Race Report May 19th, 2011

Week #4

It’s Memorial Day weekend with a huge National Event in nearby Pottstown PA., and this equals one of the smallest races at Foothills in a number of years. Only 88 riders in 27 motos made the day go by fast but did not detract from the fun and excitement.

Just before race time it was Kraig Keissler who was named rider of the week for his efforts at the Bob Warnicke race. He named Anthony Bartello as his favorite rider.

With racing over within two hours the actions was fast and furious. Greg Slone, Scott Merenda and Fred Roy made up the cast in 35 & over Experts. Slone aced the first of many “Perfects” for the day as he won all his motos and the Main Event. Merenda and Roy ran second and third all day.

A mixed bag in the second moto with Don Hottes (26-34 Ex), Jim Ferris (17-18 Ex) and Steve Scibelli (26-34 CH) all combined together in one grouping. Ferris won the first moto but Hottes would get the job done the rest of the way. Scibelli would settle into the third spot.

14 yr old Challenger Girl Michaela Groves was perfect in her grouping with 15 Expert Jayna Roy and 13 Challenger Michele Gamelin. Michelle would take a digger in the last turn during the third round of motos but appeared to be okay.

Kyly Milton continued her dominance in her class identified this day as 10 & 11 Challenger / 11 Expert Girls. Kyly, as the only Expert won it with Lainie Stroh edging out Chloe Arnold for the second spot in the Main Event.

In 5-7 Challenger action Azra Milton topped the efforts of Chloe Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) for the perfect through the Main Event.
It was three riders in the 16 Challenger class with Alex Hubbard easily showing the way. Second went to Tyler Marshall, who showed us how fast they can be in New Hampshire, with Mike castle finishing third.

In 14-15 Challenger action Wes Reel was on fire. No one would come close to beating him but Darren Zimmerman sure tried hard and was rewarded with a solid second. The third spot went to another New Hampshire rider, Dan Kimball.

Connor Arnold took no prisoners in the 13 Challenger class as he easily aced a perfect. Zeller Tire’s Mike Wasilonsky was second with Austin King third.

Jon Moura, Nick Bates and Alex Gouthier would be the finishing order in the 11 Ex-12 Ch class.

Sky Domain had it all his way in the 10 Ex / 11 Ch class. After winning everything the second spot in the Main went to Steve Hull with Brandon Galeski (Home Town Pizza) third.

A full gate of six riders made up the 10 Ch / 10 Rookie class. Colin Riggs would win the Main with Garrett Fosbrook right on his rear wheel for second. Third went to the great efforts of Steady Eddie Lentz.

In 8 Ex / 9 Ch action another nice lineup with 5 riders strong was the mix. Finny Milton, as the only Expert ranked rider earned the win. It was a great battle for the second and third spots between Chris Guido (Big Johnson Guitars) and Dustin Souza. Guido would capture the second spot.

It was arachnophobia in the next two motos with the Webb clan doing battle. Spider Mite Matt Webb was solid and scored a “perfect” in the 8 Challenger class, holding off Carter Stroh and Ian Fosbrook.
Robbie Webb, also known as Spider-Mite, would have his problems in the 6 Challenger group as he was leading the first round into turn three when he popped his chain and had to walk across the finish line pushing his bike. He came back in the next two rounds with a second and a first. The Main Event however would see Garret Cooper in the winners circle with Webb second and Aman Egan (Lakeville Construction) third.

With only three of the older er….mature Cruisers in the house, they were paired together to make up a class best described as 45 & over. With a three rider combined age of 156, this was truly the Geritol gang. Fred Roy won it with Jay Francis second and Leapin Len Ferris third (or possible first in the next moto although it was close).

Jon Moura and Jayna Roy were actually a good matchup in the 11 / 15 Cruiser class with Jon winning everything but he definitely was pushed all the way around by Jayna.

Sky Domain got the best of Evan Merenda in the 9-10 Cruiser class.
The 17 & over Rookie gang was pretty exciting as Joe McKay would finish first, second and third in the rounds of motos only to come back and win the Main Event.

Garrett Gracie, after winning two rounds of motos had to settle for second in the Main with Travis Jiminez third.

After trading 16 yr old rookie wins in the motos, Cody Marchildon would edge out Josh Thans for the Main Event win.

Chris Hans topped Evan Benis in the 14-15 Rookie class and Travis Welsh did the same to Shana Frazier in the 13 Rookie class. Shana would wreck in turn four the last round but was okay.

In 12 Rookie actions Julien Roberge was perfect with Matt Higgs and Zach McNally in tow through the Main event.

The 9 Rookie win went to Ethan Wilke with a great effort from both Alex McCarvill and Ben Beaudoin. Ben was running really good in the first round when he lost it in the rhythm section and suffered a hard fall. He toughed out the rest of the day but was obviously hurting just a bit.

Ryan Hayes and Nick Delbone had a great day of competition with each winning every other time out on the track. Ryan would win the important one and was the Main Event champion this day.

Emma Stroh showed the boys how its done in 7 Rookie racing. Ian Hayes and Deven Lombardo had to settle for second and third.

Six riders strong in the 6 yr old Rookie class which saw Aidan Biello finish just ahead of Robert Newell III and Steven Clark.

In the final grouping of the day 4 and 5 Rookie action it was the Speedster Trevor Cooper winning the gold. Kraig Geisler was second with the third position going to Ty Palmer.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes