Race Report July 17th, 2011
Race #2

Week #3 Make up race

So after a bit of a delay the second race got underway with 24 less riders then the first race. Certainly this caused a different set of combining rules but the action was still pretty exciting.

The first grouping had major changes and could best be described as 16 & over challenger and expert made up with five riders. Jay Johnson (16 Expert) got the job done with a perfect. Alex Hubbard, riding for WHLA Inc. (16 Challenger) was second while third went to Greg Sloan (35-40 Expert).

The Landon Richard and Brad Wohlers battles continued with Richard edging out Beemers for the win. Robbie Webb settled into the third spot.

Hope Maher and Ashley Jasensky finish in just that order in the 8 Expert / 8 Challenger girls class. (Finish report is in error and original has been changed).

Alexus Doty topped Lauren Asselin and Hailee Lemke again in the 12-13 challenger girls grouping.

Chloe Arnold finally beat Kyly Milton in the first round of motos but Kyle came back and won the second round plus the 10-11 expert / challenger girls main event.

Genevieve Asselin topped Azra Milton and Leah fox in 5-7 challenger girls racing.

Ian Dickinson won all the motos in 14 expert / 15 challenger but the main event would go to Drew Scheinost. Dave Lamb was third.

Wes Reel and Jon Zeiner traded moto wins in the 13 expert / 14 challenger group. Reel was the main winner with Jon Latourelle and Jamie Lamb were second and third.

The 13 Challenger class saw Connor Arnold ace another perfect as he held off both Trevor Fox and Mike Wasilonsky (Zeller Tire).

In 12 challenger action Tajeh Cozzaglio won both of his motos as did Isabella Sanchez in her group. Bella would win the main yet again keeping Tajeh behind her. “The Marshall” aka Matt Dillon would finish third.

A full gate in 10 expert / 11 challenger racing and it would see Sky Domain and Steve Hull sharing moto wins. It was a Domain Main as sky would capture the win. Hull was second with third going to Jagur Layman.

It was also six riders in the 9 Expert / 10 challenger class. Zach Ferris simply made it look easy by winning every round of action. Ethan Russell-Ward enjoyed a nice second with Alex Kuehn finishing third.

Fin Milton and Hunter Zeiner shared moto wins in the 8 expert / 9 challenger class. Zeiner was finer this race with Milton second. Dustin Souza was third.

Matt Webb won again in the 8 challenger class. Carter Stroh made a great effort for second with Evan Kawalski third.

40 - 44 cruiser Tom Kuehn had it all his way with Dave McKnight not entering this second race. He was unbeatable with Will Scheinost second and Kevin Marchildon finishing third.

Matt Theriault got the best of James Hayes in 25-29 big-wheel action
Drew Scheinost beat Ian Dickinson in the 14-15 cruiser class.

Bella Snachez did it again to Pete Franolich in 12 cruiser action.
Brandon Jasensky beat Alex Kuehn in the combined class of 9 and 11 cruiser.

Derek Fantano, Ryan Hayes and Ian Hayes were the order in 8 & Under cruiser racing.

In 16 & over rookie action Cody Marchildon had no problems staying in front of William Scheinost and Josh Thans.

Chris Haas made his crash in race one a distant memory as he aced a perfect in 14-15 rookie racing. The second spot belonged to Mark Derouin. Third went to Tyler Montgomery.

12-13 rookie action saw Julien Roberge in a moto and out the next. Strange but he didn’t show for the main letting Austin Andrews have an uncontested run to glory.

Mike Steinbacher won the 10-11 rookie class by holding off the efforts of Ajay Francis and Cody Gagnon.

Andrew Thompson won the 9 rookie class when Ben Beaudoin failed to show for the main.

Victor made it a perfect day as he won again in the 8 rookie class. Nick Delbone was a erfect second with Owen Downey finishing third.

Emma Stroh was top dog in the 7 rookie class. Ian Hayes, after finishing 4th twice in the motos had a solid second with Kyle Lyman coasting across in third.

The 6 rookie class saw Aiden Biello do the same as the first race and score a perfect by winning it all. Anthony Starr-Bennett and Addison Miller were second and third.

Denise classey and Carlie Arnold were the only two in the 13 & over female cruiser class with Denise capturing the win.

Finally it was Danny Calarco winning the ankle-biter class (4 & under – 5 rookie). Ethan Hubbard was second and the third spot went to Ian Asselin.

Don’t forget we start at 2:30 next week
See you all then.

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