Race Report July 17th, 2011
Race #1

Week #12

Here we are in the dog days of summer and the forecast today was Hot hot and more hot. The way the day went, “hot” was an understatement.

At the beginning of the day Victor Alves was named our Rider_Of-The_Week for his efforts at last week’s event. Vic named Allen Currier as his favorite rider.

We ran two races today employing the NBL’s two moto transfer system for each race and the rider counts were about average going by 2011 standards. With 135 riders and 38 motos in the first race and 11 riders and 32 moto in the second race, the racing action was pretty hot.

Starting off in the 17 & Over Expert Class (Actually 3 class in one) it would be Javery Hattat, in a rare Foothills appearance, bring home the gold back to Vermont. Ben Atchison and Don Hottes were second and third.

In the 15 Ex / 16 Challenger class, it would be Jay Johnson and Shawn McAuley sharing moto wins. At the Main Event showdown, Jay was able to hold off the multi-time state champ and score an impressive win. 15 Challenger Alex Hubbard (WYLA Inc) would finish third.

Casey Tanner made it look easy in the 13 Expert class as he aced wins in every round. Jon Zeiner, after tiring himself out in practice, was second with Troy Atchison third.

Justin Boissonneault aced a perfect in the 11 Expert group as he managed to keep Jon Moura and Mackenzie Atchinson behind him in every round.

Kyly Milton and Chloe Arnold continue to be two racers who really co at it hard every time out. This race belonged to Kyly but Chloe is getting so close now. Helen Elizondo would be third overall.

In a mixed bag that included 6 challenger and experts plus a 7 yr old challenger saw Landon Richard finish on top of the leaderboard. Robbie Webb was a close second and the third spot went to Derek Fantano.

Hope Maher was back and she and Ashley Jasensky were looking good in the 8 Ex – 8 Ch girls class. Hope would look like she was racing every week as she got the best of Ashley this day.

Alexus Doty held off Nicole Aselin in the 13-14 Challenger Girls class and Lauren Asselin did the same to Hailee Lemke in the 12 challenger girls class.

Speaking of Asselins, Ashley topped Lainie Stroh in the 10 Challenger Girls class while sister Genevieve beat Azra Milton and Leah Fox in the 5-7 bracket. Leah Fox was making her first race ever and did a fine job.

A full gate was the feature in the 14 Ex / 15 Ch grouping. With Ian Dickinson winning both the motos he seemed like a shoe-in for the main event win. Drew Scheinost, who was caught snoozing earlier in the day, kept the pedal to the metal and hung on for the main event upset win. Ian was second with Darren Zimmerman third. If anyone is wondering why Chris Pannullo is just riding out at the end of the pack, he is still recuperating from a broken collarbone and just playing it safe.

Wes Reel held off Jon Latourelle in the 14 Challenger main event. Jamie Lamb won the third spot.

Connor Arnold suffered a last place finish in round one of 12 ex -13 Challenger action. He won the second round and then dominated the main event keeping Erik Dugan behind him in second. The third spot went to Dave Moody.

Isabella Sanchez continues to amaze us all. This 12 yr old challenger had a full gate today and this girl beat up on all the boys again by scoring a perfect. Tajeh Cozzaglio was a close second while finishing third in this humbling class was “The Marshall”, Matt Dillion sporting his new Stampede racing colors.

The 10 Ex / 12 Challenger class featured some wild racing and great passes. In the second round Sky Domain came into turn one so hard it was amazing that he was able to hold the line and pass Jagur Layman. I got a great look at Jagur’s eyes and they were as big as cocoanuts when Sky shot by. Sky went on to win both motos and the main event. Steven Hull was second while Jagur settled into third.
From the outhouse to the penthouse was the theme for Zach Ferris in 9 Ex – 10 Challenger action. He got last in the first round but came back to win the second and the main. Alex Kuehn was second and the third spot went to Ethan Russell-Ward. Colin Riggs and Cole Hathaway each had a moto win in this class but would not place in the top three main event finishers.

Hunter Zeiner beat Fin Milton both rounds of moto yesterday but winning the battles does not always give you the win in the war. The 8 Ex – 9 Challenger main went to Milton with Zeiner second while Dustin Souza was finishing third.

Matt Webb kept his winning streak intact with another perfect score in the 8 Challenger group. Evan Kawalski was a solid second with the third spot occupied by Carter Stroh.

Jay Francis (Old racer too) and Len Ferris (Too old racer) finished 1-2 in the 50 & over Cruiser class.

Probably the class that featured the hardest racing of the day was the 40-44 / 45-49 Cruiser division. Dave McKnight and Tom Kuehn, two riders who have a ton of racing experience, really went handlebar to handlebar in all rounds. The Main was unbelievable as Kuehn had the lead coming into turn two with the door pretty well shut for any inside move. McKnight, seeing a sliver of space dove into the inside as they flew into the turn and all through the bowl they sped with handlebars clicking together. Once McKnight stuck that move through the turn he would not be denied and held on for the main win. Tom was second with Kevin Marchildon a distant third.

Matt Theriault beat Greg Slone in the motos for the 25-29 / 35-39 class but Slone would win the main. Matt was second with new comer James Hayes third.

Jason Chamis and Drew Scheinost finished 1-2 in 15-16 Cruiser action.

Casey Tanner and Ian Dickinson were just having fun in the 13-14 cruiser class. Tanner had a little more fun as he won the main.

Bella Sanchez and Pete Franolich were the only two in the 12 Cruiser class. Bella went unbeaten.

Jon Moura, Alex Kuehn and Brandon Jasensky would finish 1-2-3 in 9-11 cruiser racing. Kuehn did have the lead a couple of times but seemed to forget how to keep the inside line closed going into turns and Moura got him a few times with an inside pass.

Derek Fantano aced a perfect in the 8 & Under class with the second spot going to Kyle Kuehn while Ryan Hayes grabbed position number three.

Cody Marchildon won the first round of 16 & over Rookie action. Josh Thans won the second so would it be a showdown in the main between these two? Yes it would be but the showdown was for the second spot as William Scheinost would put one in the record books for the old guys. Cody was second.

In 14 Rookie action Chris Haas would have the forst crash of the day as he went down hard in the first turn in round one. Tyler Montgomery would win that first round. The main was won by Haas with Mark Derouin second and Monty finishing third.

Julien Roberge won the 12-13 Rookie class. Austin Andrews, on his new ride, was second. Travis Welsh was third.

Owen Davidson won everything there was to win in the 10-11 rookie class. A nice effort and second place finish foe Mike Steinbacher with Ajay Francis finishing third.

Andrew Thompson and Ben Beaudoin would finish 1-2 in the 9 rookie class.

Victor Alves would show the skills that won him Rider-Of-The-Week honors as he beat all the competitors in the 6 rider 8 rookie class.

Nick Delbone, enjoying some new found skills was second with Nick Petrino sliding into the third slot.

In 7 rookie action Emma Stroh again was dominate as she aced a perfect.Kyle Lyman edged out Ian Hayes for the second spot.

Aiden Biello topped Anthony Starr-Bennett for the 6 rookie title. Addy Miller was third.

Denise Classy showed no mercy to Carlie Arnold and she coasted to a first place finish in 13-14 / 40-44 female action.

The moto-mites (4 & Under – 5 Rookie) provided some fun racing. Danny Calarco nailed down the win, Ethan Hubbard second with third going to Ian Asselin.

Don’t forget we start at 2:30 next week
See you all then.

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