Race Report July 8th, 2012

So here we are, pretty much at the half-way point of the 2012 season. Attendance numbers have been all over the place this year but certainly down significantly when compared to just two short years ago. So this weekend, with it being the end of one of the most popular vacation weeks of the year, coupled with the big National event down in Pittsburgh, we figured pulling 15 or 16 motos would be about the best we could hope for. Son-of-a-gun if we didn’t have nearly 100 riders and 24 motos! By the standards of 2012, we were overjoyed to have that kind of support. The parking lot had plates from Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and of course Connecticut.

For the second week in a row, the staff focus was on starting on time and running a smooth flowing, efficient program. We feel we have improved tremendously in achieving that goal. The first gate dropped exactly at 12:05 p.m. and, when it slammed to the ground for the last time, the clock said 1:39 p.m. We certainly hope that everyone appreciates our efforts to get you in and out quickly enough so that the race is as safe as possible, but that you are not stuck there all day long, unless you elect to do that and ride the track after the racing has been completed.

In opening ceremonies, Genevieve Asselin was chosen as our Rider-Of-The-Week for her efforts last week. In a pre-trophy award interview Genevieve was soft spoken but, after some coaxing agreed that her sister Lauren would be a good choice as her favorite rider. Must be a tough decision when there are now five Asselins racing at Foothills on a regular basis.

As usual we started the racing off with our two regular Strider Riders. 4 yr old Liliana Asselin and 3 yr old Kayla Barker got the crowd going with their little leg powered racing machines. It sure would be great to see some more little people give it a try. Strider bikes are for sale in the Registration building and maybe even for rent-for-the-day.

With 6 riders in the 5 & under Novice class, it would be Shawn Biello, Robbie Solsbury and Cole Barker winning motos for the automatic qualifying spots in the 5 rider main event. Both Mac Zdziarski and Caleb Harris would join them, “Chargin” Charlie Johnson gave it a great try but came up just a little short this day. (No pun intended). So when the gate dropped it would be all Robbie Solsbury as he led start to finish. Shawn Biello and Caleb Harris would be the closest two riders crossing the finish line behind him.

Even more riders in the 6 year old Novice group with 7 registered. Again, using the ABA transfer system, one had to be eliminated in the motos. (A rule that we just hate at the local level but must adhere to per the official rules). Ian Asselin was the rider who suffered this fate and we all offer him encouragement to stay with it as he is really starting to look like he will be a very good racer. Motos wins went to Johnny Tomboly, Kraig Geissler and Tristan Enquist. Geissler looked like he might win the main event until he went down hard in the second turn area. Tristan would prevail with the big win with Johnny second and Matt Evanuska grabbing the third spot. Kraig would pick himself up and ride off the track apparently unhurt.

In 8 Novice action another nice turnout with 6 rider registered. Nick Mauro would not qualify for the main but received a nice round of applause for his efforts after the third round. In the main Ethan Hine, who must be getting close to his eighth win, put this one in his win column as he was un-catchable. Dylan Barker gave it a good try and finished second with the third spot earned by Derek Wood.

In 26-30 Cruiser action (In reality 14 – 40) Greg Slone (36) could have won anytime he wanted but chose to get some track time. He would wait till the third round to qualify then, while hitting the last turn in the main, obviously let 14 yr old Chris Therriault go home feeling good with a win. Slone was second and third went to Angela Therriault.

In 41 – 45 Cruiser action Garrick Yanosky played it straight as he wasted no time in qualifying then went out and won the Main event. Fred Roy was second and he had some fun racing with an old friend Bob “Moose” Delamare, who finished third. It was great to see Bob and especially his daughter Brianna back at Foothills. With five members of the Hayes family now racing, Mom Linda would be the one of the Hayes family that did not qualify for their main. She said she was fine with that.

In 9 yr old Cruiser racing it would be Ian Hayes not making the cut in this one. Ryan Hayes would make up for it however as he won the main. Second went to Robert Robichaud with Ryan Robichaud third.

In the 17 – 27 Girls main (In reality 16 – 41) it was very exciting with an unhappy ending. Brianna Delamare, who had not raced in a few years, came down to Foothills from Rhode Island and had smiles on her face most of the day. She won the first round and was joined by second round winner Angela Therriault as qualified riders. Third round winner was Jayna Roy with Nicole Milton grabbing he last transfer spot. In the main it was a two rider shoot-out with Brianna and Angela really going at it. In turn for Angela powered her way up alongside of Brianna. As they entered the rhythm section, there would be contact and Brianna would fall pretty hard. Angela had the win and Jayna would have the second spot. It was excellent hard fought racing that ended unfortunately for Brianna. From the announcer’s tower, I was surprised that all competitors went in different directions with no conversation after the finish line. Maybe it was just my perception or maybe not. At any rate, I hope all is okay and we will see these two very good racers again very soon.

In 7 yr old Intermediate action, Robbie Webb, after sitting out the second and third round, had no trouble in winning the main event. Garret Cooper enjoyed a solid second with third going to Aidan Biello. Aidan just recently joined the Intermediate ranking and looked like he is ready to compete.

The 10 yr old Intermediate class was large with 7 riders going for it. With Matt Webb, Dom Nivolo and Robert Robichaud winning motos, it certainly looked like one of them would win the main. Matt led from the start all the way to the final sprint to the finish line when Fin Milton just edged him out for the win. Matt settled for second just in front of Dom Nivolo.

In 12 yr old Intermediate action Dale Doty, who seems to run a heck of a lot faster in practice laps compared to racing laps, would not make the field for the main. Soren Frantz got the job done with the smallest guy, Dave Albert, really putting on a show for a solid second place finish and Jagur Layman earning the third spot.

Connor Arnold got a nice win in the 14 yr old Intermediate class by beating both Matt Dillon and Anthony Ingala. Austin Andrews did not make the cut.

In 15 Expert action it was Chris Pannullo who was the fastest today but, Wes Reel is really getting faster having to race “Crispy” Chris each week. He would finish second and Chris Therriault was third. The only Intermediate ranked rider in the mix was Chris Michaelides and he would not make the transfer into the main.

Total Point Races:
In 41 & over expert is was Vermonts Cody Buck easily winning all three rounds with Pete Cooper and James Hayes second and third.

It was good racing in 10 yr old Novice racing with Jorn Layman winning the first two and Colton Degroat winning the last round. Overall it was Jorn, Colton and Ryan Hayes.

Corey Heath had no problems winning all three round of action in the 13 yr old Novice grouping. Devin Gulyas and Mike Steinbacher were second and third.

Matt Higgs, who was putting on a jumping show during practice, aced a “perfect” in 13 Cruiser action. Dave Albert was second with Jake Layman third.

In 9 yr old Girls it was “The Comet” Haley Denette the overall winner with Genevieve Asselin second and Azra Milton third. Azra is 7, Genevieve is 8 and Haley is 9.

In 12 yr old Girls it would be Kyle Milton having no problem winning all three rounds. 10 yr old Ashley Asselin edged out 12 yr old Chloe Arnold for the second spot.

Alexus Doty, Lauren Asselin and Kate Mehl was the overall finishing order in 14 yr old Girls.

The 6 yr old Intermediate action, it was Trevor Cooper with the win. Collin Bourque and Ethan Hubbard traded second place finishes but the second place ty-breaker went to Collin.

In the 13 yr old Intermediate class “Double D” Dylan Denette had to work hard to come out on top. Matt Higgs forced the overall outcome to go to the third round winner which was Dylan. Matt finished second overall with Scotty Thomson third.

With Darren Zimmerman winning round one of 16 Intermediate racing but finishing third in round two, this would really be a good third round. Going in it was Darren with 4 total finish points and Nick Ingala with 3 and Chris Haas with 5. Even if Darren won round 3, all Nick had to do was finish second and he would be the overall champ. Well, Nick finished third and it would be Darren claiming the title.

Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) had to work to stay in front of, or pass, Alex Hubbard but he managed to do just that. Alex would finish second with the third spot going to “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes