Race Report August 26th, 2012

What a beautiful day and 118 riders registered for our Single point team race. In pre-race ceremonies 7 year old Zander Hicks was named our Rider-Of-The-Week for last Sunday. He named fellow Bay-Stater Sam DeGrange as his favorite rider. As a side note, of the 118 riders, 16 would be eliminated due to not qualifying for their mains. On a personal note, I sure hope there are some rule changes next year to prevent this on the local level. Just seems a waste for any class with less than 8 riders to drop a rider, especially Novices. Just my opinion.

One of the most colorful sites in BMX is a parade lap and today was no exception. With Team Edges Chris Pannullo carrying the American flag and team mate Chris Pfeffer carrying the Olympic flag, this was a moving parade lap.

When 30 motos of racing started promptly at 11:59 am there were two groups of Striders. The first featured 5 yr old Chris Strandberg and 4 yr old Liliana Asselin. Chris crossed the line first.

In the second group it was 3 yr old Kayla Barker and 3 yr old Cayden Melillio with Kayla the first across the stripe.

The 5 and under Novice group is always fun to watch and after the qualifying rounds where Caleb Harris was dropped, even though he sure tried very hard, first round qualifier Cole Melillo won the main event. Stampede’s Callie Atchison was second with Cole Barker rounding out the top three.

In 6 Novice action Natalie Hayes was really running great as she was the first to qualify for the main. In the main she had a comfortable lead heading up the backstretch towards turn four when disaster hit and she self-destructed in a heap. She would appear to be ok but her misfortune was a windfall for Johnny Tomboly would win the main. Ian Asselin was second while Natalie was credited with third. Chris Moon did not make the cut this week but with his new, GT Mini, he will catch on real quick. He looked very competitive today.

In 7 Novice racing it was a tough day for Jana Wilkinson as she fell real hard in round one over in the third turn. She complained of a sore side but did manage to get out there for the second and third rounds but obviously not herself. Zander Hicks got the job done as he found a way around Adi Miller who finished second. Third went to Tristan Enquist.

In some early Cruiser action, 13 year old Matt Higgs was combined with the 41-45 gang and was no match. Kudos to him for smiling around the track. Garrick Yanosky (Team Edge) got the best of second place finisher Tom Kuehn (Wallingford Bike Barn) while Team Overthrow’s Fred Roy salvaged a third.

In the 13 yr old Girls class it came down to two sisters battling for the last transfer spot. Ashley Asselin would send her big sister Lauren to the sidelines to watch the main which went to defending Track Champion Kyly Milton. Ashley was second with Mackenzie Atchison (Stampede) third.

In the 6 yr old Intermediate 6 rider grouping Trevor Cooper was in for a great battle and he managed to come out on top just ahead of Jacob Merenda and Collin Bourque (Stampede).

Dylan Barker was odd man out in the 7 Intermediate class but it sure was close. The main win went to Garret Cooper with Aiden Biello and Azra Milton second and third.

A good size group in the 8 Intermediate class with 7 riders going for the gold. Robbie Webb put that GT ride in the winner’s circle with the second spot going to “Quick-Nick” Strandberg. It was a solid third for the Bike Barn’s Kyle Kuehn.

Another group of 7 riders where hammering it out in the 12 yr old Intermediate class. Steve Hull was the first to qualify and that was only the start of his big day. Connor Calarco did not make the transfer and it is so sad to see him look so discouraged. He definitely has the riding skills to be much more competitive that he is showing right now. We hope he stays with it. Anyway, As people who realized what was at stake in this main event watched with anticipation, Steven Hull did not disappoint. He blasted his way into turn one, grabbed the lead and never looked back in his last ride as an Intermediate.
Congratulations on earning his Expert ranking with the big win.
Second went to Anthony Giron while Dallas Tuttle managed a solid third.

Jake Layman, one of BMX’s nicest kids, did not make the main in 13 Intermediate action today but I bet it did not bother him one bit. Jeremy Estrella won it for the Bike Barn. Grant Untiedt, also riding for the Bike Barn was second while third went to Matt Higgs, yup, the Bike Barn.

In 15 yr old Intermediate racing Anthony Ingala gave it a good try but did not make the cut. Steven Doyle won another one for the Bike Barn while finishing second was Trevor Fox, who our dumb announcer kept saying his colors were Overthrow instead of Standard. Third went to Jose Estrella.

The 11 yr old Expert class was pretty cool as GHP’s Tom Gladstone got the job done. “Jumping” Jeremiah Taylor was second while Alex Kuehn (Bike Barn) was third.

The scariest moment came in the 13 Expert class when in the main event, Nick Cote’ and Matt Dillon were racing hard and both went down in flames on the second straight. Dave Moody (Stampede) in the right place at the right time inherited the win with Dillon picking himself up for a dusty second place finish. After several minutes Nick would get back on his bike and finish third. Jon Moura was odd boy out this day.

The most exciting main of the day was the 15 expert class as Wes Reel and Chris Pannullo were pushing each other to new heights. These hot rods were simply “Bringin it!” in the second round which did go to Pannullo. In the main there was no catching the Road Kill colors of Jake Pirulli. Jake was the winner with Pannullo (Team Edge) just edging out his team mate Reel.

In 19-37 Expert action a rare appearance by Tucker Schaefer was enjoyed by this announcer and Tucker did not disappoint with a win in the main. With 54 less lbs to pedal around the track a svelte looking Matt Lucas was second while Alex Hubbard was third.

Experts continued with the 36-40 class that saw Mike Greco fail to qualify. Stampede’s Ben Atchison was the winner with Team Edge’s Garrick Yanosky second and the Bike Barn’s Scotty Merenda third.

There were 12 classes that only had enough rider for total points racing (3 riders in each class). Enjoying “Perfects” were Denise Classey (Team Overthrow) in 41-45 Girls Cruiser; Dom Nivolo in 10 yr old Intermediate; Victor Alves (Stampede) in 9 yr old Intermediate; Angela Therriault (GHP) in 28 & over Girls; Michaela Groves (Stampede) in 15 Girls; Nick Cote’ (Team Edge) in 12 Cruiser; Derek Fantano in 8 & Under Cruiser; Devin Gulyas in 11 Novice and “Racin” Mason Blackburn in 8 Novice.

In 16 yr old Intermediate total points racing Darren Zimmer put the first round win in the books but while leading in round two he simply exploded and wrecked hard. He would settle for third overall as the win went to Chris Haas with Mike Pereiro second..

In 9 Expert Total points action Fin Milton won the first round with Matt Webb winning round two. In the ty breaking third round show-down it was Milton. Fin won the class overall with Matt second and Derek Fantano third.

In 16 Expert total points racing Shawn McAuley won the first two round therefore winning the class overall. Chris Pfeffer (Team Edge) and John Walkup (Bike Barn) were second and third.

Remember, no racing at Foothills next week and regular season finale is September 9th. September 23rd in the State Championship.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes