Race Report July 31st, 2011
Week #14

State Qualifier

So in a year that is about as unpredictable as it could possibly be, we had no idea what to expect with our first “State Qualifier” ever at Foothills. A perfect summer afternoon weather and a decent rider count sure equaled a fun day.

With the gate drop right on time at 1:00 pm, 50 motos (167 riders) and two more racks of guys in the Money Open equaling 178 total entries, this was going to be a good day.

The day started with the mixed class of 19-25 / 26-34 Experts. In reality all four riders were also entered in the Money Open so this was more or less track practice. Ben Atchison won it for Stampede with Don Hottes second and Billy Ripley coasting into third.

Two 15 experts (McAuley and Pfeffer) were combined with two 15 Challengers (Goclowski and Zimmerman). Shawn McAuley aced the perfect but Tom Gocloaski did finish in front of Chris Pfeffer (Georges Music Center).

The 14 expert group was exciting. Chris Panullo won the first moto with Jake Pirulli holding him off in the next two. In the main event however, Pannullo edged out Pirulli with Troy Atchison finishing ahead of Ian Dickinson who went down hard. Word is that he suffered a broken bone in his hand. Good luck Ian!

In 13 Expert action Casey Tanner and Chance Terpening traded moto wins. In the highly anticipated main event showdown, Tanner would prevail as Terpening never showed. Second went to Chris Therriault with Doug Cable third.

Brianna Clinton and Autumn Classey made up the competition in the 15 yr old Girls class which was one by Brianna.

The 14 Girls group featured a perfect for Michaela Groves. Nicole Asselin finished behind her with Jenn Cote’ third.

In 11 Expert action Justin Boissonneault only won one race all day. That race was the main event. Nick Cote’ who was perfect through the motos, had to settle for the bridesmaid finish this day. Austin Clinton was third.

Mackenzie Atchison beat Lauren Asselin in the 12 yr old girls group.
Kyly Milton topped Katrina Campbell in 11 girls racing.

Ali Thimmish, in a rare appearance was definitely the fastest girl in 16 – 17/18 girls class and she won every moto. Being her birthday she left before the main handing the win over to Michaela Lourenco. Second place went to Angela Therriault.

Alexus Doty and Kate Mehl made up the 13 challenger girls class and it was our reining track champion Doty who would prevail.

Ashley Asselin got the job done in the 8-10 girls grouping as she stayed ahead of Lainie Stroh and Ashley Jasensky in every race.

Genevieve Asselin, after finishing behind Azra Milton in the third round, came back and won the 5-7 challenger girls main event. Azra hung onto the second spot with Chloe Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) third.

Good racing in the 35-40 / 41 & over expert and challenger class. Garrick Yanosky grabbed the first round moto win but backed off every race after that. Mike Sigrist won the next two plus the main. Scott Merenda earned the second spot while third went to Fred Roy.

Alex Hubbard put the Team Edge yellow colors in the winner’s circle in the 16 & over challenger class. He kept Dave Lamb and Josh Spirito behind him. Josh was a no show for the main and for good reason. Look for the Money Open for details.

Wes Reel continued his dominating year with another win in the 14 challenger class. Trevor Fox scored a solid second with Aaron Kawalski earned the third spot.

In 12 expert / 13 challenger action Erik Dugan, Josh Walsh and Anthony Ingala really were evenly matched. All would finish second or better in at least one moto. The main went to Dugan. Walsh and Ingala would cross behind him in that order in the main.

The 12 Challenger class was like a posse’ out of the old west. The leader and winner in every round was “The Marshall” Matt Dillon. Scott Thomson and Peter Franolich made up the top two in the Posse’ behind him.

Two groups of four riders each in the 10 expert / 11 challenger class. With Sky Domain winning all the motos in his group and Steven Hull doing the same in his group, it was showdown at the OK corral in the main. Domain would win it forcing Hull to be happy with second. Third went to Brandon Galeski (Home Town Pizza).

It was also two groups in the 9 expert / 10 challenger class. While Alex Kuehn and Colin Riggs battled it out and traded moto wins in their group, Zach Ferris was winning everyting in his group. At showdown time Ferris prevailed in the main with Riggs second and Ethan Russell-Ward third.

Fin Milton had it all his way in the 8 expert / 9 challenger class as he won every race including the main event. Evan Merenda earned a solid second for his efforts and Chris Guido (Big Johnsons Guitars) was third.

Yet another class that required two groups of motos and that was the 7 expert / 8 challenger class. Carter Stroh, Landon Richard and Matt Webb all won motos. The main saw Spider-mite, Matt Webb capture the win. Carter settled for second with Landon Richard third.

In the 6-7 challenger class Robbie Webb (Spider-mite too) won the first two rounds and it looked like he would duplicate the efforts of his brother. But Sam DeGrange would win the next round and also the main. Robbie did finish second just in front of Kyle Kuehn.

In 50-54 mature woman’s cruiser racing, Bridget Holland-Stone won everything as Therese Campbell could only touch the gate.

Joey Watley and Len Ferris would finish 1-2 in the 55 & Over cruiser class.

Neil Schaefer finished ahead of Jay Francis in the 50-54 class.

In 40-44 cruiser action there were some real hot-rods there. Unfortunately not all seemed bent on winning. Dave McKnight won round one, finished third in round two and never showed up after that. Garrick Yanosky won the second and third rounds but didn’t show for the main. Tom Kueh and Dave Cook would finish 1-2 in the two rider main.

Matt Theriault had no trouble winning everything in 25-39 cruiser mixed class. Matt was the youngest as the other guys were all over 35 yrs old. Greg Slone was second with John Ellertson third.

In a 15-16 / 40-44 female cruiser matchup, Jayna Roy beat Denise Classey.

Jason Chamis edged out Tom Goclowski for the win in the 15-16 cruiser class.

It was Jake Pirulli and Ian Dickinson 1-2 in the 14 cruiser class.
Chris Therriault won the main event after he and Casey Tanner traded moto wins in the 13 cruiser class.

Josh Walsh topped the efforts of Peter Franolich in the 12 Cruiser class.

Nick Cote’ did the same to Jon Moura in the 11 cruiser class.

Only two riders in the 9 yr old cruiser class but there was some good racing. Alex Kuehn and Eva Merenda were winning every other moto. When the dust settled in the main, it was Kuehn visiting the winners circle.

Derek Fantano showed why he loves his cruiser bike as he aced a perfect in a 5 rider class 8 & under cruiser class. Ryan Hayes was second and Rylan Carlson was third.

Liam Stone started bad but end great in the 16 & over Rookie class as he won the main. Judd Clarke was second and third went to Garrett Gracie as he went down in flames in the main.

Hunter Klinko won every moto only to lose the main to Nick Ingala.
In 13 rookies action Austin Andrews topped the efforts of Travis Welsh.

A much improved Julien Roberge simply dominated the 11-12 rookie class. Matt Higgs and Nick Frenette finished second and third behind him.

Sam Inderdohnen rode just as hard as his name is to pronounce in the 10 rookie class. He would win every round including the main.
Mike Steinbacher and Noah Klemonski were second and third.

Dom Nivolo looked good after winning two of the three motos but the main would be won by a determined Josh Faunce. Colton Degroat would sneak into the second spot keeping Nivolo back in the third hole.

In 8 rookie action Vic Alves enjoyed another perfect Sunday afternoon as he was our winner. Nick Petrino was second with the third spot earned by Ryan Hayes.

Emma Stroh found a heavy challenge from Kyle Lyman in the 7 rookies class. She would hold him off for the main event win with Ethan Clarke finishing third behind Lyman.

With two groups of 6 yr old rookies Jacob Morello would win the first round in his group but would never finish better then third after that. Aiden Biello, Corbin Smith and Addison Miller would also enjoy moto wins. The main event win went to Smith, Biello was second and the third spot went to Morello.

In 5 yr old rookie action Danny Calarco would save the best for last as the only race he won all day was the main event. Ethan Hubbard was a close second with Marissa Lyman third.

The money open was pretty exciting with 11 riders entering the fray for some cash. The three rounds of motos were scrambled each time so that no motos were exactly the same regarding the line-up. After the scores were tallied, the survivors that made up the eight rider main event read as follows: Billy Ripley, Anthony Delvento, Javery Hattat, Don Hottes, Tucker Schaefer, Josh Wedge, Ben Atchison and Nick Stodolski. After about 35 seconds of mayhem it would be Vermont’s Javery Hattat winning the dash for cash while Road Kills Anthony DelVGento was second and Stampede’s Ben Atchison third.
The scariest moment of the day came in the third round of motos for this gang when Josh Spirito went over the second turn berm and crashed through the fence. Luckily the fence, which did break away, absorbed a lot of his forward energy and, after about 5 anxious minutes, Josh would get up and walk off under his own power. The word was he was shaken, but okay.

Schedule change for next week. Unlike previous publicized, it is not a double header. Next week is a regular weekly race which includes a single point team race. This means all team riders will be there as well as those normally attending a regular weekly race. Regular entry fees apply. ($9.00 for points and trophies or $6:00 for points only).

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes