Race Report May 16th, 2010

Week #3

So last week we had Mother’s Day, a nearby National event and very cold weather. This week we had no holiday or National event to contend with and the weather was absolutely perfect! With 222 riders and 55 motos this regular race would nearly cause Foothills to split at the seams.

In Opening Ceremonies 5 yr old Brady Valliere was named the “Rider OF The Week” for the May 9th race. He named Roberto Elizondo as his favorite rider.

Included in the day’s rider count were 11 riders in the 16 & over “Money Open”. Kyle Strong, Josh Kinney and Gary Parsons would be eliminated in the motos. The Main Event Lineup was Allen Currier, Colby Benoit, Pete Balotti, Matt Markie, Felix Pagan, Garrett Yanosky, Pete Lorenzo and Shaun O’Connor. It was a rush to the first turn and as they carved their way around, Shaun O’Connor would lead the charge up the second straight. Currier was on the outside with Lorenzo along side on the inside. It was four wide back in the pack and Markie was bouncing around like a ping-pong ball between Pagan and Yanosky. Out of turn 2 Currier caught O’Connor and they were side by side over the camel by the announcer’s tower. Benoit was hanging tough in third with the Pistol in fourth. Out of turn three they sped up the back stretch and Benoit made his move on a surprised Currier. Colby made the pass and as they crossed the finish line it would be O’Connor, Benoit and Currier going home with some hard earned cash.

Mike Sigrist would again be the top gun in 35-40 Ex / 41 & over nov class. Fred Roy enjoyed a solid second while Scott Merenda was third.
In 26-34 expert action Felix “Flash” Pagan aced a perfect while Gary Parsons, not racing in 8 years, came back to Foothills and finished second. Don Hottes was third.
An influx of returning riders seemed to be the theme all day as Jason Bush was in the house to compete in the 19-25 ex and nov combined class. He would settle for a second behind Jeremy Eickelberg (Aggro), also returning after a long absence. Third went to Matt Markie.
The 17-18 ex (Chain-Gang) featured the hot riding of Colby Benoit. He was unbeatable. William Barna was second.
The 15 Ex class finished with the same order in all three rounds. It was Jason Chamis, Stephen Kallas and Roberto Elizondo 1-2-3.
In 14 Expert action Austin Cyr was really tearing it up again this week. He won every moto. Danny Batista was second and third went to Jashua Rivea was third. George Norton was the only nov in the mix and he made a good showing.
Five 13 experts and two 13 novices were combined together and the order in the main event would be Danny Delisle coming out on the top end with Ryan McCoy a close second and Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Auto Salvage) third.
The three 12 yr old Experts in the house would finish with Casey Tanner again the fastest in the house. Chris Therriault was second and third was Doug cable.
Angela Therriaul held off the other girls in the 15-16 girls class for the win. Carly Curtin was second and Ashley Royer came back today and finished third.
Staying with the girls action Michaela Groves continued her march through the weeks with another first place finish. Katie Moody had to settle for second yet again this week with third going to Autumn Classey.
Jen Cote’, Samantha Lumbra and Mchele Gamelin was the order of finish in the 12 yr old girls class.
Alexus Doty and Laurissa Amaker finished 1-2 in 11 girls.
Kyly Milton and Chloe Bourgoin finished 1-2 in 10 girls.
In 9 yr old girls action Keely Michand and Lainie Stroh (K & R Services) traded moto wins. The third round, which is the tie-breaking round, looked like it would go to Lainie. Lanie would explode in a cloud of dust just 5 feet short of the finish line giving the win to Keely.
Megan Fuchs, Gianna Spina and Rosie Brazie was the order in 8 yr old girls.
With a full gate of 5-7 yr old girls vying for the big trophy, Rileigh Valliere would be the overall winner. Ashley Jasensky (X-Treme Marine) was a close second with Azra Milton picking up third.
John Adamy held off Jimmy Ferris and Jon Daversa in 17-18 novice action.
Jason Kellogg worked hard for his win in the 15 nov class. Tim Osborne and Alex Hubbard were 2nd and 3rd.
Dave Moody would be the only expert in the 11 ex / 12 nov class and as expected he would be perfect. Robbie DesMarais (Bikers Edge) was second and the third spot went to Trevor Fox (Wild Side Tattoo and Body Piercing).
Only two 10 yr old experts were her so they were combined with eight 11 yr old novices. In the main event Nick Cote’ and Jake DesMarais would finish 1-2 kepping the novices behind them. The first novice across the stripe was Bryan Basile.
While a broken arm suffered in Virginia last week would keep Lane Maher on the shelf for awhile, Sky Domain had little trouble in the 9 ex-10 nov class. Steven Hull (11 nov) was second and the third spot went to John Maura (11 nov).
Jacob Bacis won the 8 ex – 9 nov class with Luke Petosa second and Craig Lumbra third.
Jagur Layman held off Zach Ferris (Tactical Arms) for the 8 novice win.
Landon Richard, as the only 6 yr old novice in the house, had to be combined with four 7 yr old novices and he managed a third place finish. First was Arefin Milton with Derek Eisenbach second.
Joey Watley would pump his way past Lenny Ferris in 50 & over cruiser action. Lenny was about to beat the next moto to the stripe.
Tom Johnson held off Rob DesMarais (Bikers Edge) in 40-44 action but what an impressive ride for Meredith Lidstone with a competitive third place finish.
Greg Sloan, Tom Bacis and Greg Williams finished in that order in 30-34 / 35-39 action.
Dan Delisle and Chris Pannullo (National Mail Service0 finished 1-2 in 13-14 cruiser action. Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) fell earlier in the day and was just riding it out in third.
Casey Tanner beat R.J. Miville 11-12 cruiser.
Gina Layman, Jayna Roy, Chloe Arnold and Lisette Ortiz (Ortiz Crew) was the order in girl-woman’s action.
Nick Cote’, Sky Domain and Dallas Tuttle finished consistently 1-2-3 in 8 & under / 9-10 cruiser racing.
With 90 Rookies in the facility there was plenty to cheer about if you were behind the fence spectating.
Ted Faulis won the 17 & over Rookie comp with David Foster and George Haydock behind him in that order.
Nate Basile looked like he was on his way to a perfect until he wrecked in the third round of 15 rookie action. He would have to settle for second behind Mike Castle. The third spot went to John Orlando.
A main event would be required in 14 rookie action. When the dust settled Dylan Vadney was perfect for the day. Second was Dave Lamb while Tom Goclowski was third.
Alejandro Robles was simply unbeatable in the 13 rookie class even with a full gate full of riders. Second overall was Jamie Lamb while the third place award was earned by John McKay.
11 riders were in the 12 rookie class so after all the motos were run Connor Arnold would make it two weeks in a row as the champion. Justin Michaelman was again second this week with third going to Mike Wasilonsky.
Matt Dillon and Nike bates traded moto wins in 11 rookie racing. The tie braking third round went to Dillon. A nice third place finish went to Mike Schlesinger.
The 10 yr old rookie main went to Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing) Dustin Petosa and William Guido would finish 2nd and 3rd.
Garrett Fosbrook and Colin Riggs were each perfect through the 9 yr old rookie motos. Thes two friends would meet again this week in the main event. It was a classic two-rider shoot out as Joe Petrino would lead Riggs all the way around until they hit turn five where Riggs made his move. Diving to the inside he had the leg power to power his way across the finish line and into the Novice ranking. FINALLY! Congrats to Colin. Petrino was second and Fosbrook was third.
The biggest class of the day was the 8 yr old rookie class where 13 riders were just goin for it. It would take three rounds of motos plus two semis to determine the 8 riders in the main event. Jonathan Todd was the winner of this wild and crazy group. Second went to Dan Osanitsch with third going to Dustin Sousa.
Another main was required in the 7 rookie class and Matt (Spider-mite) Webb was weaving his way to another victory. Torin Ellis was second and third was Ian Fosbrook.
The last main of the day was the 5 & under rookie main. Brady Valliere would show why he was the Rider Of The Week as he won it again this week. Sam DeGRange (Bertera Chrysler-Jeep) was second and Rob Web was third.
Don’t forget next week there is a Stampede Clinic scheduled right after the race. $25 for two hours of training from the guys at Stampede. All participants will receive a tee shirt.
Thanks everyone, for another great week of racing.

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