Race Report May 22nd, 2011
Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race

Well it was a complete washout last week. Matter of fact the entire week was a washout. When Sunday morning dawned it was cool damp and foggy but maybe we had a chance to get the race in. One look at the track conditions and it was obvious that to pull off a race this day, we needed to gather up as many volunteers as possible and hit the rakes and shovels hard. That is exactly what happened and our Bob Warnicke Scholarship race was on.

Denise Classey was named the rider-Of_The-Week for her efforts at our last race. She name her daughter Autumn as her favorite rider.
With 44 motos and 160 riders it was a very nice turn out on a questionable weather day.

The first group was the 26-34 Ch & Ex / 35-40 Ex mix. Pete Lorenzo, our 1996 Foothills track champion easily won all the motos but let the other guys battle for the top spot in the Main Event. Garrick Yanosky won the Main with Steve Scibelli second and Scotty merenda third.

17-18 ex / 19-25 Ex was next and Dylan Perez won the first round but wrecked in the second and didn’t make the gate in the third round or the main. That left it up to the two survivors Colby Lake and Jim Ferris. Lake would win the Main.

Rare appearances by Chance Terpening and Jake Pirulli were the featured riders in the 13 Expert class which had seven riders in the mix. Split into two groups chance and Jake were both “perfect” in their motos. The showdown in the Main event saw Jake capture the checkered flag with Chance second and Casey Tanner third.

In the 11 expert class there were 8 riders registered with one of them being from North Carolina. Jacob Oliver showed the kids up north how the race in the south by winning every moto. Nick Cote’ did the same in his moto. The Main event saw Cote’ prevail with Justin Boissonneault second and the third spot going to Jon Moura. Oliver finished in 5th but sure looked good in his only showing at Foothills this year.

Zach Ferris and Alex Kuehn traded wins in the motos but the 9 Expert Main Event saw Ferris earning the top spot on the podium.
Michaela Groves handled both Carly Curtin and Victoria Sunbury in the 14 CH / 16 Ch-16 Ex class with a perfect.

Isabelle Sanchez continued her dominance with a perfect of her own in the 12 – 13 Ch / Ex Girls class. Jen Cote’ and Michele Gamelin settled for second and third in that order.

11 Ex-Ch girls again was won by Kyly Milton with Chloe Arnold and Chloe Bourgoin finishing second and third again this week.

Lanie Stroh topped Ashley Jasensky in the 10 Ch – 11 Ex class.

Azra Milton out rode Chloe Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) in the 5-7 Ch Girls class but Chloe is getting closer each week.

16 Ex / 17-18 CH class saw Roberto Elizondo pretty much rule the roost in the motos but saving the best for last was Stephen Kallas who eked out the Main Event win. Roberto could only manage a second but stayed ahead of third place finisher Jon Daversa.
Another perfect for Shawn McAuley in the 15 Ex / 16 CH class. Alex Hubbard was second while Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) was third.

A full gate of riders in the 14Ex – 15 CH grouping saw Chris Pannullo win three of four including the Main Event. Tom Goclowski was second and Dave Lamb managed a third. Chris was the only 14Ex in the house.

The “Real Deal” Wes Reel aced his perfect in the 14 Challenger class by staying ahead of Drew Scheinost and Jamie Lamb.

It was kind of a crazy inconsistent day for Connor Arnold in the 12 Ex / 13 Ch gang. Connor was third in two of three motos but he managed to win the second round. Dave Moody won two of three motos but at the end of the day, it would be Arnold winning the Main Event. Moody was second with Trevor Fox third.

The 12 Challenger class saw Erik Dugan win every moto but wreck in the Main Event. That left the unchallenged win to Tajeh Cozzaglio with Scotty Thomson second and Jake Layman third.

10 Ex / 11 Ch action had Sky Domain in his Domain as he won everything. Second place in the main went to Steven Hull while Brandon Galeski (Home Town Pizza) was third.

The 10 yr old Challenger class saw moto wins from Colin Riggs, Ethan Russell Ward, Craig Lumbra and Nick Piper. The Main Event would go to Lumbra with second going to Garrett Fosbrook and Riggs salvaged a third.

