Race Report July 24th, 2011
Week #13

From this editors venting department comes news that there are some grumblings around the state about Foothills holding double header makeup races for rainouts (last week). These makeup’s are scheduled strictly as a business decision to offset the disadvantage we suffer from being a weekend track. With racing on Sundays only in Torrington, we are subject to the weakened rider counts due to conflicts with the “National and Regional” scheduling. This year has been a real test with the Nationals at Pottstown, New Paltz, South Park and Bethel . This coupled with the Regionals at Howell and Bennington results in six of the ten races held so far this year at Foothills, having to compete against these conflicting races. Add to that the fact that there have been three rain outs and the need to make such a business decision to make up as many races as possible should be evident. Especially important when recent reports indicate tracks will not be paid what they are owed from the NBL. It’s pretty disappointing to hear such complaints from certain sources.

Anyway, here we are in the midst of a record-setting heat wave, holding a race on a weekend where only 30 miles away is the Last-Chance Qualifier National event and it’s raining quite hard only 45 minutes before gate drop. Add to that the 2011 snafu which is an acronym for the NBL and it equals possibly the smallest race ever at Foothills with only 21 motos with 68 riders.

As a result of the two races held last week, there were two Riders-Of-The-Week named. For race #1 it was 9 year old Rookie Andrew Thompson whose trophy will be saved as he was not here this week. Race #2 went to 5 year old Danny Calarco, who named his older brother Connor as his favorite rider.

Just as the racing was to begin, the edge of the rain clouds passed over the facility and bathed us in pure sunlight. With an hour and a half of rainfall soaking the ground, trees and the track, the humidity level was nearly unbearable.

Mixed classes were everywhere. We started with the 14 expert / 14 challenger gang in which Chris Pannullo was ready to apply some heat after he received clearance from the doctor to race again after his collar bone had mended. Chris looked about 80% in the first round as he applied pressure on Wes Reel but could not pass. Each round there after it was all Wes as both Chris and Troy Atchison let him go unchallenged. Chris would say later that the heat and humidity was just too much. He was not to only one to lodge that complaint.

13 challenger / 14 expert girls was next in line and both Michaela Groves and Alexus Doty would trade moto wins. The main event went to Michaela who has recorded some impressive finishes around the east coast this year.

Im just gonna call this class 17 & over expert / challenger. Several years ago now, that was how it was for the older guys. Just “17 & over”. Anyway this was a good one as the hot-rod in the group surely was thought to be 18 yr old Jim Ferris. Nobody told 41 yr old Jason Gladstone. He finished second behind Jim in two of the three motos but at main time…..forget-about-it! It was all Gladstone with Ferris second and Steve Scibelli finishing third.

A full gate of riders were in the 12 Expert / 13 challenger grouping. Aggros Jack Pagano did win the main which was much better than the third place finish he logged during the second round. Ted Rocky sure gave Jack all he could handle and finished a close second. Third in the main went to Anthony Ingala.

Jon Moura and Nick Bates ran very close in the 11 expert / 12 challenger class. At the end of the day it would be Moura – Bates and Pete Franolich finishing in that order.

In 10 Expert / 11 Challenger action, Sky Domain dominated the class. The Home Town Pizza sponsored ride of Brandon Galeski put in an impressive effort and finished second with Dale Doty grabbing position number 3.

With 7 riders registered in the 9-10 challenger class, under the NBL rules they were split into two moto groups even though all would transfer to the main event. Tommy Gladstone would match his fathers efforts and pull the main event win and even won all of his motos. Also winning his motos ws John Cox but he would finish second in the main with Garrett Fosbrook earning the third spot.

It was really a mixed bag in the 6 challenger / 7 expert / 8 challenger group. They crossed the finish line in this order in all three rounds plus the main: James Cox (8 Ch)– Derek Fantano (7 Ex) and Ian Fosbrook (8 Ch).

Jay Francis and Len Ferris raced in the 50-54 / 55+ cruiser class. Jay had it all his way. Leapin Len was looking like a flat bed truck carrying a wide load as he had a red flag hanging out of his back pocket all the way around. It was quite a site for anyone behind him….I know…he was last….but the next moto was bearing down on him quickly.

Speaking of the next moto it was the 40-44 / 45-49 cruiser class. Greg Fantano easily won the first moto but would back off every time after that due to the excessive humidity. Kevin Marchildon was the benefactor and he would go on to win the main. Neil Lefleur was second while Denise Classey huffed and puffed her way to a third.

16 cruiser and 8 & under cruisers were combined and it was actually pretty neat as these two guys are step-brothers. Derek Fantano and Jason Chamis provided some fun as we all cheered on the underdog (Derek) to his victory. Way to go Jason!

In 16 rookie action it looked like Rocky the flying squirrel against a drunken sailor at times but other times these guys looked awesome. The main event finish was Joshua Thans and Cody Marchildon.

14-15 rookie action saw Steven Doyle very focused and also very successful. He aced a perfect for the day. Chris Haas and Mark Derouin would settle for second and third this day.

13 yr old rookie Austin Andrews would beat 12 yr old rookie Nick Frenette in their mixed class.

In 11 rookie action Ajay Francis and Cody Gagnon had a great battle in round one which was won by Ajay. In the second round Ajay wrecked in turn two and was not the same after that. For the main Cody would the the gift from the BMX gods as Ajay would only touch the gate and call it a day.

In 9-10 rookie action Dom Nivolo would edge out Mike Steinbacher for the win. Third went to Noah Klemonski.

Kyle Lyman got the job done in 7 rookie action. He was challenged hard from Rylan Carlson and Ethan Hine who would settle for second and third.

Aiden Biello topped Anthony Starr-Bennett in 6 rookie racing action. James Macknight was third.

Finally a full gate full of ankle biters in the 5 yr old rookie class. Trevor Cooper would run up front all day long and he would stay out of trouble and win everything. Jacob Macknight was second while Marissa Lyman finished third in the main after Ethan Hubbard and Danny Calarco wrecked.

Don’t forget, State Qualifier next week. If pre-reg is not received before the day of the race, it will coast $5 more per Nutmeg BMX rules. See ya then.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes