Race Report May 20th, 2012

This would be our Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race. Unfortunately, through the evolution of this sport, not many people are around it anymore that remember Bob Warnicke or even understand his legacy. I first met Bob in 1992 when he was vice president of The National Bicycle League. He and I were the same age and we hit it off pretty good and became friends for 2 short years. Bob lived in New Jersey and raced for a team called D.J.’s. Bob always had a vision about the growth of BMX and saw television exposure as a great stairway into that potential growth. Through his vision and hard work, he was able to secure a 5 year contract with an upstart television network based in Bristol Connecticut called ESPN2. In the early days of ESPN2 they were kind of the MTV of the sports world. Bob asked me if I would try out to be a color commentator and work with a fellow named Dan Debenham, who had been on a show on TV called Scholastic Sports America. This show ran from 1986 thru 2001.

I met with the producer of the show and answered all of his questions perfectly. I did sense he was uncomfortable somewhat with me however. Bob called me that night and asked how it went. When I told him about the uneasiness that I sensed and suspected it might be an age thing he called the producer. Sure enough, they were looking for someone with a backwards cap, maybe earrings, and really hip and upbeat. Well, here I was for the interview in a business suit with a new hairdo. So, to make a story short, they went with Doug Luden, another New Jersey guy and he was really great and the show was pretty good. It was called “The Road To Glory Series”.

On the night of November 15th, 1994, Bob, after a normal day, kissed his wife Maureen good night, told her he loved her and went to sleep. He simply never woke up. Bob Warnicke had passed away at 48 years old. This was a lose that would shake the foundation of the NBL for years. Linda Dorsey and I dedicated the Christmas Classic to him that year and, as a tribute, we played Boys to Men’s song “It’s so hard to say goodbye”. Wow that was hard to listen to.

As a tribute to this wonderful individual, the NBL, in 1995 established the Bob Warnicke Scholarship Fund. The scholarship program preserves Bob Warnicke's legacy of love by contributing to the futures of deserving NBL members in his name. Starting in 2004, the Fund had grown so that $22,000 was given annually to ten deserving college bound BMX’ers.

Bob Warnicke was inducted into the NBL Hall of Fame at Competition Congress in 2007.

We are proud to be part of that continuing legacy and are glad that the ABA has decided to continue with it. We thank everyone who supported us and the fund today.

So it was a very nice turnout with 133 riders split into 36 motos.

The 5 & under Novice class had its usual good supply of racers with 9 of them in the house. Split into two groups it would be Cole Barker, Shawn Biello, Colin Bourque and Zoey Wohlers making the transfer out of the first two rounds. With the remaining 5 riders combined into one group, the odd man out would be Dom Maynard. When the main was run it was Collin Borque, Dave Thompson and Shawn Biello rounding out the top 3.

The 6 year old Novice class had 5 entrants. When the main event dust settled in it was Tristan Enquist, who didn’t even qualify until the third round, winning the main event. Second was Matt Evanuska with Johnathan Young finishing third.

Last week Shawn Biello was named the rider of the week and in an interview, he claimed his brother Aiden as his favorite rider. He added that Aiden had no chance of winning, but was his favorite none the less. Well this week Aiden transferred in the first round, sat all day and came out on fire to win the main event. Dylan Barker looked good and finished 2nd with 3rd going to Alex Bernard.

In 8 Novice action, it was Kyle Lyman qualifying for the main in the first round, sitting, then coming out and winning the main event. 3rd round winner Tommy Mitchell finished second while Derek Wood slid into the 3rd spot.

In11 Novice action Noah Klemonski won the 1st round, Dante Gonzalez the 2nd and the 3rd round went to Mike Steinbacher. With that said, it was that exact same order rounding out the main event.

In 41 to 45 Cruiser action, Jeff Badendyck and Fred Roy transferred out in the first round of their split moto. It would take until the 2nd round for Greg Slone to make the transfer. In the main event it was figured that it would be a 2 rider shootout between Roy and Badendyck. Well it was that predicted shootout but, as it turned out, that would be for 2nd spot as Greg Slone did the dirty deed and won the main. Badendyck was 2nd with Roy 3rd.

A nice turnout of 9 year old girls with 5 of them going for the glory. Avery Badendyck would be todays champion with Haley Denette 2nd and Azra Milton settling into the 3rd spot.

In the 16 year old girls class, the worst wreck of the day occurred in the main event. Nicvole O’Connor put the team Aggro colors in the transfer spot in round 1. With Jayna Roy, Curry Nelson and Angela Therriault joining her for the main, it was disaster for Nicole as she went down hard after tangling with Currey Nelson. The win went to Angela Therriault with 2nd going to Jayna Roy. As scary as it looked, it was rumored that all were ok.

In 7 yr old Intermediate action, Just as it was the week before, Spider-mite Robbie Webb was the “Dominator” in this one as he easily won the main. A great effort by Garret Cooper for the 2nd spot with 3rd going to Trevor Cooper.

