Race Report May 13th, 2012

Week number two and wow, what a difference a week makes. We went from 138 riders and a two hour late start to a count of 119 riders with a 10 minute late start. Nice improvement and not a bad rider count in lieu of the fact there was a Red Line cup race in nearby Howell New Jersey.

With Foothills regular announcer Lou Mota at the New Jersey event, an old friend Rog Plaskett was asked to fill in on the mike. He was okay but we all look forward to Lou’s return next week.

First up today was naming a Rider Of The Week. For his efforts last week Shawn Biello was selected. He was not lost for words. When asked who his favorite rider was he named his brother without hesitation. Moments later he said his brother had no chance of winning today, he still considered him his favorite.

The five and under Novice class (Shawn’s group) was first off the hill and they did not disappoint with a full gate of eight riders registered and locked and loaded. In the first round both David Thompson and Shawn would earn the qualifying spots. The second round saw Brady Carlson and Dom Maynard make the transfer to the main event. In the third round Cole Barker, Caleb Harris and Ian Asselin would transfer rounding out the field in the seven rider main event. When the dust settled it was Dave Thompson winning it with Dom Maynard second. Brady Carlson would crash hard but be okay.

In 6 year old Novice action Matt Evanuska won his first moto allowing him to sit out and watch for who would join him in the main event. Ethan Hubbard would transfer from the second round and he would pull off the upset win in the main event. Evanuska settled for a second while Johnathan Young grabbed the third spot.

With two groups of 7 yr old Novices it is always exciting and confusing regarding the combining of motos in the third round. When all was aid and done, it would be Vinny Delorenzo grabbing the big win. Ian Hayes was second with Ethan Hine finishing third.

With Tommy Mitchell, Rylan Carlson and Kyle Lyman all transferring out of the 8 Novice motos with wins, the main event would see Kyle Lyman getting the job done with Tommy Mitchell second and Derek Wood would steal away the third spot after Rylan Carlson crashed.

Robbie Webb took care of business in the 7 yr old Intermediate class and Garret Cooper and Matt Bacis could only watch it happen.

Arefin Milton took care of business in the 10 Expert division. “Jumpin” Jeremiah Taylor was a close second with Jacob Bacis third.

Just like his brother before him, Matt Webb sun his way to another win in the 9 yr old Intermediate class. Victor Alves put forth a nice effort for a solid second place finish with the third spot going to Danny DesMarais.

The “Marshall” Matt Dillon got-er done in the 13 Intermediate class. Alexus Doty was second with the third spot going to Peter Franolich who really put in a nice effort.

Nine rider made up the field of 17-18 yr old Intermediates. At least that was the name of the class but, in reality, it was made up of 16 yr old Intermediate, Novices and Experts along with 17 and 18 yr olds. When all was said and done it was Chris Pfeffer…WHAT? Yes, Georges Music Center's Chris Pfeffer who would school the competition and win the main event. WOW!

Ashley Asselin won the 10 yr old Girls class as she managed to keep Ashley Jasensky and Bella Delorenzo behind her. Gianna Spina, looking much improved this year, jst missed making the transfer to the Main event.

In 26-30 Cruiser action, it would be Jason Chamis, just managing to stay ahead of a much older Greg Slone.

The biggest surprise of the day came in the 41-45 Cruiser class with the win going to none other than Mike Savage. No surprise at all that he won, the surprise was that he was here. We haven’t seen Mike in a number of years and its was great to see him on the grey clay of Foothills. Fred Roy was second. Good effort from Denise Classey. Not bad for a girl Denise!

In 15 Expert action, Chris Pannullo, after having to wait till the second round to transfer, did the winning deed in the main event with a win. Wes Reel was second with Kryptonite’s Josh Blanquart third.

There were a number of classes going for total points and the 9 novice gang saw Nick Delbone revor from a last place first round finish to first overall. Second went to Ryan Hayes with third going to Jorn Layman.

In 10 Novice action Andrew Thomson would ace the perfect with Aiden Oulette second and Trey Albini third.

Noah Klemonski did the same in the 11 Novice class with Mike Steinbacher settling for second all day long. Third was Devin Gulyas.

In 13 Novice racing it was Nick Frenette, Damon Bachand and Kate Mehl the order in all three rounds of action.

Landon Richard got the best of Sam Degrange and Derek Fantano in the 8 Expert group.

Matt Rowe, Ed Lentz nd Connor Calarco was the order in 11 yr old Intermediates total pints racing.

In 12 yr old Intermediate action Steven Hull and Ben Bachand traded wins. The third round for the gold would see Hull on top with Bachand second. Third place went to Dale Doty.

Trevor Fox got it done in the 14 yr olds Intermediate class. Connor Arnold and Travis Walsh were next in that order. Connor had a great chance for the overall win but totally self-destructed in turn four while in the lead. For Trevor, some were saying that this day was the best he has looked, possibly ever!

LATE UPDATE: Just got word that Trevor broke his Tibia/Fibia at school jumping hurdles and has undergone surgery. Terrible News!

Azra Milton and Genevieve Asselin would battle hard in the 8 yr old Girls grouping. It took until the third round to settle the score which resulted in Genevieve coming out on top. Azra was second and Callie Atchison was third.

In 12 yr old Girls action, reigning track champion Kyly Milton had to use her best efforts to stay in front of Hannah Balnquart (Kryptonite) and Chloe Arnold.

Derek Fantano, easily won the 8 & under Cruiser class. Rylan Carlso and Ian Hayes would finish second and third.

Jacob Bacis won the 10 Cruiser class. Jagur layman was a close second while Ryan Hayes finished third.

Flying the green OFR colors Josh Wedge won the 19-27 Expert class with Nate Basile and Jim Ferris in tow.

Ben Atchison, after dialing in the track the day before, looked smooth as he aced a prefect in the 28-35 Expert class. Don Hottes and Steven Maynard were second and third.

Finally Garrick Yanosky would hold off Mike Sigrist and Mike Savage in 41 & over expert action.


In the annual Mothers Day race, there were six mod-moms willing to test their skills on the track. Unfortunately, one would fall and injure her knee severely enough to require surgery. Compounded this would be the fact that it is our very own Track Clerk, Amnanda Hubbard, who is now out of action for awhile. The winner was Jill Jenner, who returned made her return for the first time after winning the Tarck Championship in 1999. That was three children ago!

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes