Week #4

It was a huge week last week with 222 riders in 55 motos. Was it just a fluke was what we were all wondering. Again this week there was no holiday, no National to contend against and the weather forecast was decent. Well, it was the same results with 215 riders registered at race time. What a great start to a special season.

!2 yr old Connor Arnold was named the rider of the week after his second straight sweep of the 12 rookie class. He said Dan Delsisle was his favorite rider.

The Money Open this week was kinda small with only 6 riders vying for the cash. The riders decided to run the three rounds of motos and drop one rider for a 5 rider dash for cash main event. As the gate droped it would be Balotti hitting the first jump with the lead. He had Lorenzo coming hard on the inside and Matt Markie from the outside. As they came out of turn one, Lorenzo had powered his way into the lead and drifted up to ride the rim. Balotti was now on the inside but not with the same momentum that Lorenzo had riding high. Colby Benoit had gotten on the inside of Markie and the stage was set for the drag race up the second straight. No changes the rest of the way as the Pistol built up a four bike length lead by the time they reached the last turn. Balotti held off a determined Benoit for the second spot by one bike length.

There were 10 other classes that had Main events besides the Money Open class.

Main 101 was the 19-25 / 26-34 / 35-40 Experts and Mike Jasensky (41+ nov). As some of these guys were also in the Open, only a few actually went for the win. “The Hot One” Don Hottes was the winner with Scotty Merenda second and third went to Mike Greco.

Main 102 was the 10 yr old Girls class and it was cool to see a main in any girl’s class. Mackenzie Atchison won every moto plus the main as she was just too much for anyone else to handle. The nice surprise was Chloe Arnold, who had traded in the Cruiser bike for a 20” and nailed a solid second in her first time out. Third went to Chloe Bourgoin.

Main 103 was another girls class. This time it was 5-7 yr olds going for the gold. Releigh Valliere dominated the action and was the main winner. Ashley Jasensky (X-Treme Marine) was second while Chloe Lee nailed down a third.

Two 10 yr old experts were combined with six11 novs in Main event 104. The two experts would finish 1-2 as Nick Cote’ and Justin Boissonneault beat the novices across the stripe. The third spot went to Justin Rivera.

10 riders were in the house in the 12 yr old Rookie class. Split into two groups of 5 the top four in each group made up the lineup in Main # 105. Aaron Kawalski nailed the big win with Connor Arnold second and third went to Mike Wasilonsky.

It was the same thing in the 10 rookie class with two riders not making the cut. The main went to Will Guido with Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing) second and third going to Dustin Petosa for Zero Tolerance.

It was even a bigger class for the 9 yr old Rookies with two groups of six riders each racing for spots in the main. The big win in main 107 went to Garrett Fosbrook with Ethan Russell-Ward a close second and Tanner Storz in hot pursuit for third.

Main 108, the 8 yr old rookie gang, featured a dominating Jon Todd who simply won everything he ran. Settling into the second spot was Dustin Souza while Jason Lee was third.

Main 107 was for 7 yr old rookies and they are always fun to watch. Matt (Spider-mite) Webb came out on top. James Cox was second after racking up some serious points winning all his motos with third going to Torin Ellis.

The last Main of the day was for the ankle-biters, the 5 & under rookie class. These little rug-rats where tremendous. Brady Valliere crashed in his third round but came back to win the main. Sam DeGrange (Bertera Chrysler-Jeep) was second and Robert Webb was third.

Moving into the rest of the Rookie classes the 17 & over class had a couple of riders in there that we haven’t seen in a few years. Matt Delisle and Matt Bennett made a return to the dirt. Bennett won his first moto back but it was all downhill from there (no pun intended). In the third round he was leading the pack into turn two and his tire blew out. He went down and took the entire moto with him. Everyone was okay and Matt instantly remembered why you should wear gloves. Dave Foster was the overall winner with Bennett second and Matt Delisle third.

Nate Basile was perfect in the 15 yr old class holding off second place finisher Mike Castle and third place finisher John Orlando.

A full gate (6 riders) of 14 year old rookies saw three different moto winners. Dave Lamb, Kevin Ralvin and Dylan Vadney all turned the dirty deed. Dylan was the overall winner with Kevin second and third was Dave.

Two out of three moto wins was good enough to give the overall 13 rookie title to Alejandro Robles. Brennan Colli was second and he held off Brandon Huckins who finished third.

“The Marshall”, Matt Dillon, won the 11 rookie class but Nick Bates made him work hard to do it. Nick was right on him every moto and was second overall with third going to Julien Roberge.

Only two 6 year old rookies were here and Lucas North beat Mason Holderman for the win.

The Novice group had its usual combining with experts. At least its important to know that the novs do earn expert points when this happens. 14 ex-14 nov is an example as 2 novices, with no class of their own as it takes three to make a class, were combined with 4 experts. Austin Cyr (14Ex) was simply unbeatable and he won everything. Second was Shawn McAuley (14Ex) and third was George Norton (14nov) .

In 13 ex-13 nov action Dan Delisle and Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Auto Salvage) traded moto wins the first two rounds. The tie breaking third round went to Delisle. Third for the day was Ian Dickinson.

In 9ex – 10 nov action Sky Domain was perfect. A perfect second for Steve Hull and a perfect third for Jon Maura.

7 ex and 8 novs were combined and Hunter Zeiner showed us he knows how to pass. He aced a perfect winning all three rounds as the only expert in the mix. Second went to novice rider Jagur Layman and third was Zack Ferris (Tactical Arms). Zack’s third round crash sealed his fate. At least he was okay.

The only 6 yr old expert, Derek Fantano was combined with three 7 novices. Finny Milton would come out on top with Derek Eisenbach was second and third went to Fantano. Derek Fantano had a tough day with a hard fall in practice and again in the third round.

16 nov-17-18 nov saw Jimmy Ferris earn the win. Jon Daversa second with Angela Therriault a very close third.

15 nov Jason Kellogg beat Tim Osborne and Alex Hubbard today. Alex would just touch the gate after a bail in the first round.

In 11ex-12nov action, the “D-Man (Dave Moody) won every round with Neal Bachman, after blowing off racing last week, managed a solid second with Trevor Fox (Wild Side tattoo) third.

In 9 novice action Luke McAdams won every moto in this class that featured a full gate of racers. It was wild and wooly for the second spot as there was plenty of changes going on back in the back in every round. John Cox was second even after a fifth place finish in the first round and third overall went to Colin Riggs.

Landon Richard won the 6 yr old novice class with Kyle Kuehn and Brad (Beemers) Wohlers in tow.

In expert action Colby Benoit continued his impressive 2010 ride acing a perfect in 17-18 action Kyle Storng was second and the third spot was occupied by William Barna. John Kelly, back after 6 years of racing motorcycles was fourth.

15 expert Jason Chamis beat Roberto Elizondo who finished in front of Jason Palma. Stephen Kallas, wrecked hard in the first round and would leave to have his knee checked out. He is now wearing a knee brace but will be racing soon as nothing was broken.

Casey Tanner would need to put back to back moto wins in the second and third rounds of 12 ex action to capture a win and he did just that. Jake Pirulli who won the first round really pushed Casey but had to settle for second. Third was Dougy Cable.

In the Girls classes Carly Curtin held off Autumn Classey and Ashley Royer in 14-15 girls racing. A nice new bike was under Autumn.

Michaela Groves again won the 13 girls class by beating Katie Moody and Nicole Asselin. We heard that after the race Michaela was doing wind sprints on her street and crashed hard. She was taken to the hospital where it was discovered she had suffered a concussion. We hope she recovers quickly.

Jen Cote’ beat Michele Gamelin in 12 girls action.

Alexus Doty did the same to Lauren Asselin in 11 girls.

Lainie Stroh (K & R Services) held off Keely Michand in 9 yr old girls.

Ashley Asselin first, Gianna Spina second and Ashley Lamont third in the 8 yr old girls class.

Finally the Cruisers: Nick Cote’ aced a perfect score in the 8 & under division. Sky Domain was second and the third spot was earned by Dallas Tuttle.

In 13-14 action Dan Delisle, Chris Pannullo (National Mail Service) and Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) would be 1-2-3.

Jake Pirulli got revenge on Casey Tanner for what Casey did in beating him in the 20” class as Jake was the champ on the cruiser.

Crazy Class in 12 & under – 25-29 – 35-39 female action with Gina Layman first, Heather Havens second and Lisette Ortiz (Ortiz Crew) third. It was good to see Heather here from New Jersey. It was her first time ever at Foothills.

A terrible wreck would over shadow some great racing in the 30-34 / 35-39 mens cruiser class where Curtis Jackson would fall hard after complaining about his free wheel not working right on his bike. Curtis bailed on the step-down and broke his wrist. He was rushed to Hartford hospital that evening for emergency surgery which went well. More surgery is scheduled in the near future. Curtis, please know we are thinking of you. Tommy Kuehn was the winner in the class.

Meredith Lidstone won the 40-44 cruiser class as she beat Greg Fantano. Meredith was skying the double on the second straight every time out.

The 50 & Over cruisers saw Butch Feitel ruin Joey Watleys bid to win at least one round with an awesome pass in turn four. Butch was the overall winner with Joey second and George Cox third.

Whew that’s it for another week. Next week it Memorial Day Weekend with a National in Pottstown PA. Good luck to everyone who is going. We shoule have a “normal” crowd and see you then.

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