Race Report July 15th, 2012

Today, with weather reports of a stormy afternoon, coupled with oppressive heat and humidity, we were hoping that our earlier 12:00 pm starting time would allow us to get through the race before the storms arrived. Posting motos at 11:15 sure helped as there was plenty of time to fix any corrections that might need to be made. There were 73 riders split into 19 motos.

Before we dropped the gate exactly at 12:00 pm, Robbie Solsbury was honored as our Rider-Of-The-Week after this little 4 yr old topped the efforts of everyone else in the 5 & under Novice class last week. Upon receiving the trophy, he claimed his dad was his favorite rider.

So again, dropping the gate on time, the first group was the 5 & under Novices. With Cole Barker winning the first moto in this Total Points race; it looked like maybe Solsbury had his work cut out for him if he wanted to be a repeat winner this week. Robbie came back and won the next two rounds to claim the top spot once again. Caleb Harris snuck into the second spot in front of Cole for total points.

A good turnout in the second group with 6 riders registered for some 7 yr old Novice action. With only 5 riders making the main event it was sad to see Jana Wilkinson, probably in her first race ever, not making the cut. She looks like she will be a good racer if she stays with it. Dylan Barker got to sit out the hot early afternoon by winning the first round and punching his ticket to the main. Joining him from round two was Brooke Klemonski and Tristan Enquist, while Addy Miller and Zander Hicks earned the last two positions in the third round. Dylan would easily win the main with Brooke second and Tristan third.

In 12 yr old Novice total points action, Devin Gulyas got it done in all three rounds with Mike Wilkinson and Jacob Stevens finishing second and third.

In the 11 yr old Cruiser class, there was actually two 8 yr olds thrown in. Derek Fantano and Landon Richard had to battle the older Dave “The Beast” Albert which is certainly no easy task. Albert won the first two rounds with Landon grabbing the win in round three. Albert would be the overall champion.

It was good to see the rare appearance of Trumbull regular Jake Pirulli at Foothills this week. Jake had to race 13 yr old Josh Walsh and 14 yr old Chris Therriault in the 15 Cruiser class. Jake had no problem winning the total points in this “class” while it was a good battle for the second spot. Therriault would edge out Walsh for that spot.

In 41-45 Cruiser action “The Action Man” himself was in the house for the first time this year. Curtis Jackson, sporting some hot colors for some hot racing against the likes of Fred Roy, Garrick Yanosky, “Moose” Delamare and Greg Slone. It was a disappointing day for Moose as he drove all the way from Providence and didn’t make the main event transfer but he must have been proud to watch his daughter Brianna. More on her later. In the main it was a classic battle between Curtis and Garrick. Curtis has a killer front straight but Garrick is more familiar with the track and he was able to pass Curtis and capture the win. Curtis remained in second with Fred Roy sliding into the third spot.

With Gina Layman just touching the gate in the 17-27 yr old Girls Cruiser class (She wishes she fell into that age bracket) it was a free ride to the main event for Nicole Milton, Angela Therriault, Jayna Roy and Brianna Delamare. Last week in this group it became a two rider shoot-out between Brianna and Angela with Brianna leading in the main until the fourth turn when contact happened and she fell pretty hard. With some coaching from her dad this week during practice in turn 4, Brianna was able to hold off the hard charging Angela through the final two turns and enjoy a hard fought win. Brianna waited at the top of the finish line area for a high five but the opportunity never developed. Hopefully, this situation will improve as this is a fun group to watch as they put their superb riding skills on display each week.

In 6 yr old Intermediate action it was great to see the Colarco’s back for the first time since last season. Danny had a tough time with an early fall in the first round and never did recover enough energy to make the main event. Hopefully, yesterdays discouragement will fade quickly and he will be back next week. Trevor Cooper won the main as he managed to hold off Danica Bailey and Ethan Hubbard.

Speaking of Baileys, Danica’s brother Tyler put on quite a show as he was jumping everything in practice and, like he was shot out of a cannon, won the first round with some heavy hitters vying for that one open spot in the main. Garret Cooper would have to wait till the second round before he earned the transfer while Robbie Webb and Corbin Smith made the cut from round three. Azra Milton was very discouraged but, history has shown, she can be a force on any given Sunday. The main win did go to Tyler (6 yr old Expert) as he held off all the 7 yr old Intermediates. Robbie Webb salvaged a nice second place finish while Garret was third. With Tyle being the only Expert, I believe they all earned “Expert Points”.

Dominic Nivolo won all three round of 11 yr old Intermediate total points racing action with Noah Klemonski and “The Freight Train” Kristopher Meneses second and third.

In the 12 yr old Intermediate total points races both Steven Hull and Kyly Milton won a moto. The third round would be the deciding round and it went to Steven. Kyly settled for second overall and Connor Colarco was third. Again, seeing Connor back after nearly a year off was great and hopefully he comes back to further hone his skills very soon.

Anthony Ingala got the job done in total points action for the 14 Intermediate group. 13 yr old Peter Franolich, Sporting some HBR colors was second with Jake Layman third.

It would be a mixed proficiency level in the “8 Expert” class as there were two 8 yr old Experts, one 7 yr old Expert and one 8 yr old Novice rider in the mix. Derek Wood (8 Nov) would not make the main but his mom did get some solace as she won the 50-50 raffle. Landon Richard, Derek Fantano and Sam DeGrange would be the order of finish.

With Nick Delbone being the only 9 yr old Intermediate here today, he would be grouped with 3 of the fastest 9 yr old experts at Foothills. Nick would not make the transfer but sure looked good in a crazy hairdew! Fin Milton would hold off Matt Webb and “Butter” Hunter Zeiner for the main event win.

Total points was on the line for the 11 Expert class and the win went to a guy we have not seen before at Foothills. From Fairhaven Massachusetts, Nate Caron was unbeatable! Dave Albert settled for a second place overall finish while Jagur Layman was third.

In 14 Expert action it would be Josh Caron being eliminated in the motos. We sure hope we get to see more of the Caron family as these folks can sure ride. Casey Tanner, Chris Therriault and Josh Walsh were the finishing order.

In 15 yr old Expert action the deck was stacked with some real CT hot-rods. Wes Reel took a hard spill in practice and the effects on his racing were obvious for the rest of the day. Multiple time Nat’l champ Zac O’Neil, Jake Pirulli, Ian Dickinson and Chris Pannullo, made up this five rider show down. With Jake appearing to be the fastest this day, he would transfer out of round one. Chris Pannullo out of round two and Wes and Zac from round three set up the main event starting grid. When the gate dropped it would be Jake with the snap with Chris on his right and Wes on his left. Out of turn one it was still Jake but Chris was powering his way past Wes and Zac was following Chris as Wes was obviously hurting. As they dove into the second turn Jake and Chris were starting to pull away just a bit. Zac was just completing his pass of Wes. So maybe the order was set for the rest of the way? As they raced out of turn 3 Chris dove to the inside but only managed to get his front tire even with Jakes rear tire as they entered the 4th turn. Jake had enough power to edge back in front leaving Chris on the outside through the rhythm section. Into the final turn Chris dove to the inside and here comes the drag race to the line. 20 feet from the finish line there was a cloud of dust after both riders touched and went down. Zac and Wes cruised across the line for an inherited first and second place finish. Both Jake and Chris would be okay, just a little dusty. This was definitely the best racing action of the day.

In the 41 & over expert grouping, which was in reality, 16 Intermediate to 41 & over Expert, Darren Zimmerman (16 Intermediate) would not make the cut. Garrick Yanosky, Pete Cooper and “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli (17 Intermediate) were the order of finish.

In the 26-30 Girls Cruiser class it was Angela Therriault, Marcia Colon and Denise Classey going for total points and finishing in just that order.

In only 69 minutes after the first gate, this day was over. It was about 1 hour before the rains came. Again, we hope everyone appreciates our continued efforts to start on time and run an efficient but safe race. Thanks for you support and see you next week. Don’t forget, due to the Red-Line Cup race in Bethel, we will be starting at 2:00 pm on Sunday. Have a great week everyone.

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