In the 9 year old Intermediate class, not to be outdone by his kid bro, it was Matt Webb duplicating the rider of Robbie as he won his main event. Dan DesMarais enjoyed a solid 2nd with Dom Nivolo grabbing position #3.

In 10 year old Intermediate action, Robert Hart, all the way from Mohegan Lake New York, would capture the main event. Giovani Torres was 2nd with the third spot going to Dustin Souza.

Steven Hull waited until the 2nd round to make the cut into the 12 yr old Intermediate class but wasted no time in hitting the turbo charger for the main event. He earned the top spot with Griffin “The Player” Lafluer 2nd and Nick Frenette 3rd.

In keeping law and order it was “The Marshall” Matt Dillon, keeping the rest of the 13 yr old Intermediates behind him like a posse as he won the main. “Double D” Dylan Denette was 2nd with Julian Roberge 3rd.

Connor Arnold looked sharp as he got it done in the 14 yr old Intermediate grouping. Jake Wallack 2nd with 3rd going to Austin Andrews.

In the 17-18 Intermediate class the big quiet guy, Justin Thompson, showed the skills learned after paying his dues for so many seasons as he was unbeatable. John Devino settled for the 2nd spot with Cody Marchildon 3rd.

In 14 yr old Expert racing Jake Pirulli and Casey Tanner were the 2 favorites and it would be Jake this day with Casey a close 2nd. 3rd would go to Aggro’s Jack Pagano.

19-27 Expert and wow, there were 7 in the house. Josh Wedge got the hard earned win, Shaun O’Connor was 2nd with Steve Scibelli 3rd.

As is becoming the norm, there were 17 classes that only had 3 riders hence, total points racing. They include the following:

In 9 Novice action it was Nick Delbone, Tobey Barlow and Lou Schuttinger going 1,2,3 in all 3 rounds.

!2 Novice action saw Hailee Lemke win the first two round but Ramon Guerra would ruin her perfect by winning the third round. Hailee would still be the overall winner with Lemke 2nd and Cody Gagnon 3rd.

12 yr old Cruiser action was anything but as only Jacob Oliver fit the age bracket. Brad Wohlers and Derek Fantano were bracketed with him so the order would be Oliver, Fantano and Wohlers each time out.

Jake Pirulli, Ian Dickinson and Drew Scheinost went 1,2,3 each time out in the 15 yr old Cruiser class.

The 12 yr old Girls class saw Kyly Milton ace a perfect with Chloe Arnold 2nd and Helen Elizondo 3rd.

In 15 Girls action it was great to see Michaela Groves back on the track. She earned a 1st round win but the next 2 belonged to Schenectady New York’s Jena Sagendorf. Jena would capture the overall win with Michaela 2nd and Alexus Doty 3rd. Now, in all fairness, Alexus is 13 yrs old racing with the 14 and 15 yr olds.

!0 Expert Jeremiah Taylor raced two 11 yr old Intermediates and, with little problem, showed off the difference between the two proficiency levels. Taylor won it with Matt Rowe and Ed Lentz 2nd and 3rd.

Wes Reel aced a perfect 3 wins in 15 yr old Intermediate action as he kept Drew Scheinost and Ty Montgomery at bay all afternoon.

Antonio Costa won the 16 yr old Intermediate class with 3 wins while Chris Haas and Darren Zimmerman traded 2nd place finishes. Overall is was Costa, Zimmerman and Haas the official order of finish for the day.

In 41 & over Intermediate action Will Scheinost won the first round, felt so good about himself, he pushed it hard in the next round and crashed in turn 3. Overall it would be Glenn Laurie, Scheinost and Rob Schuttinger in that order.

Landon Richard continued his dominance in the 8 yr old Expert class by beating 2nd place finisher Brad Wohlers and Sam Degrange.

Fin Milton, no matter what the sanction is, seems to have Foothills dialed in. He won all 3 rounds of 9 Expert action with Chris Mandville and Hunter Zeiner finishing 2nd and 3rd.

Jacob Oliver, Nick Cote’ and Dave Albert were the order in all 3 rounds of 12 Expert racing.

In 15 Expert it would also be the same order of finishes in each round with Chris Pannullo having it all his way over Ian Dickinson and Nathan MacDonald.

The “Mod_Squad” 16 yr old Experts, it was a good battle with a different order in each round. Overall it would be the two wins of Kryponite’s Brandon Hunt that would determine the over winner. 2nd went to Josh Santiago while Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) finish a close 3rd.

In 41 & over Expert it was Jeff Badendyck getting it done fairly easily with Kevin MacDonald and Peter Cooper battling for the second spot which eventually went to MacDonald.

This class was called 26-30 Girls when, in reality, 14 yr old Jena Sagendorf would win it with 40 something Denise Classey second and Bridget Holland-Stone (age too old to mention) finishing 3rd.

There was a “money Open” class today and it was an impressive lineup of 8 riders. When all was said and done it would be Josh Wedge going home with some cash, Shawn O’Connor 2nd place money and 3rd went to Javery Hattat.

Remember gang, no racing next week. See you on June 3rd.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes