Race Report July 10th, 2011

Week #11

Here we are at the start of the dog-days of summer. Early July and already we have three rain outs to make up. The schedule has been updated on this web site so be sure to check it out. Remember, next week we are running two races with a 12:00 start. We will use the two-moto transfer system for both races.

This week we wouldn’t have to battle the weather but we were going against one of the NBL’s most popular National events; South Park. None-the-less 140 riders and 40 motos is nothing to sneeze at so we are very grateful to our supporters. The noticeable difference this week was the size of the contingent of riders from Massachusetts with 31 Bay-Staters in the house.

Before we started five year old Ethan Hubbard was honored as our rider of the week for his first ever win at our last race on June 26th. He named Alex Hubbard as his favorite rider.

It may be just me, but I’m not convinced that running Main events in every class, as the NBL mandated this year, is really the right thing to do. Example: there were 34 different classes today and 22 of them had the same winners in all three motos plus the main. I’m kinda hoping that they go back to the old way of determining Main Events next year. That was mains only happen when there are more than 6 riders in a class. We would have had only two mains under the old rules. It does make a difference in points for those chasing Regional and National points.

Anyway, in 41 & over expert and challenger combined, Mike Sigrist and Fred Roy really pushed each other hard all day. Mike Jasensky was also in the mix but the advanced experience of the top two was the difference. Sigrist was able to stay ahead of Fred all day but it would have only taken one mistake which never happened.

Anthony DelVento was his usual dominate self as he aced a perfect today edging out the efforts of Jay Johnson and Cody Buck. Cody was second in all the motos but had to settle for third in the 19-25 expert main.

Sky Domain has been our most dominant rider in the 10 expert class. That was true until Nate Caron showed up today. Nate is an ABA rider who all can now race in either sanction due to the creation of our new sanctioning body USABMX. Nate was awesome and showed us why he earned his District #1 ranking. After finishing second in the first two rounds to Sky, he came back and won the third plus the Main event. Sky was second and Jagur Layman was third.

The 7 expert / 7 challenger class saw the two experts in a classic battle. Brad Wholers was the winner f everything while Derek Fantano was second. The only challenger was Kyle Kuehn who made a good showing and finished third.

Jayna Roy got it done in the very combined class of 15 experet girl, 17-19 challenger women, 41 & over challenger women. Marcia Caron was second with Kailey MacDonald third. Kailey was here all the way from New Hampshire.

Nicole Asselin and Carlie Arnold were the only two competitors in the 14 challenger girls class. Nicole was the winner.

Alexus Doty celebrated her birthday with a nice win in the 12-13 challenger girls class. She kept Laren Asselin and Aimee Funk behind her.

Kyle Milton was pressured all day by Chloe Arnold in the 10-11 challenger / 11 expert girls class. Kyly held her off again this week. Lainie Stroh was third.

Another perfect score this week from Ashley Asselin in the 8-9 challenger girls grouping. Ashley Jasensky was second while Gianna Spina had a much better day this week and finished third.

Genevieve Asselin was perfect through her motos and also the main event . Azrra Milton was second in the 5-7 challenger girls class today. (Finish report is in error and original has been corrected)

15 Expert / 15 challenger races was pretty good today. WYLA inc.’s Alex Hubbard was our Main winner but a great effort by George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer would ruin his perfect. It was second in the main for Chris while Mike Castle was finishing third.

In 15 challenger action Josh Santiago owned the motos as he won every round. The Main event however, belonged to David Lamb. Darren Zimmerman hung tough all day but settled for third.

Wes Reel made it look easy as he scored a perfect in the 14 challenger class. Nick Hanchett was in the right place at the right time and finished second in the main while the third spot went to Jon Latourelle.

In 12 expert / 13 challenger action it was Aggro’s Jack Pagano again showing some serious racing skills as he outran the comp all day. Connor Arnold was a close second with Josh Caron, in his first appearance here at Foothills finishing third.

A big class in the 11 expert / 12 challenger class with 8 riders strong going at it. Jacob Oliver was perfect in his group of motos while Isabella Sanchez was doing the same in her grouping. It seemed to be show-down time in the 8 rider main event between those two. Bella would beat the 7 boys she was racing and win the main but now Tajah Cozzaglio would whisper across the finish line in front of Oliver for the second spot.

A full gate of 6 riders was the feature in the 11 challenger class today. Steve Hull, Josh Alstede and Brandon Galeski (Home Town Pizza) were three different winners in the motos. At Main event time it would be totally up for grabs who would go home with the first place trophy. It ended up going to Hull with Alstede second but Joey Neale stepped it up for a solid third.

Vermont’s Austin Martinka nailed down the win in the 10 challenger / 9 expert class. Alex Kuehn had won all of his motos but could only muster up a third in the main behind Martinka and Landon Pease.

Fin Milton, Dustin Souza and Ethan Dauphinais was the order in every round of 8 expert / 9 challenger action.

Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders) was the theme in the next two groups. In 8 challenger is would be the Matt Webb spinning his web of terror as he captured the perfect score. Evan Kawalski was second while the third spot went to Carter Stroh.

In 6 challenger, spider-mite Robbie Webb wrapped up the competition like a cocoon as he won the main event. Sam Degrange was a very close second with the third spot earned by Garret Cooper.

Great action in 45 & over cruisers. Greg Fantano won the first round while Tim Buck won the second. In the third round it was Fantano again. Finally in the main, Tim Buck was leading comfortably while he exploded in a cloud of dust on the back straight. Fantano would win the Main with Len Ferris second. Buck was okay but for the other two riders…well..are you ready? They both just passed the Buck!

Kevin Marchildon and Tom Kuehn had some good racing going on in the 40-44 gang. Through the generosity of Kuehn, Kevin would win the main.

Greg Slone made it look simple in the 25-29, 35-39 cruiser class as he was unbeatable. It would be a good battle for the second spot between Chris McCarvill and John Elllertson. McCarvill would earn that spot.

In 11-12 / 16 cruiser action it was Jason Chamis winning all the motos only to finish second behind Bella Sanchez in the main. Third went to Jacob Oliver.

Nate Caron, Landon Pease and Jagur Layman was the main event order in the 9-10 cruiser class.

In 8 & under cruiser action Derek Fantano were the only two riders registered and Derek had it all his way today.

In 16 & over rookie racing Garrett Gracie continued his dominance in this wild and wholly class with another perfect day. Josh Thans hung onto second spot in front of Cody Marchildon.

Nick Blais and Austin Andrews traded wins in the 14-15 rookie class but the main win went to Blais.

Pretty much the same type of deal in the 12-13 rookie group between Matt Higtgs and Austin Andrews. Higgs would be the top gun today.
Dakota Viel held off the strong charge from Mike Steinbacher in 10 rookie action.

Jacob James won two of his three motos but had to settle for a second in the 9 rookie main event. Andrew Thompson stepped it up at the right time and won the main. Third went to Alex McCarvill.

The 8 rookie class enjoyed a full gate of six riders all day but the order was exactly the same in every round. The top three were Victor Alves, Nick DelBone and Ryan Hayes.

Emma Stroh continued her winning streak in the 7 rookie class as she beat up on the boyts again. This time the second spot went to Kyle Lyman with third going to Ian Hayes.

The 6 rookie class also had full gates and James Macknight captured the title with a big win in the main. Ty Ellerson saved his best run for the main and he earned a nice second place finish. The third spot went to Ryan Robichaud in his first appearance at Foothills.

7 riders were registered in the 4 & under / 5 rookie class and, as usual, they were fun to watch. Danny Calarco dominated all of his motos while Trevor Cooper was doing the same in his. The Main saw the predicted showdown between the two. Cooper, Calarco and Jacob Macknight were the top three finishers.

Finally Jayna Roy was the fastest in 13-14 / 15-16 / 45-49 female cruiser racing. Marcia Caron was second with Carlie Arnold third.
Thanks everyone, remember, two races next week with a 12:00 gate drop.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes