Race Report June 10th, 2012

So this was going to be a special race with it being a Double Points race coupled with a Nutmeg BMX State Team race. Add to that a couple of money opens and this would be a pretty good race with 143 riders in 35 motos plus another 17 riders in the Showcase Open and 8 in the Junior Open, this was a 40 moto race.

The “Showcase Open” is something new for CT BMX and is an attempt to implement something that will provide a venue to bring out the more experienced riders 18 yrs old and up. 17 riders showing up was impressive as was the racing action they provided.

With scrambled motos every time out the racing was very exciting with only the top eight riders making the main and the main event was well worth the wait.

At the gate drop there was a $25 hole shot award for whoever got to the second jump the quickest. Danny Smith, out of gate #1 won the hole shot by a bike length over Dave Maltesos after Andrew Cox came unclipped on the first jump and immediately fell out of contention. Out of turn one Smith lead the charge up the second straight with Maltesos and Colby Benoit in tow. Out of turn two the battle was for the second spot as Benoit got on the inside of Maltesos. Ben Atchison was running fourth. The inside line in turn two means you may be stuck on the outside going into three and that’s exactly what happened to Colby. While Smith was pulling away, Colby was hanging it out on the back stretch trying to get on the inside of Maltesos and set him up for a pass in turn four. Dave was holding him off while Atchison was closing in on both of them. Around turn four and through the rhythm section nothing changed. At the stripe it was Smith, Maltesos, Benoit, Atchison, Deprete, O’Connor, Cox and Dasilva. Danny Smith left Connecticut with $285 added to his already fat wallet. Andrew Cox won the low moto points award of $25.00.

In the Junior Open Main Event Evan Eisenhard got the snap out of the gate but by the time they hit the first jump Johnson got him on the inside as these two hot-rods dove into turn number one. Josh Santiago was in the third spot until Chris Pannullo dove to the inside and got along side Santiago up the second straight as they were chasing the leaders. Pannullo completed the pass going into turn 2 and had his sights set on the two leaders in front of him. Up the third straight and out of turn three the two leaders were pulling away. Going into turn four Eisenhard was all over Johnsons outside door. Johnson rode Evan up high and shut the door on any thoughts that Evan had in trying a swoop move. Eisenhard was much faster through the rhythm section and got on the inside of Johnson going into the final turn. Evan returned the favor of riding him up towards the lip of the final turn and Johnson lost all momentum. Having to put his foot down to maintain balance, Chris Pannullo was close enough to pass Johnson up the short-chute and hang on for second place cash behind Eisenhard. Johnson held off Santiago by a front wheel for third.

With a lot of classes going for 3 rider total points racing, the first group with enough riders to invoke the ABA transfer system was the 36-40 yr old Cruiser class. With Denise Classey getting thrown in with the boys, the big question was could she make the 4 rider main event? With Kuehn and Slone transferring out in the first two rounds, Denise would have to beat one of two riders to make the cut. On the first straight, 14 yr old Chris Therriault came unclipped and fell way behind. Josh Walsh was long gone so now it came down to Denise holding of a re-clipped in Therriault. At the big Step-down Chris caught her and completed the pass sealing her fate for the day. In the Main event Tom Kuehn kept Josh Walsh at bay for the win.

With 5 riders in the 7 Yr Old Intermediate class, Robbie Webb shortened his racing action for the day by winning the first round. He would sit and watch the Cooper boys Garret and Trevor, make the cut along with Jaden Asklar. Robbie, well rested, easily won the main with Garret and Trevor second and third.

In the 9 yr old Intermediate battle, Matt Webb, after crashing in the first round, came back and won the main. Victor Alves was second with “Radi-Cole” Stewart third.

In moto # 10 there were 6 13 yr old Intermediates going for the eventual main event glory. With a good effort but not quite good enough, Enfield’s Ethan Begnoche would be odd-rider out. When the dust settled after the main it was Jeremy Estrella in the winner’s circle, with Scott Thomson and Matt Higgs second and third.

In 15 yr old Intermediate action it was great to see Anthony Ingala back after an extended absence. He was a little rusty and did not make the transfer but we hope to see him again soon. Steve Doyle won the main with Connor Arnold not too far behind him just ahead of third place finisher Jose Estrella.

Liam Stone was the first to transfer out in the 17-18 qualifying rounds but would settle for second in the main as Alex Hubbard captured the checkered flag. Third went to Dave Lamb.

People have been asking “what’s wrong with Hunter Zeiner?” Well, I’d say “nothing, just look at the leader board in today’s 10 Expert class. There he is on the top spot of the podium joined by Fin Milton and Alex Kuehn.

In 12 Expert action Nick Cote’ held of our reigning track champion Sky Domain for the win. First time Foothills visitor Scotty Barnikow was third.

IN the always competitive 14 Expert class, Casey Tanner and Chris Therriault battled hard with Tanner prevailing. Third went to Jon Zeiner and Chance Terpening was a no-show……yet again.

In 15 Expert racing its always exciting as the fastest rider is clearly Chris Pannullo. Now, what makes it so exciting is that it seems that Chris just can’t get out of the gate as quick as the other guys and is always playing catch-up, a game he plays very well. Chris did prevail today and Jake Pirulli had to concede this day and settle for second. Wes Reel, showing tremendous improvement this year, was third.

In 17-18 Expert action, “The Jackel” Josh Santiago, wrecked hard in the first round but recovered and won the second round. Last to qualify was Jay Johnson. The main win went to Evan Eisenhard with Johnson second. All in all it was a tough day for the George’s Music Center sponsored ride of Chris Pfeffer. Chris was way too hard on himself as these kinds of days do happen. Wait till next time!

In 19-27 yr old Expert racing Rhode Island rider Pat Wightman introduced himself to our regulars by schooling them all. Matt Lucas held on to the second spot in front of third place finisher A. J. Spirito.
Ben Atchison easily won the 28-35 Expert grouping with Don Hottes, the love-struck second place finisher and Mike Greco, the third place riders in tow.

Garrick Yanosky held off the hard charge from Mike Sigrist in 41 & over action while Scott Merenda was third.

With the biggest class of the day being the 9 riders in the 5 & under novice class, they were split into two groups going for the 8 available spots in the main event. When the dust settled it would be a huge win for Shawn Biello. Alex Donegan was a solid second and Caleb Harris enjoyed a hard earned third place award.

In 6 yr old Novice action, former rider of the week Tristan Enquist took care of business with another win. Matt Evanuska held off Ethan Hubbard for the second spot.

7 riders made up the 7 yr old Novice class and our reigning rider of the week, Ethan Hine, after having to run the second round to qualify, won the hard fought main event. Aidan Biello and Alex Bernard were second and third.

Another good turnout was in the 8 yr old Novice class. Apollo Dubuc was amazing and he would be today’s class champion. Nick Strandberg was second while the third spot would go to Dan Smulski.

The 8 yr old Girls class saw Genevieve Asselin claiming fame with the main event win. Emma Stroh was second with Azra Milton back in the third spot this week. Welcome back Emma!

In 16 yr old Girls action how cool it was to see Autumn Classey back on the track for only the second time this year. Autumn, although a little rusty, was certainly competitive and enjoyed a solid second in the main event. Former track Champion Angela Therriault was just too much however and she would dominate the field. Third went to Jayna Roy.

With 14 of the 34 classes going for total points, meaning there were 3 riders in each group, there were a number of “perfects”. “perfects” are three 1st place finishes. Riders who turned the deed were: Derek Fantano in 8 & Under Cruiser; Nick Cote’ in 12 Cruiser; Fred Roy in 46-50 Cruiser; Evan Merenda in 11 Intermediates; Steve Hull in 12 Intermediates; Landon Richard in 8 Expert; Dante Gonzalez in 11 Novice; Chris Haas in 16 Novice; Ashley Asselin in 11 Girls and in 12 Girls it was Kyly Milton.

In other total points racing Alexus Doty would win two of three; As did Danny Gruber in 13 Experts and Nick Delbone in 10 Novice. Nicks was special as he suffered a very scary crash in the second round but came back to win the third.

We had a three rider Strider race and 5 yr old Chris Strandberg was too much for 3 yr old Kayla Barker and 2 yr old Dean Stewart.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes