Race Report May 2nd, 2010

Week #1

The start of our 16th season and a day without the threat of rain provided the venue for a great day of racing. 36 license renewals and 22 new riders and the nice group of BMX hungry natives made up the 51 motos filled with 195 riders.

The 16 & over Open race had some of the East Coasts fastest riders entered. Matt Markie was back with Allen Currier, Pete Balotti, Bill Ripley, Vermont’s Cody Buck, New York’s Dylan Perez, Massachusetts London Wilmont, Justin Markie, Josh Kinney and Kyle Strong. During the motos the stifling heat got the best of Dillon and he pulled out while Kyle was eliminated in the round of motos. The 8 man main was set and when the gate dropped they sped to the first turn. Into the bowl they flew with Currier, Markie and Wilmont running one-two-three. It was a traffic jam behind them. Balotti, in fourth was riding the rim while Ripley was diving to the inside. Buck came charging in even lower than Ripley but the momentum was too great for him to hold his line and he slammed into the side door of Ripley taking them both down. Kinney, with no where to go slammed into the pile of flesh and metal. With the smell of burning rubber from Buck slamming on his brakes hanging in the air, it would be Currier by about 5 bike lengths at the stripe with Matt Markie second and Boom-Boom Balotti rounding out the top three.

There was a mixed group in the older expert classes. We had to combine the 26-34 with 35-40 and then through in a couple of 41& over novices. Garrick Yanosky was the most consistent as he won everything including the main event. London Wilmont finished second and the third spot went to Mike Sigrist. Will Clinton, one of the fastest guys in the 35-40 expert class went over the handle bars on the third straight and re-injured his shoulder. We wish him a speedy recovery.

With a number of riders entered in the 19-25 expert class serving duel duty in the 16 & over money open, most decided to save themselves for the dash-4-cash. Armando Curbelo would be the overall winner here.

William Barna showed some unexpected speed as he won the 16 ex / 17-18 ex class. Jim Ferris, a novice who got combined with this group looked strong and finished second. Third overall went to Kyle Strong.

New York’s Jon Bohanski, flying the ECP colors easily won the 15 expert class as he kept Jason Chamis and Roberto Elizondo behind him all day long.

Austin Cyr aced a perfect in 14 ex – 14 nov combined while George’s Music Center sponsored Chris Pfeffer finished right on his tail. Josh Santiago was third.

Dan Delisle won the 13 expert class with a perfect. Fusco’s Auto Salvage’s Chris Pannullo was a solid second and Zach O’Neil rounded out the top three. Casey Tanner dominated the 12 Expert three rider class with Doug Cable and Chris Therriault finishing second and third.

The 10 Expert class was hotter then the days temperature was. Johnny Anton, in a rare Foothills BMX appearance was impressive with two of three moto wins. Justin Boissonneault and Nick Cote’ were second and third.

Three groups in one was the theme in the 15 – 16 – 17 & over girls class. Angela Therriault, Nicole Milton and Jasmine Mendelas finished 1-2-3 but all were given first place trophys.

Jayna Roy beat Autumn Classy in the 14 yr old girls class. Michaela Groves held off defending Track Champion Katie Moody in the 13 girls class.

Jen Cote’ edged Michele Gamelin in the 12 girls class and Alexus Doty did the same to Laurissa Amaker in the 11 girls class.

Nicole Bitinaitis and Kyly Milton traded wins in the 10 girls grouping but Nicole’s two of three moto wins proved enough for the overall. Kyly was second and Chloe Arnold was third.

Keely Michand and Ashley Thompson finished 1-2 in the 9 girls class.

Dixie D’amelo, in a rare Foothills appearance got it done in the 8 yr old girls class as she sped away from Rosie Brazie and Gianna Spina, both of which are brand new riders.

Hope Maher, with a full gate of 5-7 girls and sporting a newly painted helmet, won every moto for the overall win. Rileigh Valliere was second and a hard charging Ashley Jasensky was third.

IN 15 novice action, Justin Thompson had a very sore wrist from a skate park crash and it really was bothering him on Sunday. With a third place finish in the first round he crashed in the second but xrays were negative and he will be back next Sunday. Tim Osbourne won the class with Alex Hubbard second.

Drew Scheinost had that SE racing machine cranked up and he was unbeatable in the 13 novice class. Wes Reel and Matt Bovat could only see he backside all day long as he was perfect.

David Moody was also perfect in the 11 expert – 12 novice class. A perfect second went to The Bikers Edge ride of Robbie DesMarais and Trevor Fox (The Wild Side Tattoo and Body Piercing) was third.

RJ Miville worked hard today and it paid off as he finished first all three rounds in the 11 novice class. Bryan Basile was second with Scotty Thomson hanging tough for third.

Only two 9 yr old experts were in the house so they got combined with three 10 yr old novices. Lane (Superfly) Maher aced the perfect with the other 9 expert; Sky Domain second. The first 10 nov across the stripe was Steven Hull.
Lucas Petosa (Zero Tolerance) out rode Brandon Jasensky (Vectro Network Computers) and Ed Lentz for the 9 novice win.

The 8 novice class featured wins from Dave Reyes (D-Bomb) and Alex Kuehn. Kuehn would make it two of three for the overall win while Reyes held on for second just in front of the efforts of Zach Ferris (Tactical Arms).

In 7 novice action Derek Eisenbach got the best of local favorite Arefin Milton for the win. Finny was second with Justin Falasco third.

The 5-6 novice class saw Derek Fantano and Landon Richard each win motos but Derek won two of them to capture todays title. Richard was second and Kyle Kuehn snuck in for a third place finish.

In the always tiring to watch 50 & over cruiser class, Butch Feitel beat Joey Watley and Lenny Ferris for the win. Ferris was first to the oxygen bottle.

In the 40-44 / 45 – 49 cruiser class it was Bikers Edge’s Bobby DesMarais beating up on the rest of the gang. But maybe the most impressive ride was that of New Yorks Meredith Lidstone as she finished second while both Mike Greco and Greg Fantano suffered the fate of being beaten by a “Girl”.

Dan Delisle was perfect in his 11-12 / 13 – 14 cruiser motos as was Casey Tanner. In the main event it was Casey Tanner who would lay claim to fame with the win. Dan was second and third was Zack O’Neil.

It looked like Nick Cote’ would have an easy time of it in the 9-10 cruiser class after he won the first two rounds. A third place finish in the third round would make it close but he had just enough points for the overall win. Lane Maher was second and Sky Domain was third.

In the Rookie classes 67 riders were in the house. The 17 & over gang saw Dave Foster eke out a win over Ted Faluse and George Haydock

In 15-16 action Mike castle made his return to BMX Racing a good won as he held off Jerimiah (A-Bone) Royer for the win.

In 14 rookie racing Dylan Vadney topped Darren Zimmerman (David J Mahoney Painting) and Kule Brock.

5 riders made up the 13 rookie class and there were three different moto winners as Josh Macomber, Alejandro Robles and Tristan Lowry all enjoyed wins. Macomber would be declared the overall winner on points with Jamie Lamb second and the third spot went to Robles.

David Michaud, Jeff Vadney, Taylor Yurgalevicz and Austin Andrews all won motos in the 12 rookie class. When the dust settled in their main event the top three were Yurgalevicz, Connor Arnold and Vadney.

In the 11 rookie class there was no main but it was a full gate of action. Erik Dugan was unbeatable. The second place trophy went to Nick Bates and third went to “The Marshall” Matt Dillon.

The 10 yr old class had a main event with Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing) the winner. Will Guido slid into the econd spot with the third spot going to Ajay Francis.

9 riders were in the 9 rookie class so another main would be required to determine the winner. After winning only one moto Garrett Fosbrook would hold off a hard charge from Colin Riggs for the win. Third went to Wes Keeting.

The biggest class of the day was the 8 yr old rookie class with 12 riders vying for the glory. Casey Navin was perfect right through the main event. Dustin Souza was second while Trey Albani was third.

Torin Ellis was the fastest 7 yr old rookie today. Dan Osanitsch was second quickest and third was Matt (Spider-Mite) Webb.

Danny DesMarais (Bikers Edge) held off Lucas North for the 6 yr old rookie win.

Finally in 5 & under action the main event win went to Brady Valliere with he Massachusetts partner Sam DeGrange (Bertera Chrysler Jeep, Inc.) second and third was Anthony Starr-Bennett.

Whew, that’s about how it all happened. Week one now goes into the record books. See you nex weekl on Mothers day, for week # 2.

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