Race Report July 1st, 2012

Vacations abound and temperatures in the low 90’s with thunderstorms predicted in mid afternoon. Could we get this race in? Over the course of the last few weeks, we have come to realize that maybe we could pick the pace up just a bit and get a better moto flow going. With that being today’s plan we got underway about 15 minutes late but, none the less, with a faster pace the three rounds of 19 motos and the Main events were completed in 58 minutes. Plenty of time for everyone to go jump in their favorite pool, lake, or just get inside somewhere where it was air-conditioned.

With Aiden Biello being named last week’s rider of the week, he gave the politically correct answer when asked who his favorite rider was. “It’s my brother”, he said. Shawn Biello had won the rider of the week recognition earlier in the season.

65 Riders were split into 19 motos.
The first moto was a pair of our regular 3 year old striders. Liliana Asselin and Kayla Barker were the competitors. With a stretched length to the finish line, Liliana Asselin got confused in the first round and, thinking she had won, stopped about six feet short of the finish line. That’s when Kayla went by her leaving Liliana in tears. The next two rounds she applied the lesson learned and had the chance to experience the thrill of victory with wins in the final two rounds.

A five rider turn out in the 5 & under Novice class. On the personal side, I wish USABMX would change the rules and stop eliminating a rider in the motos when there is not a full gate in the main event. Just seems very discouraging for the rider eliminated to me. Anyway, in living by the rules, Caleb Harris was the odd boy out today. Shawn Biello would be the first to qualify to sit the bench, or make the main depending on your point of view. Next round winner was Callie Atchison with Cole Barker and the only 4 yr old racing, Robbie Solsbury, joining them in the 4 rider main event. Shawn would be our winner with Robbie grabbing the second spot. Third went to Callie.

In the 7 Novice class it would be Dylan Barker, well rested after sitting out for two rounds, winning the main event. Tristan Enquist was second while Brooke Klemonski, after winning the Rider of the Week title in Meriden the day before, would finish third. It was a great try for Ian Asselin. He didn’t make the cut but sure provided some great pictures.

In the 8 Novice class it was a four rider main event. Tough going today for Derek Wood as he would not make the transfer. Local rider Ethan Hine would capture the win keeping Tommy Mitchell, who took a digger in practice for the camera, second and Hayden Provencal third.

In 36-40 Cruiser action, well…..at least that’s what the computer software called it, in reality it was 8 to 41 Cruiser. Both Greg Slone and Denise Classey didn’t have the heart to pass the two 8 yr old Cruisers so Landon Richard and Derek Fantano were officially the first and second place finishers.

It would be a three rider main event in the 7 Intermediate class after Ethan Hubbard was eliminated in the motos. Garret Cooper was the star of the show as he was unstoppable. The second spot went to his younger brother Trevor Cooper while Aidan Biello settled for the third spot.

Noah Klemonski came up short in the qualifying rounds in the 12 Intermediate class. Steven Hull, put the Overthrow Gear colors in the winner’s circle. With “Moves like Jagur” it was Jagur Layman second and finishing third was Dale Doty, also sporting the hot Overthrow Gear colors.

As has been the norm this year, there was a bunch of 3 rider total points races. In 11 Novice action it was Devin Gulyas with a “perfect” day with three wins. Genevieve Asselin did the same in 9 yr old Girls. Kyly Milton in 12 yr old Girls, Michela Groves in 15 yr old Girls Fin Milton in 10 yr old Intermediate, Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) in 17-18 Intermediate, Landon Richard turned the deed in 8 yr old Expert and Ben Atchison in 41 & over Expert. Wes Reel and Chance Terpening would split moto wins in 15 expert but it would be Wes in the ty breaking third round. With Matt Dillon winning the first round of 13 Expert racing, Josh Walsh came back to win the next two for the overall win. With Torrington Family Kempo sponsored rider Peter Franolich back in action but still nursing his injured wrist, it would be a two rider shoot-out in 14 Intermediate action. Anthony Ingala and Vinny Sarubbi battled hard sharing wins. When the dust settled, two of three for Anthony and the overall win. Finally, in 46-50 yr old Cruiser action Fred Roy kept his recent winning streak alive with taking two of three motos from Dave Beckwith. Jay Francis was back for a third.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes