Race Report August 29th, 2010

Race #1
Week #17

With a beautiful weather report, two races scheduled and the last race for some of our long time volunteers, this race was something special. In the opening of race #1, Autumn Classey was named the Rider of The Week for her efforts on August 15th, our last race prior to last week’s race out. She named Nicole Milton as her favorite. Due to an injury her mom accepted the award on her behalf.

With 171 riders split into 51 motos there were a lot of early motos where the number of riders in them was somewhat low but, none-the less, the action was fun-tastic! This would be a two moto system so the best of your two motos is counted again as a score in the imaginary moto not run.

Andrew Cox, rarely seen in anything but jeans, was decked out in a full uniform and, if anything, it made him even faster. He had no problem acing a perfect in the 17 & over expert class. Stampede’s Chris Giacomazzo was second with Pauley Maher third.

In 13 Expert action Chance Terpening won the first moto but was M.I.A. for the next round. By default Dan Delisle would capture the win with Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Used Auto Parts) second and Ian Dickinson third.

In 14 Expert action Chris Therriault showed he can race as well as jump as he was unbeatable. Doug Cable and Jon Zeiner had a great battle for the second spot which eventually went to Jon.

The scariest race of the day was in the second round of racing in the 7-8x / 8 nov class. As Carter Stroh (A & S Construction) was racing over the camel jump by the tower, his bike totally broke in half sending him crashing to the hard clay. He walked away uninjured but the bike is definitely terminal. WOW. Hunter Zeiner won the class with Derek Fantano second.

In 17 & over woman’s action it would be only Christine Grysbek and Nicole Milton competing. Nicole would be the winner this day.
In 14 Girls racing Jess Maher had it all her way as she scored a perfect with Jayna Roy and Carlie Arnold in tow behind her.

Ashley Oshiro, joining us from Levittown New York ran into maybe the most determined rider in the house as Michaela Groves returned after being sidelined with an injury since the third week in May. Michaela was not going to be denied and she was today’s winner.

Alexus Doty had it all her way in the 12 Girls class as Samantha Lumbra could only touch the gate virtually handing today’s win to Alexus.

Isabella Sanchez beat Helen Elizondo in the two rider 11 yr old Girls class.

With 7 riders in the 10 girls class the group was split into two motos. Chloe Arnold won her grouping while Kyly Milton did the same in hers. At the main event showdown, it would be Kyly edging out Chloe for the win. Chloe Bourgoin was a solid third.

Gianna Spina topped Ashley Anderson in the 9 Girls class.

Hope Maher did the same to Ashley Jasensky (X-Treme Marine) in the 8 Girls class.

Chloe Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) edged out Azra Milton in 5-7 Girls action.

In 16x / 17-18 Novice action Austin Cyr put another win in the record books with a perfect score. Jason Kellogg finished second with the third spot going to Roberto Elizondo.

Shawn McAuley, Dave Lamb and Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) was the order in 14X / 15N racing.

In 14 Novice racing Drew Scheinost beat out Samir Licul and Dylan Vadney in some of the best racing of the afternoon.

Wes Reel, in the 13 Novice class, took care of business by finishing ahead of Trevor Fox (Wild Side tattoo) and Russ Campbell.

A nice turnout in the 11X / 12N class with 5 rider going for the gold. Connor Arnold made short order of the competition with yet another perfect. Dave Moody was second with the third spot going to Erik Dugan.

It would be the same rider count in the 10X / 11n class and Jon Moura would be the most consistent rider and would capture the overall win thanks to a 4th place finish in the first round by Nick Cote’. Nick would win the second round but settle for second place overall. The third spot went to Matt Dillon.

The 10 yr old Novice class had a rare main event and the win went to Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing) as the only race he won but he sure picked the right one. Nick Oshiro was second and Steve Hull, after winning all his motos, had to settle for third.

In the 9 Novice class, Craig Lumbra was our winner. Zach Ferris was second with Garrett Fosbrook third.

Fin Milton, Landon Richard and Matt Webb finished 1-2-3 in the 6X / 7N class. This was Landon’s first race as an Expert and he will do just fine.

Joey Watley had to work hard to beat Len Ferris in the 50 & over class. About as hard work as it takes to get out of bed in the morning. For Len, that’s probably a tough one also.

William Scheinost and Greg Fantano rode hard in battle all day with Scheinost earning the win.

Gina Layman had it her way in the 35 & over Woman’s Cruiser class as she topped Denise Classey and Therese Campbell for the win.

In the combined class of 30-34 / 35-39 Cruisers it would be Greg Sloan just edging out Garrick Yanosky for the win. The third spot went to Alex Rivera. Yanosky looked to be going at about 65% of capacity after the injury a few weeks ago at another track.

A rack of six riders was the feature in the 13-14 / 15-16 Cruiser class and it would be Dan Delisle the winner with a perfect. Chris Pannullo (National Mail Service) enjoyed a solid second while Drew Scheinost was third.

Jayne Roy and Hope Maher were the two ladies in the 12 & under (Hope) and 13-14 class. Both would be winners.

R.J. Miville ad Pete Franolich finished 1-2 in the 9-10 cruiser class.

A large turnout in the 17 & over Rookie class is always scary. This race had ten riders entered and believe it or not the whole thing went off without an incident. The main was exciting and was won by Matt Bennett with Ted Faulise in close pursuit. Sam Colon finished third.

The 16 Rookie class had 4 riders in it and, at the end of the race it was Alex Molon winning it with Gian Gonzelez second and the third spot went to Trevor Simmons.

Liam Stone finished 1-2 in 15 Rookies.

Farren Zimmerman (David J. Mohoney Painting) came back to win the 14 Rookie class just edging Ty Mowrey. Third went to Kyle Brock.
Brandon Hulin, in his first trip here ever from Schenectady New York, won the 13 Rookie class. Jamie Lamb was second anf the third spot was filled by Evan Benis.

Austin Andrews got the best of Jeff Vadney and Mike Cattey in 12 Rookie action.

The full gate of 11 yr old Rookie riders saw Julien Roberge win it with Nick Bates second each moto and third was Ty Bourgoin.
Dale Doty (Connecticut Wells) grabbed the checkered flag in the 10 Rookie class as he managed to keep Connor Calarco and Frankie Buckley behind him.

Ethan Russell-Ward, here for two weeks in a row, was the one to beat in the 9 rookie class which featurd a main event to sort through the 7 riders in the house. Well, no one was able to pull it off so Ethan won it with a perfect score. Second in the main was Jason Lee (Mirror Polishing and plating) with third going to Jordon Benis.

Another main was required in the 8 Rookie class. Danny Osanitsch and Dustin Souza were perfect in their motos so the showdown in the main was set to be a classic and it was all of that. Danny pulled off the win with Dustin a close second while the third position belonged to Seth Norton.

Only two riders in the 7 Rookie class and Ian Fosbrook got the best of Ryan Hayes in this one.

Another full gate, this time in the 6 Rookie class saw Aman Egan claim the fame as he won every moto. Lucas North was second with Jacob Morello third.

The last main of the day was for the ankle biters. 5 & Under Rookies saw Sam Degrange (Bertera Chrysler / Jeep Inc.) take home the win. Robbie Webb, after a wreck in the second round, came back for a solid second in the main whith the third position belonging to Kraig Geisler.