Race Report August 5th, 2012

Well this had to be the most humid day of the year, coupled with a line of storms heading our way then add the fact that there is a National event in Pennsylvania caused us to believe this could be the smallest race of the year. It certainly was not that thanks to the frequent influx of riders we are enjoying from Massachusetts. With over 20 Bay-Staters in the house we had 76 riders with 21 motos.

A small glitch in registration caused us to be a little late but the gate dropped only 10 minutes after our scheduled start time of 12:00 pm so not too bad.

Before we started Jorn Layman was named our rider of the week from our last race which was held on July 22nd. Normally our CT. riders name another local rider as their favorite but Jorn, answered the question by responding that Arielle Martin, was his favorite.

So who is Arielle Martin? Arielle is a 27 year old from Cedar Hills, Utah. Her dad was a BMX racer so it was natural she would become one. She turned pro at the age of 15. She trained hard to make the 2008 USA BMX Olympic team but, during the quarter finals of the world championships in China, she crashed resulting in her friend Jill Kintner earning the automatic bid to the Olympic Team. Jill won the bronze medal for team USA that year.

Arielle, more determined than ever to make the team in 2012 trained hard. She won bronze at the 2009 World Championship in Adelaide, Australia, placed eighth at the 2010 World Championship in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, placed third at the 2011 World Championship in Copenhagen and placed third at the Olympic Test Event in August 2011. She earned fourth place at the 2012 World Championship in Birmingham, England, clinching her spot in London as the highest-ranked U.S. woman during the 2011-12 season.

The five rider Team USA was scheduled to leave for London last Wednesday Morning. At the Training center in Chula Vista California on Tuesday, Arielle was in her last training session on the replica London track when she suffered a major crash. While she was pushing hard her chain snapped. She was launched in the air and landed on the handlebars. The crash caused major internal injuries including a level four liver laceration, broken ribs and a punctured lung. Saturday night she underwent surgery to remove a build-up of fluid and, although expected to make a full recovery, she remains in a San Diego hospital. 19 year old Brooke Crain will take her spot in London. Arielle has been an inspiration to all of us who know her, and we all wish her the best. Thanks Jorn, for recognizing the power of a dream that has propelled this lady to the top of her sport.

So in our first moto, we had a nice gate of 5 & under novices with 7 riders. It was also the moto that the worst wreck of the day occurred. Running third going into turn one, Aiden Sambells crashed. With four riders bearing down on him, the track was blocked for Brandon Sambells and Lukas Rylander. Brandon slammed into the sprawled Aiden while somehow Lukas managed to stay on his mount by going to the outside of the wreck. (See photo sequence at bottom of web page). All riders were ok but it would be Aiden the only rider who would not make the main event. In the main it was 1st round winner Shawn Biello who captured the win. Robbie Solsbury was second with the third spot earned by Caleb Harris.

Even more riders were in the 7 year old Novice grouping with a full gate of eight. With Dylan Barker, Zander Hicks and Jacob Faunce winning motos for the automatic transfer, the only rider not making the main was Chris Moon. Chris did a good job and, for a rider who was in only his second race ever, looks like he could be just as good as his father was at Foothills BMX so many years ago. When the dust settled it would be Dylan Barker in the winners circle with Trevor Nielson second and Addison Miller third.

In 8 year old Novice action, there were only 3 riders registered so this would be a “Total Points” race. Tommy Mitchell enjoyed a perfect by winning all three rounds. Derek Wood was second and third went to Pierce Curtis who crashed in the third round.

With four riders in the 9 Novice class, the battle for the three spots in the main was exciting. Travis Cortis, in his first race ever at Foothills, transferred out in round one. The second round leader was John Kellerher but he would self destruct by the announcers tower allowing the moto win to go to Joziah Gonzelez. John would make the main edging out Brooke D’amato in round three. The main results were Travis, Joziah and John.

More total points racing in the 11 Novice class and it was the same winner all three rounds. Devin Gulyas was unbeatable. Mike Steinbacher and Mason “Mac-Daddy” Denette battled very hard in the third round for the second place finish overall. From the announcer’s tower it was a flat-footed tie at the line but the official results revealed that Steinbacher edged Denette.

In the 13 Novice total points action Corey Heath would shoe why he will soon move up a notch in proficiency as he won every round. Mike Wilkinson was impressive with three second place finishes and Dakota Cortis was third.

Moto 7 was the 46-40 Cruiser class and in was a coed race with Gina Layman and Rebecca Marchildon joining Jeff Orlandi, Randy Greco and Greg Slone. Rebecca would not make the main which eventually went to Randy Greco. Jeff was second with Greg Slone third.

Haley “The Comet” Denette was on fire in 9 year old girls action and no one would catch her in any of the three total points rounds. Ashley Jasensky and Azra Milton traded second place finishes with Azra earning second overall by finishing ahead of Ashley in the third round.
It was “Total Points” racing again in the 12 year old girls class. It was great to see Kyly Milton back on the track after her crash twoo weeks ago. She looked none-the-worse for the wear as she won every moto. Chloe Arnold was a close second with the third spot going to Kaylynn Cortis.

Earlier this week on Facebook, 15 year old Michaela Groves was asking the public if she should quit racing. When I saw her this morning at the trackI told her only if its not fun anymore. While, today she looked like it was fun as she, Angela Therriault and Alexus Doty were obviously enjoying themselves with some really close racing. Michaela won all three rounds and Angela and Lexi traded second place finishes. Angela finished ahead of Lexi in the ty-breaking third round for second place overall.

Only four motos after racing the guys in Cruiser, Gina Layman had to come back and race again on the 20” bike in 28 & over girls. She managed a second place finish behind Nicole Milton but just ahead of Liz Stosse.

Moto 12 was more Total Points action this time in the 7 year old Intermediate class. Robbie Webb had it all his way by acing a “perfect”. Aiden Biello and Ethan Hubbard were second and third.
As “Total Points” racing was the theme today, it continued in the 10 year old Intermediate class. Dom Nivolo, Josh Faunce and “The Shadow” Austin Denette would finish 1-2-3.

In 12 year old Intermediate action both Steven Hull and Matt Rowe won a moto going into the ty-breaking third round. Matt would win it with Steven second and Noah Klemonsk third. Rumor has it that Steven will be packing it in after this season. We hope that is not the case as this kid can really ride.

The 13 year old Intermediate class was intense. With “Double D” Dylan Denette and Nick Frenette transferring out in the first two rounds, it would be between Torrington Family Kempo’s Peter Franolich and Jake Layman for the last transfer spot. Side by side they flew down the front straight in the two rider third round shootout. Peter had a slight lead then simply exploded in turn one. Layman slammed into him and both riders were sprawled on the track with looked like a set up for a yard sale. Layman was the first to get up and ride off for the last spot. Franolich eventually got up and rode the rest of the way as well. He complained later of a sore hip but felt he would be ok. The main win went to Denette with Frenette second and Layman third.

14 year old Intermediate action was also a “Total Points” race with round one going to Connor Arnold. Round two saw Anthony Ingala on top so it would come down to round three. Connor, obviously influenced by the Overthrow colors he was wearing won round three for the overall win. Connor was second with Kyle Cortis third.

The 17-18 year old Intermediate class had four riders registered. Alex Hubbard, after transferring out in round one, easily won the main with Tyler Cortis second and Chris Haas third. Good try by Darren Zimmerman but did not make the cut.

In the 9 year old expert total points class Matt Webb earned a “perfect” but sure had to work. After winning the first two rounds he found himself behind a very fast Arefin Milton in the second straight in round three. Matt made a classic “swoop” move in turn two and made the pass and his perfect would not be denied. Fin was second and Chris Mandeville was third.

In 11 year old expert action Anthony Tortarella got the job done for total points. Jeremiah Taylor was second with Jagur Layman finishing third.

14 year old Expert Evan Greco go it done in his total points class with Chris Therriault earning the second spot while Scotty Thomson was finishing third.

Finishing up the day, as the storm front was fast approaching, was the winning efforts of Ryan Sambells-Greco in 19-27 expert class. Randy Purinton was second with Dan Cortis third. It was a tough draw for Dan as he is a Novice forced to race two Experts. Good try Dan and a big thanks to the entire Cortis Family with 7 riders today.

At 1:36 we were done and beat the rain by about 45 minutes. See you all next week.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes