June 27 Warnicke Race

Week #8

There was much discussion regarding whether to run a Warnicke race against the popular South Park National event or not. With the knowledge that the Regional Points season ends on July 18th, there were really no options left but to try it. Warnicke races are worth quadruple points towards the Regional championship. We also needed to run a makeup race so we figured let’s try it with the Warnicke race and try to encourage riders to stick around for the second race of the double header.

Both these races would employ the NBL’s Two Moto Transfer System. When this is used the finish that you get in the first round is added to the first column on the moto sheet. The finish you get in the second round is added to the third column on the moto sheet and the best finish of the two is added in the second column. Whatever you got in that third column is the tie-breaker.

Surprisingly 193 riders were registered and the moto count was an impressive 52 even without a money open class today.
Gianna Spina was named the Rider-Of-The-Week for her first win on June 20th. She named Autumn Classey as her favorite rider.
Fourteen riders were on hand from Massachusetts and they were pretty competitive on the Torrington track. I figure it’s because all the clay used in it’s construction is from Sheffied MA. So they are kinda on their home turf.

The first moto to run was the mixed class of 19-25X / 26-34X / 26-34 Nov. The three experts would sweep the top three spots with Andrew Cox, Don Hottes and Mike Greco finishing 1-2-3. Steven Maynard was the fourth and the only novice in the mix.

Alex Hubbard was the only 15 novice again this week meaning he would be combined with 15 experts. This, at least in my opinion, is actually making him faster as he is always right in the mix. Austin Cyr and Tim Osborne occupied the top two spots with third going to Hubbard.

Six times State Champ Shawn McAuley had a perfect race as he beat Josh Santiago and Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) in all three rounds.

A full gate was the feature in 13 expert’s action. Chris Pannullo’s 1st and 2nd place finish was too much for Dan Delisle’s 6th and 1st to overcome. Chris was the overall winner, Dan second and Ian Dickinson finished third.

Casey Tanner, with his arm in a cast, still manage a perfect in 12x racing by beating both Robbie Desmarais and Doug Cable.
Alex Kuehn was the only 8x in the race and he was paired with two 8 novs. Alex won the grouping while Zach Ferris (Tactical Arms) was second and third went to Seth Shaw.

Nicole Milton beat Steph Maynard in 17 & over women’s action.
Katie Moody was back to her winning ways as she kept a quickly improving Autumn Classey behind her with Jayna Roy a close third in the 14 girls group.

In 13 girls it was Jess Maher and Michele Gaelin finishing 1-2.
Alexus Doty kept her track champion aspirations alive with another perfect day as she stayed in front of Isabella Sanchez all day long.
In what has become one of the biggest classes each week, the 9-10 girls class kept it going this week with 8 young ladies vying for the gold. Kyly Milton and Chloe Bourgoin were both bringing first place points into the main event. When the dust settled it would be Kyly earning the win but second went to Chloe Arnold while Helen Elizondo was finishing third, Bourgoin had to settle for a fourth.

In the 8 yr old girls class it appeared that Gianna Spina would make it two weeks in a row with a first place overall finish after she won the first round. A wreck behind the announcers tower in the second round would force her to accept a second place overall finish behind Rosie Brazee while Ashley Lamont was third.

In 5-7 girls Hope Maher continued her unbeaten streak with another perfect. Reileigh Vallierre and Chloe Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) were second and third.

In 35-40x / 41 & over nov action Mike Sigrist was the Dominator this day. He won everything while Jeff Badendyck and Scott Merenda settled for the second and third spots.

In 17-18 X / 19-25 nov action Kyle Strong looked like he could win if he wanted too but apparently he didn’t want to. Each time he left the door open for Will Barna to capture the win and Matt Lucas snuck into the second spot with Strong finishing third.

With Wes Reel and Jake Marconi trading moto wins the tie braking second round went to Reel for the overall. Third was Russ Campbell.
The same order in both rounds for the 11X / 12 Nov class with Dave Moody first, Trevor Fox (The Wild Side Tattoo) second and Austin Lillis third.

Great action in the 10X / 11 nov class with a full gate just goin for it. Justin Boissonneault got the win and Jake Desmarais salvaged a second with R.J. Miville third.

Stampede colors stereo style was the finishing order in 10 nov / 9X racing with Sky Domain and Jon Moura going 1-2 in the order. Dallas Tuttle was third.

In 9 nov action Jagur Layman was the overall winner even though Lucas Petosa got credit for two first place moto finishes. A 3rd in the first round would keep him in second place. Third was Ed Lentz.
Moto 23 was the 7 novice class and both rounds were the same with Arefin Milton, Derek Eisenbach and Justin Falasco finishing in that order.

Same deal in 6 novice racing as Landon Richard, Kyle Kuehn and Brad Wohlers would finish in that order for both rounds.

40-44 / 50 & over cruiser was fun to watch as these guys were fast but not furious. Bobby DesMarais won the class with Butch Feitel (50 & over) a close second and Kevin Marchildon third. This was the first race in 22 years for David Cook and it was great to see him back even with a fourth place finish.

Gina Layman and Therese Campbell were the only two ladies here in 35-39 / 45 & over woman’s cruisers and the finish saw Gina as the winner.

Tom Kuehn and Greg Sloan had their weekly battle with Kuehn coming out on the top end in 30-34 / 35-39 cruiser action.

Travis Jiminez and Joe Wohlers showed us how they do it in the 17-24 / 25-29 cruiser class.

Dan Delisle won the 13-14 cruiser group of 5 riders with Chris Pannullo and Ian Dickinson close behind.

Jayna Roy and Hope Maher were combined together in a 12 & under / 13-14 cruiser class. Jayna was first across the stripe.

Casey Tanner picked up where he left off in 20 inch by winning the 11-12 cruiser class as well. R.J. Miville was second with Pete Franolich third.

In 9-10 Cruiser action Jon Moura won the first moto but Sky Domain won the tie breaker for the overall win. Third was Lane Maher who is still just touching the gate after the broken arm injury suffered at the Woodbridge national.

Alex Kuehn beat Evan Merenda in 8 & under cruisers racing.

With a great supply of Rookies (88) in the house, their action was hot, heavy and non-stop.

The 17 & over gang were out in force with a full gate representing the “Legion of Doom”. Ted Faulise looked like he had it going with a win in the first round but a 4th place finish next time out really shuffled the deck. Matt Benett finished third that first round but won the second which was good enough for the overall win. Faulise was second and Garrett Gracie was our third place finisher.

Matt Benazic beat Mike Gibbons in 16 Rookie action.

Six Riders strong was the theme in 15 Rookie racing action and John Orlando won both rounds. Liam Stone was a solid second and third was Mike Castle.

In 14 Rookie action Dylan Vadney’s wreck cost him an overall win. Darren Zimmerman (David J. Mahoney Painting) was the overall top dog with Dave Lamb second and Vadney settling for a third.
The 13 yr old class saw John McKay edge out Chris Michaelides for the win. Jamie Lamb was third.

The 12 yr old Rookie class needed a main event to determine the winner. Connor Arnold easily won the main with Mark Tully second and a dusty Justin Michalman third.

A full gate of 11 yr old Rookies saw Nick Bates earn a perfect with Julien Roberge second and Mike Schlesinger third.

In 10 Rookie action both Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing) and Dustin Petosa were perfect in their motos. The main event show-down went to Galeski with Petosa second and William Guido (Big Johnsons Guitars) third. Dale Doty (Connecticut Wells Inc.) was 4th.
It would be another show-down in the 9 Rookie class as Jason Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) and Garrett Fosbrook were perfect going into the main event. Fosbrook would be top gun with Lee second and Mike Comerford enjoyed a solid third.

Jon Todd won all his motos plus the 8 Rookie main event. Ethan Dauphinais was second after he won all of his motos also. The third spot in the main went to Chris Guido (Write Way Signs).

Moto 48 and 49 were for the 7 rookie class with Matt Webb winning both rounds in 48 and Carter Stroh (A & S Construction) doing the same in 49. The main event would see Matt (Spider-Mite) Webb going home happy with the win while Torin Ellis was second and Carter settled for third.

Brady Vallierre won the 6 Rookie class managing to stay ahead of Dan DesMarais (Bikers Edge), at least for this day with Lucas North third. Brady really took it to a higher level today.

In 5 & under action, the Ankle-biter main event went to Sam DeGrange (Bertera Chrysler / Jeep) while Aman Egan was scooting into the second spot and Robbie Webb (Spider-Mite2) into third.

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