rider count. None-the-less, 143 riders and 41 motos is definitely not a bad turnout considering all the issues.

Last week we named Ethan Russell Ward as our Rider of the Week for the race on August 1st but he was not here so we saved the trophy for him and interviewed him Sunday. He named Derek Fantano as his favorite rider. Not a bad choice considering Derek who won the Regional Championship on Saturday in Bethel.

12 yr old Rookie rider Austin Andrews was named our Rider of the Week for his efforts last week and he named his home-town hero Wesley Reel as his favorite rider.

With a real mixed bag of riders in the four riders in four classes the lineup was Paul Maher (17-18X); Mike Greco (26-34X); Scott Merenda (35-40X) and Jon Daversa (17-18N). Maher easily won the grouping with Merenda second and Greco third.

Talk about evenly matched, there 12 yr old Experts were competing and all three won a moto. The most consistent was Josh Blankquart with a 1st and two 2nds which were good enough for the overall win. Robbie DesMarais, who finally nailed the jumping technique required to clear the big step-down, was second with Dougy Cable third.

In 11X / 11N action it was the same finishing order in all three rounds with Dave Moody, Jake DesMarais and Jake Layman as the official order.

Nicole Milton (17 & over women) battled hard with track champion Katie moody (14 girls) and come out as the top lady in this one.
The winning ways returned for Alexus Doty and she was nailed down a perfect score in the 12-13 girls group. Jess Maher was second with Carlie Arnold finishing third.

After a really tough crash in practice, Isabella Sanchez was able to re-group and get the job done again the 11 yr old Girls class by beating Mackenzie Atchison and Helen Elizondo.

Five riders made up the 10 yr old Girls class and Kyly Milton was again the dominant rider however, Chloe Arnold is getting very close now and enjoyed a close second place finish. Chloe Bourgoin, also showing significant improvement was third.

In 8-9 Girls action Hannah Blankquart got the best of Hope Maher for the win will third went to Lanie Stroh (K & R Services).

In 5-7 Girls Rileigh Valliere made the long ride from Merrimac Ma. worth it as she aced a “perfect”. The second spot went to Chloe Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) as she just edged out Azra Milton.

In 15X / 16N action Austin Cyr (Plow plus Maintenance) also was unbeatable as he put all three rounds in the win column. Roberto Elizondo was second with the third spot going to Alex Hubbard (16N).

Craziness in the 14X / 15N class as the first moto went to Autumn Classey! Yes, Autumn Classey beat the boys. Revenge for the boys came in the next two rounds as Kevin Ralvin won then Dave Lamb turned the deed in the third round. So how did it add up? 1st was Dave Lamb, Autumn was second and Ralvin was third. John Orlando seemed to be throwing out the sand bags again.

As the only 13x competing Dan Delisle had little trouble beating 14 novice riders Dylan Vadney and Drew Scheinost.

In 13 Novice racing Lakeville’s Wes Reel was the Real-Deal as he nailed three wins. Second overall went to Matt Bovat with the third position earned by Aaron Kowalski.

After blasting his way through the Rookie class this year, Connor Arnold appears poised to do the same in the Novice class as he won everything in the 12 yr old Novice class. Bryan Basile was second and Erik Dugan a close third.

A full gate of six riders were competing in the 9X / 10N class and Jon Moura held on by a nose for the overall win just edging out Steve Hull and Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing).

There were three different proficiencies in the 8X / 8N / 9N grouping with one 8x (Alex Kuehn) and 1 8N (Derek Eisenbach) and three 9 yr old Novices. Because of the one expert all riders receive expert points. Two of the 9 Novs finished 1-2 with Jagur Layman and Zach Ferris (Tactical Arms) finishing ahead of third place finisher Alex Kuehn.

In 6X / 7N Fin Milton continued his win streak with another “perfect” by topping the efforts of Evan Kowalski and Matt (spider-mite) Webb.

Massachusetts riders that frequent Foothills all seem to be front runners and that is certainly the case with Landon Richard. This 6 yr old novice was dominant again as he won his class keeping Brady Valliere and Kyle Kuehn behind him in all three rounds of motos.

With only 17 riders present in the Cruiser classes, their action was somewhat limited and pretty cut and dry.

With regular winner Butch Feitel Jr. missing in action the 50 & over class went to Joey Watley, Second was 60 yr old Gary Eschner with third going to Jay Francis.

The 40-44 class saw Bobby DesMarais (Bikers Edge) toying with Greg Fantano with Fantano crossing the stripe first. He sends his “Thanks” out to bobby.

Gina Layman topped Therese Campbell in the mixed class equally 40 & over woman.

In 35-39 action there were three riders and all experienced a moto win. Greg Sloan edged out Tom Kuehn in the first round but then sat out the next two and just touched the gate. Kuehn won the second round and Erik Maher the third. The official finishing order was Kuehn, Maher and Sloan.

New Jersey’s Heather Havens and Torrington’s Denise Classey made up the small field in 25-29 / 30-35 cruiser and Heather would win two out of three.

Drew Scheinost, Dave Cruz and Pete Franolich was the order in the mixed class of 11-12 / 13-14 / 15-16 Cruiser.

Evan Merenda was solo on the track in 8 & under / 9-10 action as Lane Maher (broken arm) could only touch the gate.

Our life’s blood are the Rookie classes and there were 61 riders in the house going for the golden trophies.

With a Main event required in the 17 & over gang, this “Legion of Doom” is always exciting. At least no one wrecked this week although that double on the second straight, which has given them fits all year, caused three of them in the main to really kick up some dust but all stayed on their bike. When that dust settled it was Matt Bennett winning it with Sam Colon second and Garrick Gracie third.

16 yr old Alex Molon returned after about a 5 year absence and showed he still had some skills, at least in the first two rounds by winning both motos. The third round saw the rust take over as he self destructed while winning and had to settle for a second but even that was still good enough for him to salvage a first overall. Second place went to Dominique Dolce with third going to Gian Gonzalez. Alex, please have that helmet fastened next time out.

Mike castle and Brenden Aleia were the only two 15 yr olds racing and Mike was Sunday’s winner.

In 14 Rookie action Darren Zimmerman (David J. Mahoney Painting) topped Nick Ingala.

Jose Estrella, Jamie Lamb and Luke Bolton made up the finishing order in the 13 Rookie class for all three rounds.

Mike Wasilonsky and Austin Andrews won motos in the five rider 12 yr old Rookie class with Austin claiming the overall title. Jeff Vadney would finish third.

With a full gate of riders in the 11 Rookie class Nick Bates made it look easy as he won every round. New comer Dan Deertz was a solid second with Jeremy Estrella finishing in the third spot.

It was the same finishing order all day in the 10 Rookie class with Dale Doty (Connecticut Wells Inc) first, Connor Calarco second and Frankie Buckley third.

The 9 yr old Rookie class also featured a full gate of riders and Ethan Russell-Ward would put his ride in the winner’s circle with a perfect score of 120 points. Jason Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) enjoyed a solid second place finish while Nick Piper settled for third.

Dustin Souza, Evan Merenda and Carter Stroh (A & S Construction) all enjoyed moto wins leading up to the 8 yr old rookie main event. Carter Stroh would be today’s champion with Souza claiming the second place trophy while Chris Guido (Write Way Signs) went home with a third.

Devon O’Leary edged out Ryan Hayes (wrecked hard in practice) for the 7 Rookie win. The third spot went to Jorn Layman.

The five rider 6 yr old class saw Danny DesMarais (Bikers Edge) get the job done as he was not beaten this day. Aman Egan (Indian Mountain Mower Service) was second all day long and the third spot was occupied by Ian Hayes.

Finally the last main of the day was the always fun to watch 5 & under class. Sam DeGrange (Bertera Chrysler and Jeep Inc.) won his motos and the main event. Robbie Webb (Spider-mite) won all of his motos and finished second in the main while the third spot n the main went to Anthony Starr-Bennett.

See you all next week.

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