Race Report June 24th, 2012

USABMX race for Life. This was our first one ever and we had no real idea on what to expect. With 43 Riders coming down from Massachusetts, 6 from New York, and 1 each from Rhode Island and New Jersey, coupled with our Connecticut riders, this would be a 120 rider race with 29 motos.

Dylan Barker, 7 year old Novice, was named the Rider of the Week for his efforts last Sunday. He said that Tristan Enquist was his favorite rider.

With no strider riders in the house, we started the beautiful Sunday afternoon off with the 5 & under Novice class. A strong turnout with 7 riders vying for a spot in the 6 rider main event. With Shawn Biello and Callie Atchison transferring in the first round, it would be Mac Zdzairski and Jacob Macnight joining them from round two. The third round qualified both Lexi Wohlers and Cole Barker into the Main Event. Zoey Wohlers was eliminated but it was sure fun watching this little 4 year old try so hard to get around the track. Shawn Biello would win the main event Jacob was second with the third spot going to Callie.

In 6 Novice action, Ethan Hubbard wasted no time in transferring out in round 1. Tristan Enquest, Matt Evanuska and Zach Tuohy joined him from the ensuing rounds. Caden Kennedy would quite make the transfer but sure tried very hard. Ethan kind of ran away with the main with Tristan enjoying a solid second and Matt rounding out the top three.

In 7 Novice action Dane Desena tried very hard but could not make the main event in his first visit to Foothills. Aidan Biello got the job done keeping Dylan Barker and Trevor Neilson behind him in this 5 rider shootout.

Four riders were going for the glory in the 8 yr old Novice class. With Andrew Perkins not making the transfer, the Main event order of finish was Ryan Allgaier, Dan Smulski and Tommy Mitchell.

In the 41-45 Cruiser class (Two riders outside that age window) Bridget Holland-Stone would be the rider not making the main. “Thank God it’s over” she was heard to say as she coasted by the announcer’s tower in the third round. Alan Levin, in what is believed to be his first time ever at Foothills, kept the regulars at bay with a big main event win. Fred Roy made him work for it but could not find a way around him as the main was a two-rider breakaway. The third spot went to “Dead-Eye” Kevin Marchildon.

The 7 yr old Intermediate class had four riders going for the transfer to the three rider main event. With Robbie Webb and Garret Cooper safely in the main, the third round was between Trevor Cooper and James Macnight for the coveted last transfer spot. Garret Cooper had it sewed up, at least going into the rhythm section. Unfortunately, it was the rhythm section that would eat him up. Trevor exploded and the last spot would go to Macnight. In the main, the win would go to a well rested Robbie Webb with Garret and James second and third.

In 9 yr old Intermediate action, Carter Stroh would be a no-show so it was a free ride for Mike Bohlke, Matt Webb and Justin Wilmont. Matt got the win with Justin and Mike second and third.

In 12 yr old Intermediate action, Steven Hull and Griffin Lafluer would qualify in rounds 1 and 2. The third round, where two spots were open, would end up being re-run as determined by the tracks head official. When one rider missed the moto it was determined that the fault rested on the shoulders of Foothills. I assume that was because the rider who missed the moto had just run in the Junior Open only 2 motos previously and had no time to get into staging for this qualifying round. The re-run would qualify both Grayson Funk and Dale Doty leaving Kris Meneses on the bench. Steve Hull, Griffin Lafluer and Grayson Funk were the top three.

A nice turnout in the 15 yr old Intermediate class with 6 riders. Connor Arnold held off the “Iceman” Jon Latourlle for the win. Third went to Rhode Island’s Warren Ortelt.

A full gate of 8 riders in the 17-18 Intermediate class and the action was great. Alex Hubbard won the Main with the second spot going to Liam Stone and Jason Kellogg was scored a third place finish.

11 yr old Experts put on a show as these hot-rods were really racing hard for the 5 positions in the main event. Tom Gladstone and Jeremiah Taylor tangled in round two and both went down really hard. They would come back and both earn the two qualifying spots in round three. Defending track champion, Sky Domain won the main with Dave “The Beast” Albert second and Tom Gladstone salvaging a third.

15 yr old Expert action was fast and furious. Chris Pannullo, enjoying much improved starts, captured the main event win. Second went to Wes Reel, who definitely was close to Chris all the way around, while Dan Delisle grabbed the third spot. It was good to see Dan back on the track.

There were a large number of three rider “Total Points” races. “Perfects” went to Eli Nahom in 11 Novice; Nate Coyman in 10 Cruiser; Jacob Oliver in 13 Cruiser; Azra Milton in 10 Girls; Kyly Milton in 12 Girls; Alexus Doty in 15 Girls; Rochelle Wooding in 28 & Over Girls (Rochelle is 16); Landon Richard in 8 Expert; Nate Coyman in 9 Expert; Casey tanner in 14 Expert and Ben Atchison in 28-35 Expert. In 13 Intermediate, it would be Dylan “Double D” Denette winning two of the three rounds in 13 Intermediate; Corey Heath winning two of three in 14 Novice and the same with Anthony Denovellis in 10 Novice.

I think the race of the day was in the 12 Expert class where Nick Cote’ and Jacob Oliver put on a show in the third round of their total points race. With each winning a round, this was for the top spot. Oliver had the lead in the first half of the track but Nick was all over him. As they headed out of turn 3 up the back stretch, Cote’ got the inside and was set up beautifully for a turn 4 pass. It didn’t really happen and it was handlebar to handle bar through the rhythm section. As they came out of turn 5 and raced up the short-chute, it was Cote’ by less than a wheel at the stripe. It was a great race and disappointing to see the lack of a high five at the end. Both riders raced awesomely.

There was a good sized “money-open” for riders 17 yrs old and over. 12 riders strong and it was fun to watch. The final 8 riders in the main would see 7 of them chasing Answer-Rennen’s Austin Loebe. Austin was uncatchable and he put some first place cash in his pocket. CJ Fisher (FBN Plastics) was second with Jay Johnson third.

In the Junior Open 13 riders were entered. In the main event it was Tyler Coyman and Nate Coyman finishing first and second.
So its Fathers day and it seems that everyone was out celebrating that away from the track. With 61 riders and 16 motos (counting Striders) this was the smallest regular season race ever held at Foothills BMX.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes