Race Report September 18, 2011
Week #19

In the second race today, and the final race of the 2011 season, only 76 riders were signed up and, after the motos were run, 5 of them didn’t hang around long enough to run.

With only 23 motos this would cap off a very disappointing season but the future looks very bright once we get past this.

Billy Ripley would win the 17 & over expert class with an ever improving Alex Hubbard second and Jim Ferris third.

Nathan Basile, Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) and Mike Castle was the order in 15 - 16x / 16 ch racing.

Jayna Roy had the solo ride in 12 – 13 / 15 x girls as Lauren Asselin and Kate Mehl were registered but did not show.

Just as it was in the first race today, Kyly Milton, Chloe Arnold and Lanie Stroh would finish in just that order in the 10-11 x / challenger girls class.

Avery Badendyck also had the solo free win in 5-7 / 8 girls class as Genevieve Asselin was a “no-show”.

In 14x / 15 ch racing Drew Scheinost and Dan Delisle each enjoyed a moto win but it would be Scheinost who would enjoy the main win. Darren Zimmerman finished in second ahead of Delisle.

In 13 – 14 challenger action it was Wes Reel grabbing the top spot in front of Trev Fox and Connor Arnold.

Nick Cote’ finished up his perfect day by sweeping the 11x / 12 ch class. Jon Moura and Alex Gothier were second and third.

In 10-11 x / ch action Sky Domain did it again scoring another perfect. The second spot went to Steven Hull with Colin Riggs earning a third.
Robbie Webb and carter Stroh had a classic battle going on with each winning a moto. The main event would go to carter with Robbie second and Josh Faunce finishing third.

Denise Classy managed a win in the 40 & over woman’s cruiser class as she stay ahead of Bridget Stone and Therese Campbell. Personally, I think they were afraid to get close to her after the wreck she was involved with in the first race.

Garrick Yanosky easily took care of business in the 40-44 Cruiser class as he finished well ahead of William Scheinost and Jeff Badendyck.

In 35-40 action is was a different race but same results. John Ellertson first and James Hayes second.

11 yr old cruiser Ryan Hayes was the benefactor of the generosity of 15 yr old Drew Scheinost and 11 yr old Jon Moura.

Ty Ellerson won the 8 & Under Cruiser class when Ian Hayes did not race the main.

Liam Stone and Will Scheinost finished 1 – 2 in 16 & Over Rookie action.

In 15 Rookie racing there were only two but were pretty evenly matched. Andrew Liontonia and Chris Hass each won a mot but the main event showdown went to Liontonia.

Austin Andrews got the job done in 13-14 Rookies as he finished ahead of Samantha Laramee.

Cody Gagnon won both motos but Mike Steinbacher came back strong to win the 10-11 Rookie Main event.

In 8-9 Rookie racing Vic Alves would come out on top in this five rider shootout. Nick Petrino had to settle for second with the third spot going to Dillon O’Brien.

Emma Stroh was the dominator in 7 Rookie action as she took no prisoners. Andrew Hurst and Ethan Hine were the two closet competitors.

Tyler Ellerson finished second in his motos behind Aiden Biello in 6 Rookie action but was able to reverse that order in the five main event . The third spot went to Robert Newell III.

Finally, rounding out the day and the season, Danny Calarco would win the last main of the year at Foothills. Ethan Hubbard was second and 3 yr old Dom Maynard was third.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes