Race Report May 9th, 2010

Week #2

Week # 2 and a big crowd were not really expected knowing that some of our riders were at a National Event in Woodbridge VA., coupled with it being Mother’s Day and lastly the weather was outright cold. At 8:00 am the temperature at the track was 36 degrees and wind gusts were in the 40 mph neighborhood. At 11:00 am there were less then 10 cars in the parking lot. Seemed like we could all be home by 3:00 pm. Well, by the time registration closed at 12:30 there were 148 riders registered and the moto count would be 40. Wonders never cease I guess.

The !6 & Over “Money-Open” featured only five riders. With Billy Ripley, Josh Kinney, Josh Wedge, Pete Lorenzo and Pete Balotti the only ones here, the air was sure cold but the race action was HOT!. With Balotti, Wedge and Lorenzo all winning a moto, the dash-4-cash main event was set as a classic showdown. It would be Wedge from start to finish but the move of the main came from Balotti on his classic pass of Lorenzo for the second spot. The Pistol settled into the third spot and was heard grumbling something about not being on his bike since last August.

In Expert action, Bridgeport’s Mike Sigrist was perfect in the 35-40 Expert combined class. Don Hottes was second and Mike Jasensky aced a terd….er…third.

In 17-18 / 19 – 25 Josh Wedge was unbeatable all three rounds as his dad beamed with pride as the first turn corner marshal. Josh Kinney was 2nd and the third spot went to Billy Ripley.

A nice field of 14 experts was on board and Austin Cyr dominated the 5 rider field. Mike Iurato made a rare appearance and finished a solid 2nd while Danny Batista ended up third for the day.

In 13 Ex action it was Dan Delisle and Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Auto Salvage) as the top two contenders. Dan would prevail but Chris pushed him all the way. Ian Dickinson was third.

Only two ten year old experts were here and they were combined with a 9 ex (Sky Domain) and a 10 yr old novice (Steven Hull). When the dust settled, actually the dust never settled all day long but in the end it was the two experts Nick Cote’ first and Justin Boissonneault second while Sky was third.

In 15 ex racing Jason Chamis was his old self again and could not be beat. Roberto Elizondo was a close second.

The 12 ex class was combined with the 13 novice gang and the Casey Tanner continued his winning streak with a perfect. However 13 yr old nov Drew Scheinost would finish ahead of expert Doug Cable for the second place trophy.

Dave Moody (11 Expert) had to race two 12 yr old novices and still managed to win. Trevor Fox (Wild Side Tattoo) was second and Austin Lillis was third.

A real mixed bag of ages and proficiencies were on the track in a combined class of 8 Expert – 8 Novice – 9 Novice mixing. Jacob Bacis (8 ex) would prevail. Luke Petosa (9 nov) was second while third went to Zach Ferris (Tactical Arms).

When the Girls were on the track Katherine Moody topped Jasmine Mandelas in all three rounds in the 13-15 girls class.

Jen Cote’ finished ahead of Michele Gamelin all three rounds but Michele continues to impress with another strong run in the 12 girls class.

Alexus Doty finished in front of Laurissa Amaker for the win in 11 girls.

Gianna Spina drew tough duty as she (8 yrs old) was combined with the four 10 year old girls registered. Kyly Milton dominated on her home track while the second spot went to Chloe Arnold. Third was Chloe Bourgoin. Gianna was five across the stripe.

In 5-7 action Rowdy Raleigh Valliere aced three first place finishes. Ashley Jasensky was impressive with three solid seconds and third was Chloe Lee.

The Nervous Novice clan was out in full force and in the 15 yr old division Timmy Osborne would not be denied as he won every round. Jason Kellogg had the lead a number of times but settled into a second place finish while Alex Hubbard had to settle for third.

A couple of girls joined George Norton in the 14 novice class. Brianna Clinton beat him in the first round but a humbled George came back strong and won the next two for the overall title. Autumn Classy was third.

In 11 novice action Bryan Basile was solid winning two of three motos. R.J. Miville was second and the third place award went to Erik Dugan.

In 6-7 novice racing Finny Milton was top gun. Derek Fantano was second just ahead of Landon Richard.

In cruiser racing Butch Feitel would finish ahead of Joey Watley and Len Ferris in the exhausting to watch 50 & over class. Ferris did just beat the next moto to the finish line.

35 – 39 / 40 -44 action saw Curtis Jackson go unchallenged with Tom Bacis and Greg Fantano in tow.

The 13-14 cruiser class Dan Delisle would be as dominant here as he was in the 20” class as he won everything. Chris Pannullo (National Mail Service) was second and Drew Scheinost was third. Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) took a tough fall in the first turn but appeared he would be okay.

Casey Tanner and RJ Miville were the only 11-12 cruisers in the house and Tanner was top dog.

Nick Cote’ would beat Sky Domain in the 9-10 cruiser class.

62 Rookies were here on this very cold Mother’s day afternoon and they were split into 17 motos. The 17 & over group saw Ted Faulise dominate with his unmistakable riding style. Jamie hess and Erik Breault would be second and third.

In 15 yr old competition Mick Castle won every moto with Liam Stone and Trev Simmons second and third.

Dylan Vadney won the 14 yr old division with three wins. Darren Zimmerman (David J Mahoney Painting) was second with the third place going to Dave lamb.

Jamie Lamb and Josh Macomber traded moto wins in the first two rounds of 13 rookie action. The third and tie breaking round would go to Macomber.

8 riders made up the 12 rookie class and Conor Arnold won all his motos plus the main event. New rider Justin Michaelman, after crashing in his first mot, won the next two and finished second in the main. Third went to Austin Andrews.

Another main would be required in the 11 rookie class. Matt (The Marshal) Dillon won the main keeping Nick Bates and Mike Schlesinger behind him.

There was no main in 10 rookie action but it was a full gate in the motos. Dustin Petosa would win two of three for the overall win with Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing) second and Will Guido third.

In the 9 rookie class Garrett Fosbrook, after being named “Rider of the Week” for last weeks efforts, turned the trick again by ruining his favorite riders quest (Colin Riggs) to become a novice. Riggs settled for second yet again with Sam Alperin third.

The biggest class of the day was the 8 rookie class with 11 riders in the house. Just making the 8 rider main was a challenge for these guys. Jason Lee, Ethan Russell-ward and Casey Navin would all enjoy moto wins. The main event however would go to Casey.

Matt Webb held off the hard charge from Carter Stroh (A & S Construction) for the win in the 7 rookie class. Ian Fosbrook was third.

Lucas North beat Harry Clark in the 6 year old class.

The last class to run was the popular 5 & under beginner class and it would require a main event to determine the winner. Brady Valliere made it two wins in two weeks as he again was perfect. Sam DeGrange (Betera Chrysler – Jeep) was second and third was Matt Bacis.

We did run a Mother’s Day race and there were four ladies going for the glory. Lisa Ferris, Christine Lentz, Jackie Guido and Marie Bakunis were up for the challenge. When the gate dropped the ladies raced around the course with Jackie well out in front. Jackie had little problems with the first half of the track and she was ahead by half a straight away. At the entrance to turn four Jackie bailed on the set of doubles. (No pun there). As she lay bouncing on the track, Christine Bakunis got around the carnage. Jackie jumped up as Lisa was closing and got back on her ride only to fall again on the next obstacle. Lise rode around her and would finish second. Marie Bakunis was just reaching the finish line when a scream could be heard as Lisa smashed into the big orange warning barrier just past the stripe. She would be okay as a black and blue Jackie Guido walked her bike into the finish line area. And they all walked away.

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