Race Report August 12th, 2012

Not a bad turnout by 2012 USABMX standards with 100 riders split into 27 motos.

It was however, a day of strange happenings and an unusual amount spills. These kids must have watched the carnage at the Olympics and tried to emulate their role models. It started early when 9 year old Novice rider Travis Cortis was named our “Rider-Of-The-Week” for his efforts last week. He chose to ride his bike to the announcer’s tower to pick up his award and boom! he crashed right at the bottom of the turn 5 berm. Travis walked the rest of the way but once in the tower it was obviously that he was hurting. He did manage to say that Tyler Cortis was his favorite. Unfortunately, that crash would not be the last one for Travis this day.

In the Strider division, Chris Strandberg and Kayla Barker were the two competitors and were certainly fun to watch. 5 yr old Chris was the winner but 3 yr old Kayla sure loves to ride.

There were 5 riders going for the 4 positions in the main event in the 5 & under Novice class. This week it would be Caleb Harris not making the qualifying transfer out of the motos but certainly gave it his best. Robbie Solsbury, well rested after transferring out in round 1, put his #581 machine in the winner’s circle with the Main event win. Brady Carlson was second with the third spot going to Cole Barker.

Chris Moon could not make the transfer in the 5 rider 6 yr old Novice class again this week but he is getting closer every time out. Danbury’s Matt Evanuska held off a hard charge from Johnny Tomboly, who finished second while Natalie Hayes earned a solid third.

6 riders in the 7 yr old Novice class and it was sad to see Jana Wilkinson not making the transfer. Tristin Enquist was the first one to make it as he won round 1 but only managed a third place finish in the Main event. Second round winner Jesse Silva won the Main with Zander Hicks, who suffered a first round crash, coming back to finish third in the Main.

With 5 riders in the 8 yr old Novice division, it would be Josh Wilke feeling the disappointment of not making the Main event this week. Rylan Carlson got the job done for a nice win with Tommy Mitchell second while the third spot went to Mason Blackburn.

The 9 yr old Novice class only had 3 riders so this would be a “Total Points” race. For the first time this year there was a different winner in each round. Jorn Layman won round 1 after leader Travis Cortis crashed in the first turn. (See photo sequence on the photo page) Josiah Gonzelez won round 2 and then Travis came back to win round 3. So who was the overall winner? It was Jorn with a first and two seconds. Nice job from our previous “Rider-Of-The-Week”.

The 12 yr old Novice grouping was also a 3 rider Total Points race. In this one the finishes were the same in all three rounds. It was Devin Gulyas, Mike Wilkinson and Ethan Wilke 1-2-3.

In 14 Novice action it was another “Total Points” race and Kyle Cortis would lay down the “Prefect” with 3 wins. Lewis Cianfarani was second in his first race ever and third went to Mohan Duncan.

In 8 & Under Cruiser Ian Hayes did not make the transfer to the Main which was eventually won by the “King” Landon Richard. Derek Fantano second and third went to Rylan Carlson.

Jacob Bacis had no trouble in the 11 yr old Cruiser class this day as he held off Alex Kuehn and Ryan Hayes in all three rounds of “Total Points” racing.

In 26-30 Cruiser action, Tom Kuehn was back after suffering an injury up at Whip City awhile back. He and Fred Roy battled hard with Tom winning the first two rounds but Fred enjoyed spoiling his “Perfect” in round three. 13 yr old Matt Higgs was combined with these guys and finished third.

Whoa was that really 13 yr old Mackenzie Atchison back on a bike again? Yup she was running well in the 15 yr old Girls class. Michaela Groves was unbeatable on her home track but Jenn Cote’ and Mackenzie would share second place finishes. Second overall would go to Jenn.

In 28 and slightly over Girls action, Naugatuck’s “Lightnin Liz Stosse’ would not make the cut this week. Angela Therriault put the GHP colors on the top spot with Jayna Roy second and Gina Layman, who was nowhere near as pooped as last week, third.

The 5 and 6 yr old Intermediates were combined together for a 4 rider shootout this week. 5 yr old Shawn Biello, after recently moving up to the Intermediate status was odd-boy out this day. Collin Bourque was the winner but Danny Calarco sure looked good and had a solid second place finish with Ethan Hubbard third.

In the 7 yr old Intermediate gang these 5 riders were battling hard all day. Robbie Webb and Matt Bacis were the first two to qualify with Aiden Biello and Dylan Barker, who recently moved up, making the cut from the third round. Robbie won the Main with Matt and Dylan second and third. Tough day but good try by Hunter Moulton, who did not make the cut.

As mentioned earlier Ian Hayes did not make the transfer in his Cruiser class and the tough day continued for him in the 8 yr old Intermediate class as he had to endure the same fate. Nick Strandberg was the class of this field today with a big Main event win. Vinny Delorenzo was second and Kyle Kuehn was third.

Moto 17 was the 10 yr old Intermediate class and there were 5 riders going for the glory. With a mixed bag of proficiencies and ages in the mix, it would be 10 yr old Girl competitor Bella Delorenzo not making the transfer. Dominic Nivolo continued his dominant year with a win. 9 yr old Nick Delbone was second and Mike Strandberg held onto third place.

In 14 yr old Intermediate action Matt Higgs won round 1. Anthony Ingala won the second round. Anthony also won the tie breaking third round for the overall win with Matt settling for second place while Jake Layman went home in third place.

The 17-18 yr old Intermediate class was a “Total Points” race and another mixed bag of ages and proficiencies. 16 yr old Expert Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) won every round but it was not as easy as you might think as 18 yr old Intermediate racer Tyler Cortis gave him all he could handle. Tyler was second overall and Darren Zimmerman was third.

Ok this is going to be hard to describe. In 1996 I gave a little 6 yr old rider named Brant Fox a nick-name. It was “Moto-Fox”. I haven’t seen him since nor has he raced in the last 16 years. Well wouldn’t you know he was back yesterday as a 22 yr old Novice racing in the 19-27 Intermediate class. Wow did he put on a show and it was probably the most memorable action we have seen in some time. He was trying to catch “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli going into turn three and exploded all over the turn. In the next round he was doing the same coming out of turn one, saw me with my trusty camera and bit the dust right in front of me for another awesome sequence of crash photos. But showing his remarkable resilience, he got up and charged around the track only to eat dust again coming out of turn four. I spared him the embarrassment of another photo sequence of crashes on that one. Oh yeah, Scibelli won the class with Spencer Cole Second.

His brother Ben Atchison on the other hand, easily won the 41 & over Expert class as he got the best of 19x Randy Purinton and 38 yr old Novice rider Robert Solsbury.

Landon Richard won everything in the 8 yr old Expert division who were racing for “Total Points”. Derek Fantano battled hard and earned a solid second with the third spot going to Sam DeGrange.

In 10X “Jumpin” Jeremiah Taylor did not quite ‘perfect” but winning two of three motos was enough for the overall win. Matt Webb had to settle for second with Alex Kuehn finishing third.

“Total Points” for the 11 Expert class and Jacob Bacis would grab first place points in every round. Jagur Layman was second while third went to Noah Klemonski.

13 yr old Expert “Total Points” action featured two of three moto wins for Nick Cote’ which earned him the overall win for the day. Matt Dillon salvaged a second with third going to Jonathan Moura.

The 15 yr old Expert class was interesting this week with Chris Pannullo hiding out somewhere in Pennsylvania. Jake Pirulli was in the house, obviously preparing to represent Trumbull in this year upcoming Trophy Dash race. Jake and Wes Reel were the real contenders in this one as Troy Atchison would lose his crank-arm bolt on the track before the third round and didn’t make the cut. Jake would go on to win the main with Wes second and Chris Theriault (14x) third.

Denise Classey powered her way to a clean sweep in the 41-45 Girls Cruiser class with Gina Layman and Bridget Holland-Stone finishing second and third.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes