Race Report June 13th, 2010

Week #6

After a rain out last week and a threat of rain this week, we had no idea what kind of rider count to expect. When we rescheduled to this week we knew we were going against a National Event in Ohio and that we had five of our regulars who were planning on heading out to Akron. None the less, we felt that its important to get this major race in the record books as soon as possible as there are still holidays, Nationals and Regional’s to contend with. With a fairly small number of riders pre-registered for this race we had some fears that the size of this race may not be out of the ordinary. We certainly were overjoyed when the final tally was posted. With 257 total riders split into 66 motos and 49 mains, this was gonna be one for the ages.
5 yr old Sam DeGRange was named the Rookie Rider of the Week for his dominance last week and he named Brady Valierre as his favorite rider. Sam went home with a nice trophy for his efforts.
All participating State Teams honored our country in a colorful parade lap as Mindy Delisle sang the National Anthem. . With nearly 100 riders on the track, it was not without minor mishaps.

For 2010 Nutmeg BMX voted to adopt the NBL’s policy used primarily at National events, to have a Main event in each class. It sure extended the day a little bit but not too many complaints that fell on my ears. In total 198 motos -2 semis and 49 mains were run in three hours. That is pretty efficient.

In the Money Open, twelve riders were in the house vying for some nice pocket money. After scrambling the motos the top eight riders were ready to rock our world with a nail biting main event. The line up read as follows: Billy Ripley, Matt Markie, Shawn O’Connor, Jason Bush, Ben Atchison, Dylan Perez, Colby Benoit and Allen Currier. When the gate dropped it looked like Aggro’s Shawn O’Connor outsnaped the comp from gate 3. Currier, starting in gate 1 was right alongside. Holding onto the inside line, Currier was able to have the lead into turn one, with O’Connor second and Benoit third. O’Connor was forced to go high in turn one and as they exited the turn and sped up the second straight the order was Currier, Benoit and O’Connor. Into the second turn O’Connor tried to pass Benoit on the inside but lost a lot of momentum in the tight turn as Colby kept him low. For the rest of the way Shawn never regain enough speed to catch the two leaders. The official order was Currier, Benoit, O’Connor, Perez, Ripley, Bush, Atchison and Markie.

In 35-40 Experts it would be the exact same order right through the main event. Garrett Yanosky, Mike Sigrist and Scott Merenda.
In 26-34 Expert comp Chris Giacomazzo was perfect through the three rounds of motos but in the Main, it was Felix Pagan keeping Giacomazzo second with Don Hottes finishing third.

In 19-25 expert action, Jeremy Eickelberg (Aggro) won the main with Jason Bush second and third was Billy Ripley.

In 17-18 ex and nov combined, Pauly Maher was perfect in the motos but was a no-show in the main. Anthony DelVento won it with Kyle Strong second and Jim Ferris third.

Dylan Perez looked very strong as he won the 16x-16nov main. Jason Kellogg was second.

In 15x-15Nov racing Austin Cyr (Plow plus Maintenance) was perfect. An impressive ride for Jason Chamis with a solid second place finish and Roberto Elizondo was third.

Shawn McAuley, with six State Titles in his bag of credentials, looked to be well on his way to a seventh as he aced a perfect in 14X-14nov action. Mike Iurato was a close second all day long with Dave Main third.

13x-13nov saw another dominating performance by Jake Pirulli who was simply unbeatable. Dan Delisle was second with third going to Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Auto Parts).

In 12x action Chris Therriault won every mot. In the Main event Jon Zeiner would ruin Therriault’s perfect with a win. Chris was second and third was Casey Tanner, who was riding with his arm in a cast.
Dave Moody easily won the 11 expert class with second and third going to Josh Walsh and Dan Gruber.

Never finishing in the same spot in any of the three motos, Nick Cote won the 10 expert main event. Jake Desmarais (Bikers Edge) was second with third going to Austin Clinton.

Angela Therriault won the 16 & over girls class with Michelle Main second.

In 14 girls action Brianna Clinton spent the day showing her father the right way to hit the second turn jump as she won everything. Katy Moody was second and Autimn Classy salvaged a third after wrecking twice in the motos.

Jess Maher made short order of the 13 Girls class as she kept Nicole Aselin and Carlie Arnold behind her all day.

Only two girls in the 12 yr old class and all rounds went to Samantha Lumbra with Emily Daigle, finally making her 2010 debut second.

The biggest girl’s class was the 10 yr old bracket with 8 ladies racing for the gold. With Mackenzie Atchison and Chloe Arnold perfect in their motos is was show-down time in the main. The more experienced Atchison would prevail. Arnold settled for second with Helen Elizondo third.

Lanie Stroh (K & R Services) beat out Keely Michand for the win in 9 yr old girls.

In 8 yr old girls action, Ashley Asselin and Dixie Damelio traded moto wins but it would be Ashley winning the main. Dixie was second and Gianna Spina was third.

Hope Maher returned after sitting out a couple of races with a broken finger and picked up where she left off. She aced a perfect with Ashley Jasensky (X-Treme Marine) second and Genevieve Asselin third.

Fred Roy looked to be his old competitive self as he was going hard in 41 & over novice action. He won everything with Jason Gladstone second and Jay Francis third.

The 12 novice class was dominated by Robbie Desmarais (Bikers Edge). Trevor Fox( Wilde Side Tattoo) enjoyed another solid second place finish with Aaron Kawalski third.

Bryan Basile seems focused on earning his Expert ranking this year as he has really come on strong lately. Acing a perfect at a major Double Points race like yesterday is no joke but that’s exactly what he did. Tajeh Cozzaglio was second and R.J. Miville was third.

Sky Domain won the 9x-10 nov class as the only expert in the mix. Lane Maher (Broken Wrist) could only touch the gate. Dallas Tuttle and Steven Hull were second and third.

Colin Riggs, Alex Kuehn, Tom Gladstone, Lucas Petosa and Craig Lumbra all won motos in the 8x-9 nov class. At main event time, it was Gladstone, Riggs and Kuehn finishing 1-2-3.

In 8 novice action, Jagur Layman won all motos plus the main. Zack Ferris (Tactical Arms) was second in the main with third going to Dave Reyes.

With Derek Fantano wining two of three motos, it appeared he was the favorite to win the 6x-7 nov main event. Derek Eisenbach had other idea as he pulled off the upset. Fantano had to settle for a second place finish with third going to Justin Falasco.

Landon Richard, Kyle Kuehn and Brad Wohlers finished 1-2-3 in 6 novice racing.

In 50 & over Cruiser Butch Feitel kept his winning streak going with another win. Gary Eschner, riding as the oldest rider this day at 60 yrs old was second. Len Ferris, riding as the slowest rider this day was third.

Garrick Yanosky and Tom Kuehn were racing hard in 35-39 Cruiser action with Yanosky coming out on top. Kuehn was second and Greg Williams third.

Gina Layman handed Therese Campbell a second place finish as Gina easily won the 35-39 / 45 & over class.

In 13-14 cruiser racing Dan Delisle won the main after winning all his motos. Jake Pirulli was second with Chris Pannullo (Nat’l Mail Service) third.

In 12 & under – 13-14 cruiser racing 14 yr old Jayna Roy won her motos but certainly was kind to 7 yr old Hope Maher, who won her first ever cruiser main event. Thanks Jayna.

Josh Walsh beat Casey Tanner in 11-12 Cruiser.

Nick Cote’, Sky Domain and Jon Maura was the order of finish in 9-10 cruiser.

Alex Kuehn topped Evan Merenda in 8 & under cruiser action.
Nearly 100 Rookies were entered in this race and as always, Filled the place with excitement. In 17 & over Ted Faulise was 4 for 4 beating Matt Delisle each time out.

Mike Castle got some serious points by winning everything there was to win in 15 R. John Orlando managed a second after a nasty crash in the second round and the third spot went to Liam Stone.

Dylan Vadney figured he would win every other time out. Wining the 14 Rookie Main was the most important. Kevin Ralvin, who obviously loves to jump, was second and the third place award went to Tom Goclowski.

Alejandro Robles won everything in 13 rookie racing. Everthing except the main event where he finished second behind Jake Marconi who saved his best for last. Third was Jamie Lamb.

12 riders were vying for the gold in 12 yr old Rookie action. When the dust settled it would be Connor Arnold perfect for the day. The second spot went to Mark Tully who made a late pass on third place finisher Justin Michalman.

Matt Dillon and Nick Bates had a classic 11 R battle going and it would be “The Marshall” leading his posse’ across the stripe including second place finisher Bates and third place finisher Mike Schlesinger (Who our announcer has vowed to learn how to pronounce).

Gold Seal Roofing is the sponsor of Brandon Galeski and they got a lot of props yesterday as Brandon kept his bike in the lead all day long in 10 Rookie. Joe Petrino Jr, was second while William Guido (Big Johnson’s Guitars) was finishing third.

Another big class were the 9 yr old Rookies. Wes Keating had a bad one in the third round but battled back to win the main event. Nick Piper was second and Jason Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) was third.

The biggest class of the day was the 8 yr old Rookie class where semis were needed just to sort out the top eight riders would be to make the main. With 14 riders goin for it, the action was hectic. In the main it was Jon Todd with the full-pull going from start to finish. Second was Dustin Souza while third went to Dan Petricone.

In 7 Rookie action Carter Stroh (A & S Construction) was perfect in his motos. Matt (Spider-Mite) Webb was the same in his. Webb would wrap up the win in the main with Stroh second and Torin Ellis third.

Dan DesMarais, Brady Valliere and Ian Hayes would finish 1-2-3 in 6 Rookie.

The 5 & under gang saw Sam DeGrange (Bertera Chrysler/Jeep Inc.) win the main with Aman Egan and Robbie Webb in tow.
All in all it was an amazing day with a lot of close action. See you all next week on Father’s Day.

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