Arefin Milton dominated the 8 Ex / 9 Ch class with a solid win over second place finisher Hunter Zeiner and third place finisher Jason Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating).

Next up was the 7 Ex / 8 CH class and it was Mat Webb weaving his way to a perfect Sunday afternoon with a big win. Landon Richard was second with Brad “Beemers” Wohlers finishing third.

Kyle Kuehn held off a determined Robbie Webb in the 6-7 Challenger class. Dan Desmarais (Bikers Edge) was third.

Jay Francis beat up on 60 yr old Len Ferris in the 50-54 / 60 & over cruiser class.

The 40-44 cruiser class featured five riders in that age bracket plus 35-39 yr old Greg Slone. Dave McKnight, whom I haven’t seen in about 15 years, was in the house and had a solid second in the Main event behind winner Tom Kuehn. Greg Slone could manage only a third this day.

13-14 Cruiser action saw Jake Pirulli score the “perfect” with Caey Tanner and Chris Therriault second and third.

11 yr old Cruisers saw Nick Cote’ stay in front of Ryan Ellefson and Jon Moura all day long for yet another “perfect”.

Sky Domain did the same to Brandon Jasensky in 10 yr old Cruiser action.

Alex Kuehn, Kyle Kuehn and Evan Merenda would be the order of finish in the combined group of 8 & under Cruisers and 9 yr old Cruiser.

William Scheinost and Joe Schlesinger were the only 30 & over Rookies in the house. Scheinost had it all his way when Schlesinger didn’t show for the races after the first round where he finished second.

A good battle in the 16 Rookie class with Liam Stone and Mike Rouseau trading leads and wins all day long. At the end of the day it would be Stone the champion with Mike second and Cody Marchildon third.

14-15 Rookie racing was dominated by Steven Doyle. He simply got the job done in every race. Andrew Liontonia and Chris Haas would settle into the second and third spots.

Five riders entered the 13 Rookie class and it saw Austin Andrews and Tanner Harshberger sharing moto wins. The Main Event went to Austin with Tanner and Nate Godden rounding out the top three.

Julien Roberge just loves that new yellow Team Edge shirt as he seems like a much improved rider every time he has it on. That sure was the case today as he put a “perfect” in the recod books. Matt Higgs enjoyed a second with third going to Zach McNally.

Sam Inderdohnen and Frankie were the only two 10-11 Rookies here and it was Inderhohden winning everything faster than the announcer could pronounce his last name.

In 9 yr old Rookie action Colton Degroat, Alex McCarvill and Ben Beaudoin crossed the finish line in the Main event in just that order.

7-8 yr old Rookies saw former rider of the week Dominic Nivolo win the motos he was in as Victor Alves did the exact same in his motos. Alves was just a little faster in the Main Event and went home with the win. Nivolo was second while the third spot went to Jorn Layman.
Anthony Starr-Bennett won the 6 yr old Rookie class. Aiden Biello ran really well all day and enjoyed a solid second in the Main with the third sport earned by Ian Hayes.

In a really mixed girls Cruiser class Isabella Sanchez held off Denise Classey and Bridget Stone for the win.

Kraig Geisler won the 5 yr old Rookie class with Robert Newell III second and Danny Calarco third. A four yr old was in the mix and Shawn Biello managed a fourth place finish.

With 160 riders registered, Foothills BMX is proud to donate $800 to the Bob Warnicke Scholarship Fund. A fund that is used each year to support the NBL’s awarding of $20,000 to 10 College bound BMX’ers around the country. These scholarships are given annually in memory of Bob Warnicke, who passed away in his sleep in 1994. I first met Bob in 1992 when he was VP of the National Bicycle League. Bob was from New Jersey and was instrumental in getting the NBL’s Road-To-Glory Series that ESPN carried for five years in the early 90’s. When 48 yr old Bob Warnicke passed away, the BMX world lost one of its brightest and most dedicated volunteers. Bob was elected to the NBL’s Hall of Fame just a few years ago. As the sport of BMX enters into a new environment of continued evolution, I can only hope that the scholarship, given in memory of this wonderful person, remains in place as we move forward.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes