Race Report June 26th, 2011

Week #9

Well the morning started off with rain showers in the area but at the track, the sky got very dark but no rain fell on the facility. With the dawning of a new era in BMX racing with the unification of the NBL and the ABA now official, we really had no idea how many riders we would enjoy this week. There was an ABA National 3 hours away on Cape Cod and would that affect our rider count?

Hard to predict the impact of USABMX yet but it sure was a nice crowd with 149 riders split into 46 motos. Non-Connecticut riders included 14 from Ma.; 5 from NY and 1 from NJ.

In the 26-34 Expert class there were only two riders but they were pretty evenly matChed. Brian Santos beat Ben AtChison the first round but Ben put the Stampede colors across the finish line first the nExt two plus the main event.

It was a nice turnout in 19-25 Experts whiCh featured the return of Ron CouCh after not racing for a few years. Ron was showcasing his young adorable daughter. Cartel’s Jose Catano showed his superior skills by acing a perfect for the day. Second place was Billy Ripley while Couch managed a third.

In 15-16 Expert racing, 15 yr old Challenger AlEx Hubbard joined the mix. Jay Johnson would be the top dog this day with Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) second and Hubbard (WYLA Inc.) third.

Casey Tanner got the job done in the 13 Expert class as he was able to hold of the good efforts from Jon Zeiner and Troy Atchison.

IN a very mixed Girls class, Nicole Asselin was able to top Jayna Roy as Gina Layman, nursing an injury, was just touching the gate.

Nick Cote’ was the fastest 11 yr old Expert today with Jon Maura a close second and Mackenzie Atchison third.

Jen Cote’ (13 Ex) and Lauren Asselin (12 Ch) made up this combined class and these kids were really going at it. Cote’ won the first moto with Asselin winning the second. Not to be outdone, Cote’ came back to win the third but in keeping the race tradeoff intact, Asselin would win the main event.

In 8 Ex / 8 Ch action Arefin Milton was about as inconsistent as we’ve seen him. In the motos he would have three different finishes ranging from first to fourth. It all came together for him as he won the main. Hunter Zeiner earned a second while Matt (Spider-Mite) Webb was third.

Landon Richard was unbeatable in 7 Ex / 7 Ch action with Derek Fantano salvaging a second just edging out Kyle Kuehn who finished third.

In 10 - 11 Ex / 11 Ch Girls action it was 11 Ex Kyly Milton again sitting on top of the leader board at the end of the day however, 11 Ch Chloe Arnold was making her run flawless motos as she was right on her. Lanie Stroh settled into the third spot.

It was Ashley Asselin getting the best of Gianna Spina in 9 Ch Girls. It was a really rough day for Gianna as she fell multiple times as called it a day just before the main event. We hope she is okay and will be back soon.

Avery Badendyck got the best of Ashley Jasensky in the two rider 8 Ch Girls class.

By the time we got to the 5 -7 Ch Girls main event, three Asselins had already won their main events. This time Genevieve would join her three sisters in the family winners circle. Azra Milton was second with Chloe Lee (Mirror Polishing & Plating) third.

A wild class was the 35-40 Ex / 41 & Over Ex-Ch group. With Fred Roy (41+ Ex) winning all of his motos, it appeared he was a shoe-in for the main event win. Well Jeff Badendyck (41+ Ch) was thinking differently and he aced the big win with Scott Merenda sneaking into the second spot. Roy was third.

Jim Ferris easily won the 17-18 Ex / 19-25 Ch group when, after winning all of his motos, both Matt Racine and Anthony Rovero did not show for the Main. BOOOOOOOOOO!

Good action was enjoyed in the 14 Ex / 15 Ch class with Ian Dickinson and Josh Santiago splitting moto wins in the first two rounds. The third round went to Ian as did the Main event. Josh was second with Darren Zimmerman third.

With four riders showing up for the 14 Ch class the order of finish would not change all day long. Drew Scheinost, Wes Reel and Michaela Groves would be the order for the top three.

Next up were the riders in the 12 Ex / 13 Ch group. The top three in this five rider class would be Connor Arnold with a perfect four wins, Dave Moody second and Trevor Fox third.

With four guys racing hard in the 12 Ch class this was gonna be a hot one. Well, of course the fifth person in the group was Isabella Sanchez. She would capture two of the three motos and top off the day with the Main event win. Erik Dugan finished a close second with the third spot going to Tajeh Cozzaglio.

With eight riders making up the field in the 10 Ex / 11 Ch class, all would eventually transfer onto the Main event. The two motos (NBL Rule that only 6 riders max in the gate for motos) were for some serious Expert points. Sky Domain and Steven Hull would both win the motos in their separate moto so it would be show-down time in the Main. Domain would not be denied and he kept Hull behind him. William Guido (Big Johnson Guitars) watched it all unfold from the third spot.

Colin Riggs made easy work of the 9 Ex / 10 Ch class with Garrett Fosbrook and Alex Kuehn second and third.

Ethan Dauphinais, Chris Guido (Big Johnson Guitars) and A Preston Ross were the top three finishers in the 9 Ch class.

Four riders from three different states made up the starting grid in the 5-6 Ch class today and Robbie Webb would weave his magic into a winning day. Spider_Mite won the last two rounds of motos plus the Main. Sam DeGrange was second with Aman Egan (Lakeville Construction) third.

In the Cruiser Classes John McDowell would top the efforts of Greg Fantano in 45 & over Cruiser.

Denise Classey got the free ride in 40 – 44 action as Gina Layman was just touching the gate.

Bridget Holland-Stone proved to be a little faster than Therese Campbell in the 45-49 class as she won every round.

Tom Kuehn was the dominate rider in the 40-44 class with Jeff Badendyck second and William Scheinost third.

Greg Slone was unbeatable in the 25-29 / 35-39 class with Matt Theriault showing a nice effort for second place while Heather Havens was finishing third.

In 14-16 Cruiser action Jason Chamis, after wrecking in turn five in the first round, would come back and win everything after that for the overall title.

Bella Sanchez humbled Pete Franolich in the 12 Cruiser class.
Nick Cote’ did the same to Jon Maura in 11 Cruiser.

Jagur Layman must have been watching the races in front of him as he copied their efforts and beat Brandon Jasensky (Home Town Pizza) for the 10 Cruiser win.

Alex Kuehn got the best of Casey Maynard and Evan Merenda in 9 Cruiser action.

In 8 & Under action, Derek Fantano and Kyle Kuehn were moto winners. The main would go to Derek forcing Kyle to settle for the second spot. Ryan Hayes was third.

29 Rookies were in the house and they are always fun to watch. Garrett Gracie got it done in 17 & Over action as he kept Travis Jiminez and Will Scheinost in his mirrors.

Liam Stone was top dog in the 15-16 group with Cody Marchildon second and Chris Haas third.

In 13-14 Rookie action Steve Doyle edged out Austin Andrews for the win.

Julien Roberge and Matt Higgs went head to head in the 12 Rookie pairing and this days honors went to Roberge.

In 10-11 Rookie racing Frankie Buckly, Owen Davidson and Mike Steinbacher finished in that order all day long.

The 9 Rookie class was not the same finishing order in every moto. The Main event order was Casey Maynard, Ben Beaudoin and Dom Nivolo.|

In the 8 Yr old bracket Victor Alves was victorious. A solid second was earned by Nick Delbone and Ryan Hayes finished third.

Emma Stroh took care of the 7 yr old Rookie class as she was simply unbeatable. Kyle Lyman and Deven Lombardo settled into the second and third spots.

Aidan Biello and Robert Newell III shared moto wins in the first two rounds of 6 yr old Rookie action. Aidan would capture the Main win with Newell second and Stephen Clark was third. Finally, in the 4 & under / 5 Rookie group, Ethan Hubbard enjoyed his first win ever as he was top gun. Ian Asselin was second and the third spot was occupied by Marissa Lyman.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes