Race Report August 19th, 2012

So the season is winding down and, after today, only three more races in our point season.

Today was a beautiful day but still a limited rider count. 76 riders were here and split into 21 motos.

Before we started Matt Evanuska was honored as last week’s Rider-Of-The-Week. He said that “Quick” Nick Cote’ was his favorite rider.

With two Striders in the house we got underway at 12:04. Kayla Barker and Cayden Melillo were the two 3 year olds and were fun to watch as Kayla led all the way around on the abbreviated course, in all three rounds.

In the 5 & under Novice class, we had five riders going for the glory that only four riders had a chance for. In the qualifying rounds Robbie Solsbury was the first to transfer out. Next round it was Koleton Kolodzieg making the cut. In the final round both Cole Melillo and Cole Baker were in leaving Sage Upson the one rider who had to watch from the sidelines after given it a good effort.
In the main event Cole Melillo was the winner after the two leaders Robbie Solsbury and Koleton Kolodzieg went down hard. Sometimes its better to be good rather than lucky. Cole was a little bit of both today. Cole Barker was second

In the 6 year old Novice division Ben Snowden showed everyone he is going to be a good racer as he almost made the transfer in his first race day ever. Ben was in the lead in the third round for the last transfer spot into the three rider main when he fell which allowed Chris Moon, who is showing much improvement, to transfer onto the main event. In the main Johnny Tomboly would capture the win with John Young second and, on his 16 inch wheeled racing machine, second generation racer Chris Moon finished third.

There were 5 riders in the 7 year old Novice class and all were charging and battling hard for the four main event sports. Aiden bernerd was first to qualify. Next it was Matt Evanuska. In the third round it was a three rider shoot out for the last two spots in the main. Tristan Wnquist and Zander Hicks just edged out Jana Wilkinson for the position. The Main went to Zander as he saved his best effort of the day for last. Aiden was second with Matt settling for third.

Tommy Mitchell, Mason Blackburn and Pierce Curtis was the finishing order in the 8 year old Novice class with Colby Upson trying hard but not making the transfer this day.

The 12 Novice class was another one of those dreaded 4 rider classes as we have to watch one rider not make the main. Today, in spite of a great effort, it was Jaisun Chucta forced to watch from the sidelines as Devin Gulyas continued his quest towards the Intermediate class with another win. Alex Poole was second in front of third place finisher Mike Wilkinson.

The first of the numerous Total Points races was the 14 Novice class. It was the same order in all three rounds with Corey Heath, needing a good save to preserve his perfect score first, Matt Kolodziej (How in the world do you pronounce that?) second and Duncan Mohan third.

In 36-40 Cruiser action, it was Greg Slone and Spencer Cole transferring out in the first two rounds. In the third round the two main event qualifiers were Dan Kolodziej and Derek Fantano transferring. Stephanie Bailey was odd person out all the way from Rhode Island. Slone would win it with Dan and Spencer second and third.

Even though it was the same order of finish in all three rounds of Total Points racing, the 41-45 cruiser Division was sure classy to watch. That’s because the last thing you saw crossing the finish line was Denise Classey. Garrick Yanosky and Jeff Badendyck were really going hard and, although Garrick won every round, Jeff made him work for it.

The three 9 year old Girls in the house force another total points race and it was close competition. Avery Badendyck won the first round. Round two went to Haley “The Comet” Denette. The deciding third round went to Avery for the overall win. Denette was second and third went to 7 year old Azra Milton.

In 14 year old Girls racing it was Alexus Doty, the only 14 yr old in the mix winning the first two round but then pulling a leg muscle. She would just touch the gate in round three allowing Kyly Milton to gain the overall win with Chloe Arnold salvaging a second.

In the six year old Intermediate class it was Aiden Badendyck and Danica Bailey qualifying in the first two rounds. Round three qualifiers were Shawn Biello and Ethan Hubbard. Danny Calarco tried hard but did not make the cut. The Main saw Aiden get the job done with a solid second from Danica. Shawn was our third place finisher.

I’m guessing, although neither of these riders enjoyed a moto win in the 7 year old Intermediate class today, that Aiden Biello and Dylan Barker are very happy racers. The reason is that today’s winner, Robbie “Spider-Mite” Webb, earned his “Expert” ranking with the win and Aiden and Shawn will get a break by not having to race Robbie for awhile. Dylan was second and Aiden was third today. Congrats to Robbie.

In 11 year old Intermediate Total Points action Devlin Andrews won the first two rounds and looked safe for a nice overall win. In the third round Devin would finish third allowing Dom Nivolo to capture the win with Noah Klemonski second.

The 13 year old Intermediate class featured the air time provided by “Double-D” Dylan Denette and his “perfect” win with Scotty Barnikow second and Connor Calarco third.

In 16 year old Intermediate action it was Drew “Where have you been” Scheinost acing his perfect score with three moto wins. Second went to Chris Haas and Darren Zimmerman was third.

For the first time this year Shawn McAuley was here and he didn’t disappoint with two of three moto wins. He would finish first overall in the 1718 Intermediate class but he was the only Expert in the mix. Alex Hubbard, with his mind on other things lately, was second and Angela Therriault was third.

Jeff Badendyck won the 41 & over Intermediate class today as he edged out Will Scheinost who settled for second. The third position was earned by “Lightnin Liz” Stosse. Dan Kolodziej, 40 yr old Novice in maybe his first race, had to sit and watch as he didn’t make the cut.

In 8 year old Expert racing Tyler Bailey showed us why he earned the right to wear a #1 number plate as he was simply unbeatable. Derek Fantano and Ethan Hine were second and third.

Maybe the most competitive class of the day was the 10 yr old Expert class. With a line-up of Matt Webb, Fin Milton and Hunter Zeiner, this was going to be good. At the end of the day it was three motos and three different winners. Zeiner won round one, Webb won round two and Milton aced round three. Using a high-tech calculator it was determined that Fin Milton was the overall winner with Matt second and Hunter third.

The last class of the day was the 15 yr old Expert class. This was the first time that Connor Arnold raced as an Expert and he looked good but did not make the 4 three rider main event. Chris Pannullo got it done with Wes Reel in hot pursuit for settling for second and 13x Matt Dillon was third.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes