Race Report September 18, 2011
Week #18

So here it is the final two races of the season. There are mixed emotions this year as there are some who are sad to see it end and others that want to put it behind us and start over next year. With the demise of the NBL and the related issues that caused this season to be the most disappointing and unorganized in the history of Connecticut BMX, it is hard to argue against letting the curtain fall and reopen in May to a new era of Connecticut BMX racing.

Anyway, two races were schedule today in a final attempt to recover some of the races lost to the weather this season. Both races were the two moto transfer system meaning you race the first round and the third round and whatever you get in the best of those two is the finish used in the imaginary second round.

In race # 1 only 96 riders were present and were split into 30 motos which had wide age groups and multiple proficiencies.

Starting in the first moto which was identified as 17-18 Ch / 17-18 Expert / 26-34 Expert. Ben Atchison dominated the class as he and Don Hottes were the two guys racing in the 26-34 bracket. They would finish 1-2 in the main event. Third went to 17-18 expert racer Jim Ferris.

The next group was even more diverse as it was 16 ch / 16 ch girls and 16 expert. Nathan Basile easily won it with Mike Castle and Autumn Classey in tow. Speaking of “in tow”, who was the guy that Autumn was towing around by the hand all day?

With only 1 15 expert in the house, Chris Pfeffer (Georges Music Center” was paired up with 15 challengers Drew Scheinost and Darren Zimmerman. Pfeffer had no problem in acing a perfect . It was a good battle for the second spot with Drew grabbing that spot in the moto finishes but Darren was second in the Main.

Wes Reel and Dan Delisle traded moto wins but the 14 ch / 14 expert main went to Wes. Dan was second with Trevor Fox finishing third.
In 13 expert action Casey Tanner was unbeatable. Jon Zeiner was second and Dave Moody (Who made his main event at his first ever grands in Louisville two weeks ago) was third.

Former track champion Katherine Moody, who we haven’t seen in awhile won all her motos but 15 year old expert Jayna Roy would win the main.

Jenn Cote’ (14 expert), had it all her way after Michaela Groves broke her seat off in the first round and packed it in for the day.

Another Cote’ this time Nick, also enjoyed a perfect as he raced into the 11 expert winners circle by beating Justin Boissonneault and Jon Moura.

Mac Atchison topped the efforts of Helen Elizondo in 12 ch / 12 expert girls racing.

Matt Webb, known around these parts as “Spider-Mite” was really applying his new found 2011 racing skills as he topped Arefin Milton in the first round. Finny came back to win the next round and the main event showdown would go to Milton. Derek Fantano snuck into the third spot in the main after Robbie Webb enjoyed that same spot in the motos. Robbie is only 6 and should be proud of his efforts staying in the mix with 8 yr old challengers and experts.

In yet another mixed bag of ages and proficiencies, Kyly Milton, Chloe Arnold and Lainie Stroh would make up the finishing order in a class described as 11 Ch / 11 Expert / 8 Ch girls.

Azra Milton and Chloe Lee (Mirror Polishing and Plating) finished 1-2 in 5-7 challenger girls.

35-40 / 41 & over ch and experts provided some fun spectating as these guys were going at it. Greg Slone, who finished 2nd and 4th in the motos managed a win in the main event. Jeff Badendyck was a very close second with Fred Roy third.

Jack Pagano, was his usual self as he grabbed the top podium spot in 12-13 ch / 12 expert action. Finishing behind the Aggro colors of Jack were Connor Arnold and Erik Dugan.

Sky Domain continued his dominate season with another win in the 10 ex / 11 ch class. Zach Ferris (Tactical Arms) and Hoe Petrino Jr were second and third.

In 10 ch / 9 ch / 9 ex action Hunter Zeiner was finer then the rest as he was perfect. Colin Riggs put in a strong effort for a second place finish while Carter Stroh had his Stampede colors in third.

In Cruiser racing action Bridget Holland-Stone got the best of Therese Campbell in the 50 -54 womans bracket.

Garrick Yanosky scored the perfect in the 5 rider mix of 40-44 / 45-49 riders including one very sore Denise Classey. Denise had a severe crash in an open class earlier when she collided with Jen Cote’ on the first jump on the second straight. Both went down hard and Avery Badendyck had nowhere to go except right into the carnage making this a major three rider wreck. All would walk away but Denise was seen asking anyone who was willing to message her sore spot.

John Ellertson beat James Hayes in the 35-39 Cruiser class.

Thre riders and three different ages made up the next group. 11 yr old cruiser Jon Moura beat 9 yr old Ryan Hayes and 15 yr old Drew Scheinost who just coasted around the track.

A fair number of Rookies were racing today and the 15 & over class was the biggest. Liam Stone had no problem justifying his State #1 ranking as he scored a perfect. The good battles were behind him with Cody Marchildon eventually earning a second place finish just ahead of Josh Thans.

Nick Brown raced Samantha Laramee and was able to beat her.
Julien Roberge and Travis Welsh made up the 13 Rookie class which Julien would win.

In 10-11 Rookie action Mike Steinbacher would win only one race as Cody Gagnon won both of the motos. Mikes win would be in the main event for the overall win.

Nick Petrino got the best of Ryan Hayes in 9 Rookie action.
Victor Alves dominated the 8 Rookie motos but Nick Delbone would be the main event winner.

In 7 Rookie racing there were 5 riders going for the glory. Emma Stroh won everything. Andrew Hurst was second with Ian Hayes finishing third.

A strong turnout in the 6 Rookie class also with 5 rider competing. Tyler Ellertson and Aiden Biello each won a moto but it would be Ellertson who would go home as the main event winner. Aiden was second ahead of Robert Newell III.

In 5 Rookie ‘ 4 & under Danny Calarco would nail down another win. Ethan Hubbard was second with Natalie Hayes third. The star of the day however, was 3 yr old Dominic Maynard.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes