Race Report June 19th, 2011

Week #8

Less than a year ago, the son of one of or long time Foothills family of volunteers succumbed to a terrible illness. Dan Plaskett was only 35 when he passed. Dan had a long association with Foothills from the onset 18 years ago. He was part of the original presentation to the City Council in 1993 when we were first granted permission to bring BMX Racing to the Northwest corner. He was part of the building process, an early racer and even an announcer at the track. In later years he could be seen there on most Sundays either in his wheelchair or in his electric scooter. These were the last two material things that this dreaded disease took from him.

On Sunday, we held the first Dan J. Plaskett memorial race with all donations going to The United Leukodystrophy Foundation in his memory.

Mission Statement: The United Leukodystrophy Foundation is dedicated to helping Children and adults who have Leukodystrophy and assisting the family members, professionals and support services that serve them. The ULF is committed to the identification, treatment and cure of all leukodystrophies through programs of education, advocacy, research and service.

Dan’s father was asked to name a regular racer who truly epitomizes what BMX Racing is all about. Chris Pfeffer was named as that rider and was presented with the Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Trophy.

The ceremonial balloon launch while Mindy Delisle sang the National Anthem was a moving Experience and there were many teary eyes in the crowd.

Emma Stroh and Trevor Cooper were named riders of the week for our last two races and Emma claimed Don Hottes as her favorite rider while Trevor Chose his brother Garrett.

When racing got underway there were 41 motos made up with 134 competitors racing in near perfect late spring weather.

Mike Seigrist and Fred Roy really went at it handlebar to handlebar in the 41 & over Expert class with 41 & over Challenger Mike Jasensky in tow. Seigrist would ace the perfect with Roy a close second and Jasensky finishing third.

In 15x-15Ch girls action Autumn Skye would claim the top spot as she managed to keep Jayna Roy behind her all day long.

In the three rider 11 Expert class Nick Cote’, Justin Boissonnea
ult and Jon Moura would finish 1-2-3 in every round.

Fin Milton aced another perfect score with his clean sweep of the 9-9 Ex / 10 CH class. Second went to Jagur Layman and Ethan Dauphinais was third.

Kyly Milton and Chloe Arnold resumed their weekly battle in the 11Ex / 11 Ch class with Kyly winning this day.

MiChaela Groves topped Nicole Asselin in 14 Ch Girls action.
Hannah Blankquart was able to stay in front of Lainie Stroh in the 10 Ch girls class.

Ashley Asselin and Ashley Jasensky went head to head in the 8-9 Ch girls class with Asselin scoring today’s win.

Speaking of Asselins, Genevieve beat Azra Milton and Chloe Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) in 5-7 girls action.

Whenever Anthony Delvento in in the house, its simply bad news for the rest of the class. This 19 yr old Expert has never ridden better and was unbeatable in 17-25 Expert action. With some Challengers and rookies thrown in the mix, the only other Expert ranked rider was Jim Ferris who finished second. Third went to 42 yr old William Scheinost.

In 15 Ex – 16 Ch action proverbial state Champion Shawn McAuley was perfect with AlEx Hubbard (WYLA Inc.) second and Chris Pfeffer (Georges Music Center) third.

So far all 13 motos had the same order of finish in every moto including every main event. That was about to Change.

In the 14 Ex – 15Ch grouping, Dan Delisle return to dominate all his motos. In the main event though it would be Dave Lamb pulling off the upset win with Delisle second and Darren Zimmerman third.

In 13 Ex – 14 Ch racing Wes Reel and Casey Tanner would trade moto wins. In the unpredictable main event it would be Wes the Champion but Drew SCheinost got in front of Tanner to capture the second spot.

Connor Arnold dominated the 12 Ex -13 Ch class. He was uncatchable. Jack Pagano enjoyed a solid second with Dave moody earning a third.

With two groups of 12 Challengers in the house, it would see Erik Dugan and Alexus Doty winning all their motos. So in the multi-gender main event Erik Dugan would save face and edge out Alexus for the win. Third went to “The Marshall” Matt Dillon.

Also two groups of 10 Ex – 11 Ch were on board with Dallas Tuttle and Sky Domain winning the motos. In the Main event it would be Domain capturing the win but Steve Hull and Ben Bachand would finish ahead of Tuttle for second and third. Usually threatening for a win, Home Town Pizza’s Brandon Galeski was just touching the gate after hurting his knee the week before.

In 10 Challenger action Colin Riggs put himself in the winners circle with Ethan Russell-Ward second. Garrett Fosbrook, after winning his three motos, could only manage a third in the 7 rider main event.

In 7 Ex – 8 Ch racing Matt Webb and Landon Richard traded moto wins. The showdown in the main would go to Matt (Spider-Mite) Webb, Landon was second just ahead of Derek Fantano.

The fear of Spiders continued in the next group with Robbie (Spider-Mite) Webb making his first win of the day the main event! Sam DeGrange was second while the third spot went to Aman Egan (Lakeville Construction).

In the Cruiser divisions Isabell Sanchez kept her incredible season going by beating Jayna Roy in the 12 & under / 15-16 Girls pairing.

William Scheinost went home will all first place points in the two rider shootout with Greg Fantano in 40-44 / 45-49 action.

Bridget Holland had it all her way in the three rider 40 & over Womans grouping. Denise Classey and Gina Layman were just touching the gate due to previous injuries.

Greg Slone edged out Matt Theriault in 25-29 / 35 – 39 action. James Hayes was third.

Jason Chamis, Ian Dickinson and Drew Scheinost were the top three in 13-14-15 Cruiser action.

Pete Franolich (Now with black hair) edged out Jake Layman in winning the 12 Cruiser class.

In 9-11 action it was Nick Cote’ earning a “double” today with this win coupled with his 20 inch win. Second in this Cruiser class was Jon Maura with Jagur Layman third.

In 8 & under Cruisers it was Derek Fantano earning the win with Ryan Hayes in close pursuit for second while Jorn Layman was third.

Liam Stone topped Chris Haas in 15-16 Rookie racing.

Matt Higgs and Austin Andrews split some moto wins but the important main event went to Higgs. Austin hung onto the second spot just ahead of Nate Godden.

Owen Davidson and Mike Steinbacher was the order in 10-11 Rookies.

In 9 Rookie action there were four riders vying for the top sport. With Dom Nivolo and Giovani Torres each winning a moto, the main event showdown would go to Nivolo. Torres settled for second with the third spot going to Ethan Wilke.

A full gate in the 8 Rookie class with 6 riders going all out. Victor Alves looked like a shoe-in until a tangle in the second round with Nick Delbone. Both riders went down hard but would be okay. In the Main event Alves would come back strong and win it. Nick Delbone also with a strong second and Ryan Hayes was third.

In 7 Rookie action Emma Stroh, showing why she earned Rider Of The Week honors as she again won everything. Emma, perfect going into the main event, as was Rylan Carlson, easily won the main. Rylan finished right behind her with the third spot going to Ian Hayes.

Robert Newell III won all of his motos only to see Anthony Starr-Bennett win the 6 yr old Rookie Main Event.

In 4 & Under / 5 Rookie moto-mite action it was Trevor Cooper the star again this week with another winning day. Danny Calarco was second and Ian Asselin third.

Seven Fathers jumped on bikes for the annual Father’s Day race. For the first time ever, not one of the competitors put their bodies on the clay. Al Gombos was an easy winner. Chris McCarvill was second, Paul Blankquart third, Scott Andrews fourth, Chris Calarco 5th, Mike Asselin 6th and Wes Russell was 7th.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes