Race Report June 3rd, 2012

With a wet week prior to this race day and rain forecast for mid afternoon, the day dawned with cloudless skies and pleasant temperatures. With still smaller crowds than has been the norm in recent years, the adjustment to the ABA way of doing things is becoming more comfortable.

In pre-race ceremonies 6 yr old Novice rider Tristan Enquist was named the rider of the week for his performance on May 20th. Tristan was not lost for words in the Rider Interview and named Dylan Barker as his favorite rider.

With a scheduled gate drop of 12:00 pm and an actual drop at 12:11 pm, things were running pretty smoothly to beat the rain forecasted a little later on. (Although the skies were still completely without clouds)
The moto count was only 26 but the action was pretty fast and furious.

In the 7 rider 5 & under Novice division, the transfer would be 2 riders from each of the three motos. Of course once you finish in the top two in this situation, you sit out until the Main event. In the first round both Dave Thompson and Shawn Biello made the cut. The second round saw Mac Zdziarski and Brady Carlson qualify for the main. In the third round it would be Alexander Donegan, after self destructing in the 2nd round and Mac Zdzairski making up the two qualifying positions, but wait, Mac had already made the transfer after the second round. OOPS! So now, after realizing it was partially our fault as he should probably have been stopped in the staging area, the honorable thing to do was to disqualify Mac from the third round and take the 2nd and 3rd place finishers which is what we did. This gave the last transfer spot to Cole Barker. With all the confusion settled out, the Main event would see Dave Thompson winning with Shawn Biello second and Mac Zdzairski third. Alex Donegan hopes for a better time next week as he would wreck again in the main.

The pressure was on our reigning rider of the week Tristan Enquist to show that his winning on May 20th was no fluke. With Ethan Hubbard dominating the first round of the 6 yr old Novice class, Tristan would have to wait until the second round to qualify. Taking two more riders from the third round, the four rider main event saw Tristan pull off the win with Matt Evanuska edging out Ethan for the second spot.

Seven riders in the 7 Novice class were vying hard for the six available spots in the main event. New rider Jana Wilkinson, tried very hard but would be the rider not making the cut. Ethan Hine, local boy from Torrington, won the main event; Addison Miller earned a nice second place finish with the third spot going to Aidan Biello.

Rylan Carlson would win the 8 Novice class today with Dan Smulski in hot pursuit and a nice third place finish for Tommy Mitchell.

In 10 Novice action maybe the best move of the day occurred. Ethan Wilke was leading going into the last turn when he left the inside door wide open for Andrew Thomson to sneak in and steal the win. Ryan Hayes finished third.

In the 12 yr old Cruiser class Nick Cote’ was the first to transfer out of his motos and, after a sweet move in turn one, probably the favorite to capture the main event win in most people’s mind. Well, Jacob Oliver would quickly stop that train of thought as he transferred out in the second round and got the job done in the Main event. Nick had to settle for the second spot by holding off the hard-charge from third place finisher Dave Albert.

In 36-40 yr old Cruiser racing Scott Botelho would put a sweet move on Greg Slone in round one to earn the transfer to the main. Greg joined him after the second round with Angela Therriault holding off James Hayes for the last transfer spot. In the Main it was Slone, Botelho and Therriault in that order.

The 41-45 Cruiser class was interesting with the return of Robert “Moose” Delamare to Foothills after a 4 year absence. After Freddy Roy transferred out in round one, Moose made it in the second round joined by Kevin “Deadeye” Marchildon after round three. Delamare would lead the Main Event charge down the first three straights but, in turn three, Roy dove to the inside and kept that line down the back stretch taking over the lead entering turn four. The gas tank hit empty for Delamare and he coasted to a second place finish with “Dead_Eye” third.

The 17-27 Girls Cruiser class featured Angela Therriault holding off Jayna Roy for the win. Nicole Milton, looking a trim as ever after giving birth this past winter, finished third.

There were a good number of Intermediates in the house and, starting with the 7 yr old class, “Spider-Mite” Robbie Webb, after finishing second behind Luke Hammerquist in the first round, held off this Weymouth Massachusetts Hot-Rod in the Main event, Luke, had all he could handle holding off third place rider Garret Cooper.

In 11 Intermediate action, Ethan Russell-Ward had little difficulty in winning the Main event. It looked like Noah Klemonski had it made; at least for the second spot but he would crash hard in the final turn giving the second spot to Ryan Sweet. Dustin Souza inherited the third spot.

Next up were the 12 yr old Intermediates. Jeremy Estrella clearly had fun all day long laying out some impressive air time during practice. His fun continued with the Main win. Steven Hull was a close second with Dallas Tuttle enjoying a solid third.

The 13 yr old Intermediate grouping saw the closest finish of the day. From the announcers tower, both Matt Dillon and Grant Untiedt were absolutely tied. The scorers at the finish line, with a better view of the finish, determined it was Dillon by a whisker. The third spot went to Scott Thomson. Peter Franolich, with a new sponsor Torrington family Kempo, just missed making the transfer.

7 riders made up the field for the 17-18 Intermediate class. “The Jackel” Josh Santiago captured the win. Georges Music Center sponsored Chris Pfeffer was a close second with the third spot going to Alex Hubbard.

In the Expert Classes, Fin Milton and Hunter Zeiner put on a good show with Milton coming out on top. Hunter was second and “The Secret Agent”, with a cool 007 number plate, Robert Moultry was third.

In 13 Expert action Jacob Oliver, “D-Man” Dave Moody and Nick Cote’ would battle hard and finish in that exact order.

15 yr old Experts saw the “Fluorescent Flyer”, Casey Tanner ace the win. Chris Pannullo gave him all he could handle but settled for second on this day. Third went to a much improved Wes Reel. Austin Andrews, a 14 yr old Intermediate, was thrown into this mix and gave a great effort.

36-40 Experts saw Brian Santos, using this as a warm up to an expected large Money Open race next weekend, edge out Scott Merenda for the win. Jason Gladstone was third.

There were a number of classes going for total points with only three riders in them. All but one class the winners were perfect in all three rounds. They included Derek Fantano in 8 & Under Cruiser; Chris Pfeffer in 16 Cruiser; Ashley Asselin in 10 yr old Girls; Kyly Milton in 12 yr old Girls; Alexus Doty in 14 yr old Girls; Matt Webb in 9 yr old Intermediates and “Jumpin” Jeremiah Taylor in 10 Expert.
The 11 yr old Expert class saw Anthony Tortarella and Tom Gladstone trade wins with the deciding third round going to Tortarella.

One hour after the last Main Event, the skies opened up and the prediicted rain arrived. Weather permitting, there will be a gate practice tonight (Monday)

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes