Race Report June 28th, 2012

So USABMX is promoting the Olympics through “Olympic Day” events all week across the country at certain tracks. This event does not necessarily fit well with all tracks but to satisfy the desires of mother sanction, Foothills complied and held a night race at a facility with no lighting. To accommodate that, we felt that we needed to schedule the start of the race at 6:00 pm., a time that does not promote a large rider count due to getting people there in time for the early start is very difficult because of work requirements for most families. None the less we had enough riders for 13 motos, certainly a very low rider count but, we had fun.

Only three groupings had enough for 3 rounds of motos plus a main. The other 10 groupings raced for total points.

IN the 6 yr old Novice class there were 4 riders registered. Making the main event were Shawn Biello; Jacob Faunce and Johnny Tomboly. Caleb Harris gave it a good try but did not make the transfer into the main. Caleb is 5 yrs old. In the Main it looked like it would be Jacob Faunce until Shawn Biello made the pass of the night in turn four. Once he got by him there was no catching him. The results were Shawn, Jacob and Johnny.

The biggest class of the night was the 41-45 Cruiser class although the ABA race software (motomaker), does some pairing sometimes that are well outside the age limits indentified in the class title. For example: this range went from 8 yrs old to 46 yrs old with only 3 of the 7 riders falling within the age window of 41-45. Anyway, Tom Johnson, Fred Roy and Garrick Yanosky were thought to be the favorites and it proved to be pretty accurate. Yanosky, after cruising around in the motos, was explosive in the main event and found away past Johnson up the second straight. With the order sorted out by the time they hit the second turn, it would be Yanosky, Johnson and Roy for the top three spots at the stripe.

The 11 Intermediate class was the only other moto with enough riders to avoid total poits racing. With a mix of 11 Intermediates, 10 Intermediates and an 11 yr old novice, it would be Ryan Sweet laying claim to fame for the win. The second spot went to Josh Faunce and Nowh Klemonski earned the third spot.

In total points racing action Tommy Mitchell would ace a perfect in the 8 novice class. Jocelyn Brown did the same in the 17-27 Girls class.

In 7 Intermediate action Robbie Webb continued his dominance with a perfect score.

Denise Classey got it done perfectly in the 26-30 Girls Cruiser class even though she was slightly older than the class definition.

In 9 yr old Intermediate action it was Nick Delbone winning the first round in his first race as an Intermediate after he won for the 8th time as a novice in Trumbull Tuesday night. The second round went to Ryan Allgaier so the tie breaker would be round three where Allgaier got it done.

In the 17-18 Intermediate class it was a flat footed tie after two rounds as all three riders had 4 pts each. The final results would be Cody Marchildon, Josh Santiago and Calum Litke.

In the 9 expert class class it was two against one as Brad Wholers was inserted into this group. Brad is 8 yrs old. Hunter Zeiner and Matt Webb are both 9 yrs old and this would be Matt’s first race ever as an expert after his win in Trumbull earlier this week. Hunter would win the first two rounds while Matt ruined his “perfect” by grabbing the win in round three. Overall it would be Hunter by one point for the overall win.

The 14 expert class was anything but i.e Jon Zeiner (14x); Matt Dillon (13x) and Nick Cote’ (12x). Jon would win the first round but fell off the pace in the ensuing rounds as he simply did not feel very well. Overall it would be “The Marshall” Matt Dillon the winner.

Finally, in 16 expert racing two out of three wins would assure the overall title to “The Jackel” Josh Santiago with Wes Reel second. Georges Music Center sponsored Chris Pfeffer was clearly taking it easy after his crash in Trumbull on Tuesday.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes