Week 5

Last years Memorial Day Race had a very nice crowd with 180 riders in attendance. The difference this year was that coupled with the holiday there was a National event in Pottstown PA. where we knew a good number of riders who are regulars at Foothills, were competing. None the less, 138 riders with 34 motos on a beautiful day would still provide some exciting racing.

Six time State Champion Shawn McAuley was the Flag-Bearer in a impressive parade lap before the start of todays action and Chloe Arnold was selected as last weeks Rider of the Week. Kyly Milton was named as her favorite rider.

With only four classes with more then six riders registered, there were only four main events needed. In as much as none of those classes had more then eight riders in them, all would make their main events. (Remember the NBL rule is that you dont put more then six riders in the gate for motos. If there are seven riders in a class they are split into two groups but all transfer onto the seven rider main event.)

The first main of the day was for the 10 yr old Rookie class. With Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing) and Joe Petrino Jr. both perfect through their motos, it looked like it would be a classic shootout between the two in the main. Galeski won the main but the spunky Dustin Petosa would make a sweet pass on Petrino to capture the second spot while Petrino settled into third.

The 9 yr old Rookie main was just as unpredictable. Garrett Fosbrook was perfect through his motos as was Nick Piper. Piper had to work the hardest as he came from behind every time to win his three motos. In the Main Fosbrook continued his dominance but Jason Lee proved he was in it to win it with a solid second. The third spot went to Wes Keating while Piper settled for a fourth.

The 7 yr old Rookie Main had the same type of situation with James Cox and Ian Fosbrook winning all their motos. So the main went to Cox while A & S Construction’s Carter Stroh finished in the two spot. Torin Ellis was third.

The 5 & Under class was dominated by Sam DeGrange (Bertera Chrysler / Jeep inc.) as he won everything. Anthony Star-Bennett, after crashing hard in his third round of motos, came back to finish second in the main. Third went to Kraig Geissler in his first race ever.

In other Rookie action Matt Bennett won the 17 & over group with Garrett Gracie second and George Haydock third.

The 15 rookie class went to John Orlando as he stayed in front of Mike Castle in all three rounds.

A full gate full of 14 yr old Rookies featured two moto wins for Kevin Ralvin however, a crash in the second round would force him to need to win the tie breaking third round to finish ahead of Dylan Vadney for the overall win and he did just that. Third place overall went to Darren Zimmerman (David J. Mahoney Painting).

With four riders in the 13 rookie class they would finish in the same order all three rounds. Jake Marconi, John McKay and Jamie Lamb were 1-2-3.

In 12 rookie action it would be another full gate with 6 riders going for the gold. Connor Arnold won all three rounds giving him the overall title. Mike Wasilonsky was second with the third spot going to Chris Stewart.

The 11 yr old Rookie class saw Matt Dillon look like “The Marshall and his Posse” as he just led everyone around the track. Finishing second was Nick Bates while the third spot went to Austin Stoeke.

The 8 yr old Rookie class saw Jon Todd wreck in the first round then come back and win the next two. He would have to settle for second place as Seth Norton was the most consistent and came out at the overall winner. Third was Dustin Souza.

In 6 yr old action Lucas North, Ian Hayes and Mason Holderman finish 1-2-3.

Seventeen ladies were racing today and Nicole Milton would stay in front of Autumn Classy in the combined class of 14 girls-17 & over woman.

Alexus Doty did the same to Michele Gamelin in 11 girls / 12 girls combined class.

Lanie Stroh (K & R Services) was the only 9 yr old and had to race 5 other 10 yr olds. She would finish 5th but the win did go to Kyly Milton who had another perfect day. Second was Chloe Arnold while third went to Helen Elizondo. Helen had the scariest crash of the day but would prove to be okay after a little recovery time.

Mariana Gigliuto won the 8 yr old class as she beat second place finisher Gianna Spina and third place finisher Ashley Lamont.

Ashley Jasensky (X-Treme Marine) won the 5-7 class with second place going to Chloe Lee and Azra Milton third.

There were only two class of novices that had enough riders to prevent combining with experts. In 12 nov action Trevor Fox would earn a rare move-up for himself by winning all three motos. Second place went to Aaron Kawalski and third went to Austin Lillis.

In 11 nov action is was a full gate but Bryan Basile would still be the dominate rider winning everything. Even though he had 3 third place finishes it would prove to be enough for a second place overall for Scott Thomson. Third went to Erik Dugan after a nasty crash in the first round.

A lot of combining would be required for four riders breaking down to a class like 17-18 nov / 26-34 ex / 41 & over nov. Mike Greco was the only expert and he dominated. The second spot went to Jon Daversa (Dave’s Auto Detailing) while third went to Jay Francis.
15 ex was combined with 15 nov and the results were nearly a clean sweep by the experts. Zack Andringa won it while Nate Basile was second and novice rider Tim Osborne third.

In 14 expert / 14 novice combined class it would be Austin Cyr continuing his dominate year with another perfect score. Shawn McAuley was second and Jashua Rivera was third.

12 expert / 13 nov action featured only 1 expert and he was a no-show. With chance Terpening no where to be found it was up to the three novices to battle it out. Three novice riders and three different moto winners would make this one up for grabs. Wes Reel would be the overall winner with Drew (Dusty) Scheinost second and Matt Bovat third.

In 9 ex / 10 nov combined Sky Domain was to only expert racing and he won the class. Mackenzie Atchison was second with jon Maura third.

In 8 nov / 9 nov combined Jagur Layman was unbeatable. Lucas Petosa was second with Alex Kuehn third.

6 and 7 yr old noves were also grouped together and Finny Milton would ace three wins. Derek Eisenbach was second each time and third overall went to Justin Falasco.

In Cruiser action the 50 & over class went to Butch Feitel as no one could beat him. Joey Watley came the closest with a second while George Cox remained mired in the third spot.

Greg Sloan and Tom Kuehn would trade wins in the first two rounds of 30-34 / 35-39 action but tom would win the third round with Gina Layman finishing behind them both.

Drew Scheinost and R J Miville had a classic battle in the first two rounds of 11-12 / 13-14 / 15-16 cruiser action as they traded wins. In the end it would be Drew Scheinost, RJ Miville and Brett Geissler the official order of finish.

8 & under combined with 9-10 cruisers would see Jon Maura winning it, Alex Kuehn second and Lane Maher just touching the gate.

For a comple finish report