Race Report June 20th, 2010

Week #7

Well here it is father’s day and an NBL Regional event in New York State. Surely this would affect the rider count as it did last year when Kingston Point also held a Regional and we ended up with 126 riders. Not helping was the weather report calling for a line of thunderstorms in the northwest corner between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m.

The phone just kept ringing and the final count was 184 riders split into 50 motos. It was a very pleasant surprise indeed.

Brandon Galeski was presented with a nice trophy for being named the Rider Of The Week for his efforts at the Double Pointer on June 13th. He named Tim Osborne as his favorite rider.

The 16 & over open class featured 7 riders. They were split into two groups with shuffled motos in all three rounds and the top 5 finishers would transfer onto the main event. The lineup was Matt Markie in gate #8. Allen Currier would start from gate #5. Dan Bycenski would begin from gate #3. Shaun O’Connor in gate two and Pete Lorenzo was on the pole. At the bottom of the starting hill it was Currier and O’Connor with a half a bike edge on the field. Out of turn one it was O’Connor, Currier, Lorenzo, Bycenski and Markie. When they hit the double on the second straight, Lorenzo was caught between Markie on the outside and Bycenski on the inside. He would back off a bit and it cost him. Out of turn two it was Shaun, Allen, Dan, Matt and Pete as they headed for turn 3. O’Connor and Currier broke away from the pack just as Markie dove to the inside of Bycenski in turn 3. When they hit the step-down Currier was alongside O’Connor but on the outside. In turn four Allen had to try the power move on the outside but O’Connor was ready for it and shut the door. As they headed into the rhythm section it was over. Shaun O’Connor would go home happy and Currier and Markie settled for second and third place money.

As usual our Rookie classes were the biggest classes and there were 70 vying for the first place trophies in their respective classes. Six of the classes required main events to settle the score and it was iffy if we would get them in before rain fell on the race.

With sprinkles in the air the first of six main events got underway. The first one run was actually not a rookie class but the 9-10 Girls combined group. Kyly Milton and Chloe Bourgoin were perfect in their motos so it would be show-down time in the main event. Kyly had it all her way and Chloe was second but it wasn’t Chloe Bourgoin, it was Chloe Arnold. The third spot went to Helen Elizondo while Chloe Bourgoin had to settle for a fourth.

The 12 Rookie class was main number 102 yet another show-down was imminent as Mark Tully and Connor Arnold had aced wins in all their motos. The main went to Connor with Mark second. A solid third place finish was enjoyed by Chris Stewart.

Main #103 was next and that was the 10 yr old Rookie class and this group featured four riders who had at least one moto win as Brandon Ortiz, Brandon Galeski, Dale Doty and Dustin Petosa all experienced the thrill of victory. When the main event was over the big winner was Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing). Second place went to William Guido (Big Johnson’s Guitars) and third was Dustin Petosa.

Main #104 was the 9 Rookie bunch and this class was even more up for grabs. Winning motos were Garrett Fosbrook, Ethan Russell-Ward, Anthony Tortarella, Wes Keating and Jason Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating). Fosbrook hung on to win the main event while settling into the second spot was Ethan Russell-Ward and third was earned by Anthony Tortarella.

In 7 Rookie action (Main # 105) it was a clean sweep by James Cox as he won everything. Matt Webb, after winning all his motos, had to be happy with a second in the main while third went to Ian Fosbrook.

The last main of the day was the popular 5 & under rookie main. Riding under the sponsorship of Bertera Chrysler-Jeep, Sam DeGrange was like the Landlord as he owned the class. Aman Egan, after his dad won the father’s day race, settled into the second spot and third went to Robbie Webb.

In other Rookie action Danny DesMarais (Bikers Edge) won the 6 rookie grouping keeping Brady Valliere and Ian Hayes behind him.

In 8 Rookie racing Dustin Petosa won the first two rounds of motos but a crash in the third round would ruin his chances for an overall win. Evan Merenda would be the overall winner with Seth Norton second and Petosa third.

Matt Dillion had his hands full of heavy comp from Mason Harris in the 11 Rookie class. When the score sheets were added up, Dillon just edged him for the win with third going to Ty Bourgoin.

Jake Marconi easily won the 13 Rookie class with second and third going to Cameron Johnston and Jeff Knox.

The 14 Rookie class Saw Dylan Vadney hold off good efforts from Darren Zimmerman (David J. Mahoney Painting) and Kyle Brock.

Even with a wreck in the third round, Mike Castle still manage an overall win in the 15 Rookie class. John Orlando was second with Liam Stone third.

17 & over Rookie action saw Matt Bennett, Garrett Gracie and Matt Delisle finish 1-2-3.

Pure Novice action is usually fairly rare and this day was no exception. In 14 Novice racing Kevin Ravlin, who I just realized I’ve been mispronouncing his name all season, was the winner with William Sunderman second and an injured George Norton third.

Wes Reel got it done in 13 novice action by beating Nate MacDonald two of three with Russ Cambell third. Russ hurt his arm after racing was over and was last seen heading for the hospital to get checked out. Hopefully he is okay.

The 11 Novice class went again to Harwinton’s Bryan Basile who was perfect. R.J. Miville was second and Pete Franolich third.

7 Nov – 8 Nov combined class went to Jagur Layman with Finny Milton second and Zach Ferris (Tactical arms) third.

Colin Riggs dominated the 9 Novice class with John Cox second and Lucas Petosa third. The rest of the Novices were combined with experts as there was not the minimum of three riders in their group required by NBL rule to make a class. The good news is that they earn “expert-points” when this occurs.

In 16 Nov / 17-18 Nov / 17-18 Expert action Kyle Strong was first across the stripe. Second was 16 Nov Jason Kellogg and third was Jim Ferris (17-18 Nov).

In 14 Ex / 15 Nov action Shawn McAuley was first, Novice rider Alex Hubbard was second with third going to Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center).

11 Ex / 12 Nov saw Novice Trevor Fox (The Wide Side Tattoo and Body Piercing) hold off expert Dave Moody for the win. Third went to Austin Lillis.

In 10 Nov / 9 Ex action Sky Domain was the dominator as he was perfect. Jon Moura was second and Steven Hull was third.

Expert action was hot and heavy. In 26-34 / 35-40 Ben Atchison was the winner but Don Hottes gave him all he could handle but settled for second. Third was Scott Merenda.

The biggest surprise of the day saw the return of Andrew Cox after an absence of 6 seasons. Andrew was simply awesome as he won the class. Matt Markie was second and Billy Ripley was third.

The “Wild Bunch” (15 Expert) saw Austin Cyr with another perfect day. With every other rider experiencing some sort of trouble the second spot was up for grabs. When the dust settled, and it settled on a lot of riders uniforms, Roberto Elizondo would be second with Jason Palma third.

Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Used Auto Parts) won the 13 Expert class with Ian Dickinson second and third was Dan Delisle.

Chance Terpening Beat Robbie Desmarais for the win in 12 Expert as Evan Greco was a no-show.

Justin Boissonneault Beat Nick Cote’ and Jake Desmaiais (Bikers Edge) in 10 Expert action.

In Cruiser Racing a full gate of riders in the 50 & over class and I cannot remember the last time that has happened. Butch Feitel would pop his chain in the first round and that would ruin his chances for a win. He would settle for a second place overall finish. Dave Beckwith would be today’s winner with Joey Watley third.

The 30-34 / 40-44 / 45-49 combined class was wild, wholly and a little bloody. In the third round Greg Sloan would be ridden up high in turn one and he would bail sliding down the steep turn on his back. Although bruised and a little bloody (no big deal) he was okay. The overall winner was Bob DesMarais with Ken Pascoe second and Greg Sloan would salvage a third.

Gina Layman easily won the combined class of 35-39 / 40-44 / 45 & over Woman’s Cruiser. Marge Boissonneault was second and Threse Campbell third.

Dan Delisle Kept his National #10 bike first across the stripe all three rounds of 13-14 Cruiser action. Chris Pannullo (National Mail Service) was second and third was Chris Pfeffer.

R.J Mivillle held off Pete Franolich in 11-12 action while Hope Maher beat Lissete Otriz (Ortiz Crew) in 12 & Under Girls Cruiser action.

8 & under / 9-10 Cruisers saw Nick Cote’ the winner with Sky Domain a close second and Evan Merenda third.

An impressive number of girls (25) were on hand and they are always exciting to watch. In 5-7 action Hope Maher was unbeatable as she simply won every moto in this six rider class. Rileigh Valliere was a consistent second with third going to Chloe Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) third.

In 8 Girls Gianna Spina not only won her first moto but she aced her first perfect and first overall as she stayed in front of Ashley Lamont all three rounds.

Alexus Doty beat Isabella Sanchez in 11 Girls action. Katie Moody did the same to Autumn Classey in 14 Girls and Nicole Milton did the same to Kaily MacDonald in 16 Girls / 17 & over Womans action.

I’d like to say it was great seeing the MacDonald family here all the way from Maine.

That’s to the ten fathers who got out on the track and entertained use with an unlimited supply of crashes. Bet there is some sore guys today.

Don’t forget that next Sunday is our annual Bob Warnicke Scholarship race as well as a make up race with both employing the NBL’s two moto transfer system.
See ya then.

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