Race Report September 11, 2011
Week #15

Well it sure has been awhile since we have raced. In a season that is limping its way to the finish line, at least we had a decent day weather-wise to help us finish up on the next to the last week. With two races scheduled and a two moto transfer system in place for both the rider count was decent for this year’s standards but very low compared to previous years.

In race one, which was a single point team race, there were actually 39 different classes run after the 129 riders were split up by age and proficiency. In 27 of those 39 classes the winners each scored perfect scores meaning they won every moto plus the main event in their class. From a spectator’s point of view it kinda makes for a rather boring race. I suppose from the riders point of view for those 27 riders with the perfect scores, it was awesome.

The perfects were from Garrick Yanosky in 35 & Over expert; Ben Atchison in 17 -34 Expert mixed with 30 & over Rookies; Shawn McAuley in 15 x / 15 ch; Chris Pannullo in 14x; Casey Tanner in 13x; Michaela Groves in 13 ch / 14x Girls; Nick Cote’ in 11x; Sky Domain in 10x; Mac Atchison in 12 ch / 12x Girls; Autumn Classey in 15-16 ch Girls; Kyly Milton in 11 ch / 11x Girls; Wes Reel in 14 ch; Steven Hull in 11 ch; Robbie Webb in 6-7 ch; Denise Classey in 40 & over woman cruiser; Jayna Roy in 15-16 girl Cruiser; Joey Watley in 50 & over Cruiser; Nick Cote’ in 10-11 cruiser; Ian Dickinson in 14 Cruiser; Alex Kuehn in 9 Cruiser; Derek Fantano in 8 & Under cruiser; Hunter Klinko in 15 Rookie; Steven Doyle in 14 Rookie; Julien Roberge in 13 Rookie; Dom Nivolo in 9 Rookie; Victor Alves in 8 Rookie and Trevor Cooper in 5 Rookie.

The other classes that did not include riders who totally dominated were the 9 Ch / 9x class where Hunter Zeiner finished second in the first moto but came back to win the second round plus the main after a classic battle with Alex Kuehn.

Arefin Milton dominated the two motos in 8 ch / 8x but lost the main to Spider-mite Matt Webb.

In the 5-7 / 9 challenger Girls class Azra Milton and Ashley Jasensky traded moto wins with Ashley winning the main event.

Alex Hubbard won his first moto in 17-18 ch / 16x but was 3rd in the second round behind Roberto Elizondo and Liam Stone. Alex would get his revenge by winning the main.

It was pretty much the same for Connor Arnold in the 12x / 13 ch class as he scored a 1st and a 3rd but would come back to win his main just ahead of Pete Franolich and Erik Dugan.

Matt Dillon with a 2nd and a 1st aced the main even win in 12 ch boys. Scotty Thomson was 2nd with Kevin Snyder 3rd.

Ethan Russell Ward was 2nd in the first round of 10 ch /10 Rookies but came back strong to hold off Sam Inderdohnen and Ashley Asselin for the main win.

Tommy Kuehn won his two 40 – 49 Cruiser motos only to see Garrett finish in front of him in the main event.

17 yr old Jason Chamis was kind to 36 yr old James Hayes in the 17 -24 / 35-39 Cruiser class by allow James to capture the main event win.

In 12 Rookie action Jeremy Estralla won the main after Matt Higgs won both motos.

Ian Hayes grabbed 2nd place finishes in both of his motos but scored the big win in the main event ahead of Emma Stroh and Ethan Hine.

Aiden Biello won the 6 Rookie main after a third place finish in the 2nd round. Robby Newell was 2nd with Addison Miller 3rd.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes