Race Report July 22nd, 2012

In week #11 we had scheduled a two hour late start in respect for our riders who were at the 10:30 scheduled start for Bethel’s Red Line Cup Race. In retrospect, it should probably have been scheduled for 3:00 rather than 2:00. As we neared race time there were a number of family’s on their way so we decided to wait for their arrival before we got going. What we didn’t anticipate was that there would be a couple of instances where a rider had earned a move up since their last visit here and the parents had registered them in the old class causing two last minute re-posts. None-the-less, we dropped the gate at 2:40 and ran the 21 moto race in one hour and 15 minutes. Mixed in with our regular Connecticut riders where competitors from New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and even Utah.

Before we got going, 7 year old Brooke Klemonski was named last week’s Rider of the Week. She was pretty lost for words but managed to whisper that her brother Noah might be her favorite rider.

With two Striders in the house it was fun to watch 3 year old Kayla Barker to battle with two year old Dean Stewart. Dean is a little hot-rod from Clifton New York and he got the job done.

With 6 riders in the 6 Novice class this week is was a good battle. It was good to see the “Moon” family name on a moto sheet again at Foothills and we welcome Dave and Grace back with their grandchild Chris making his first race ever. With 5 riders transferring from the qualifying rounds it was Shawn Biello from round one, Zac Touhy and Marissa Lyman from round two with Chris Moon and Natalie Hayes from round three making up the main event starting grid. At the finish line it would be Marissa winning the main with Zac second and the third spot went to Shawn. A “Nice Try” goes out to Cole Barker even though he didn’t make the main event.

It was a full gate of 8 riders in the 7 Novice grouping and the action was great. With Dylan Barker leading in the first round of motos he looked like a shoe in until, only feet from the finish line he would go down in flames. He did qualify from the second round and went on to capture the main event win. It was a solid second place finish for Trevor Neilson with Aiden Bernard finishing third. Jana Wilkinson was looking much better this week and it won’t be long before she is in a main event line-up.

The Novice numbers continued to be good with 6 riders in the 9 Novice class. Jorn Layman, who did awesome two weeks ago then took last week off, dusted off the cob webs and came out with a solid first round win then backed it up with a Main event win. Tommy Mitchell and Joziah Gonzales were second and third. John Kelleher would be the rider who didn’t make the transfer into the main. We look forward to his return soon.

The 13 Novice class was the first class that only had three riders resulting in three rounds of total points racing action. Corey Heath had it all his way as he held off the efforts of Devin Gulyas and Mike Wilkerson in all three rounds.

It was more total points action in the next 4 groups with Derek Fantano doing battle with the Hayes brothers in 9 Cruiser action. Derek would come out on top with Ryan and Ian second and third.

The three rider class that the computer identified as 17-20 Cruiser, was actually made up of one 17 yr old (Jason Chamis) and a 10 yr old (Jacob Bacis) plus on 11 yr old (Dave Albert). Of course Jason would be the easy winner but it was a great effort from both the younger riders. Second went to Bacis.

In 26-30 total points racing, Nick Rauch (BMXunderground.com) made his first ever appearance at Foothills. He finished second behind Tom Bacis. Greg Slone was third.

The always competitive 41-45 Cruiser class did not disappoint this day as Jeff Badendyck and Alan Levin really went at it and kept local rider Fred Roy mired in the third spot. Badendyck held off Levin in the main. Gina Layman was coasting the track in the motos as she is still trying to come back from the injuries that kept her on the bench all of last year.

Speaking of Jeff Badendyck, his daughter Avery, had little problems in winning the total points race for the 9 yr old Girls class. Azra Milton and Ashley Jasensky were second and third.

In the 7 yr old Intermediate class it would be Kryptonite’s Matt Bacis taking care of business. Aiden Badendyck was “Stylin” for a solid second while Hunter Moulton was third. Robbie Webb tried hard but did not make the transfer.

In 8 yr old Intermediate action Mike Burke, from Rocky Point New York, captured the main event win. Frankie Carino, also from the Empire state was second with Kyle Lyman finishing third. Ian Hayes put in a nice effort but just missed making the transfer out of his motos.

Dom Nivolo, in the total point’s race in the 10 yr old Intermediate class aced a perfect with three wins. Cole Stewart and Ryan Hayes settled for second and third.

With Ryan Sweet enjoying wins in the first two rounds of 11 yr old Intermediate action, all he needed in the third round was a second to ensure an overall win in this total point’s class. That’s exactly what he did with Nick Spurr winning the third round. Overall it would be Nivolo, Spurr and Noah Klemonski.

In 12 yr old Intermediate action the scariest crash in recent memory happened. In the first round it would be female track champion Kyly Milton leading the 5 rider pack into the first turn. On the outside was Steve Hull trying to power his way around as they flew into the bowl. Kyly’s line and speed caused her momentum to carry her up to the rim and over the white line. With Steve still on the outside, both riders had nowhere to go except into the fence. (See photo section for sequence). As the carnage bounced off the fence and back to the track, Dale Doty had the track blocked and he became part of the wreck. Both Dale and Steve would be ok but Kyly was taken away by her mom to a medical facility where she was kept overnight. Nothing was broken and she is expected to be released today (Monday). Steven Hull would eventually qualify for the main and then win it with Dave “The Beast” Albert (Zero Tolerance) second and Jagur Layman third.

“Double D” Dylan Denette, loving to jump anything and everything had it all his way in the total points 13 yr old Intermediate class. Torrington’s Family Kempo sponsored Peter Franolich and Jake Layman had to settle into the second and third spots.

In 14 yr old Intermediate action Alexus Doty (14 yr old Girl) had to race in this grouping and she did very well against the boys. She won the first round with 14 yr old Intermediate Austin Andrews winning the second. In the show-down third round it was Austin the winner in this total point’s class. Alexus was second and 14 yr old Novice rider Nick Brown was third.

In 17-18 Intermediate action Justin Thompson was a no-show in the third qualifying moto so the three rider main event results were Jayna Roy (16G), Alex Hubbard (17I) and Chris Pfeffer (16x). Chivalry still lives as Jayna was given the main win with George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer second and Hubbard third.

The last three motos were all total points races. Derek Fantano swept the 9 Expert class, Chris Pannullo did the same in the 15 Expert. It was also a sweep in the 36-40 yr old Expert class by GT Factory rider Jason Halverson whose home is in Utah.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes