Race Report June 17th, 2012

So its Fathers day and it seems that everyone was out celebrating that away from the track. With 61 riders and 16 motos (counting Striders) this was the smallest regular season race ever held at Foothills BMX.

This was also our Daniel J. Plaskett memorial race to honor the memory of Dan who lost a long battle with a debilitating disease just two years ago. Proceeds taken in through our 5050 raffles through the end of the month will be donated to The United Leukodystrophy Foundation in Dan’s name.

Wes Reel was chosen to receive the Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Trophy as one of Foothills most dedicated riders over the years. Wes is in his tenth season at our track.

So when the racing started, after we enjoyed watching Kayla Barker and Berkley Shay do battle on their little Strider bikes, first up was the 5 & under Novice class. With 7 riders vying for the 6 positions open in the main event, we would take 2 riders from each of the 3 rounds of motos onto the main. In the first qualifying round Dave Thompson and Shawn Biello would earn the right to sit out the rest of the day until the mains by making the transfer. In round 2 it was Danica Bailey and Alex Donegan making the cut with the 3rd round qualifying positions going to Cole Barker and Caleb Harris. It was a great try from Robbie Solsbury but he would have to sit and watch the main event from the bench. Shawn Biello and Danica Bailey were battling hard in the Main and eventually the win would go to Shawn. Danica was a close second with third going to Dave Thompson.

In the 4 rider 6 yr old Novice class, Caden Young couldn’t make the transfer despite some great efforts in the motos. The Main win went to Ethan Hubbard with Tristan Enquist and Johnathan Young second and third.

7 Novice grouping, odd boy out this week was Addison Miller. Dylan Barker put a check mark in the win column with a great ride. Aidan Biello was second and Brooke Klemonski finished third.

In a class which the computer called “26-30 Cruiser” in reality was “13-44 Cruiser” as the combining was crazy diverse. Not one rider fell into the 26-30 yr old window. Go figure? So the oldest guy, 44 yr old Mike Nahom, could not make the big show, 15 yr old Ian Dickinson easily won it. Tom Bacis held off Jake Layman for the second spot in the three rider shootout.

In 7 yr old Intermediate action it would again be 4 riders vying for the 3 main event spot. It was another crazy combination of riders set up by the computer with a 6 yr old Expert combined with a 7 yr old Intermediate and two 7 yr old girls. Tyler Bailey, 6x, easily won the main with Matt Bacis second and Azra Milton third.

In 13 Intermediate 4 rider racing, it was a cakewalk for the riders who transferred as Peter Franolich (Torrington Family Kempo) was just touching the gate in an attempt to get his minimum number of races in for a year end local award. “Double D” Dylan Denette captured the win with “Quick Nick” Frenette second and Alexus Doty third.

In 10 Expert action, in reality it was 9-10x with a 10 Intermediate. Dom Nivolo, the Intermediate was eliminated in the motos which just seems wrong but it’s the rules I guess. Anyway Fin Milton would hold off a very hard charge from Jagur Layman. Hunter Zeiner left the facility with a third place finish in the class. (2 10x’s and 2 9x’s)

Probably the most exciting class was the 15 Expert class (Except for 14 Intermediate Anthony Ingala who was combined into this mix). With 15x Chris Pannullo, 16x Chris Pfeffer and 15x Zac Oneil in the first two rounds and Ian Dickinson and Wes Reel joining them from round three, this should be a great Main event and it was. With O’Neil getting the snap out of the gate and Pannullo also getting a rare decent start, this could quickly become a two rider shootout. All the way around it was O’Neil being chased by Pannullo. Coming out of turn three Chris dove to the inside and completed the pass going into turn four. The final short chutes belonged to Chris as did the hard earned win. Georges Music Center sponsored Chris Pfeffer continued to show tremendous improvement with a solid second while O'Neil held on for third.

As has become the norm in 2012, there were a number of total points races. (Classes with only 3 riders). With perfect scores attained by winning all three rounds were Tommy Mitchell in 9 Novice; Chris Haas in 16 Novice; Jacob Bacis in 10 Cruiser; Steve Hull in 12 Intermediate; Landon Richard in 8 Expert and Denise Classey in 26-30 Girls Cruiser after she scare everybody with her squirrel imitation on the first jump.

Finally in 11 Intermediate total points racing it was Devin Gulyas and Eli Nahom sharing wins in the first two rounds. The ty breaking third round went to Eli.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes