Race Report May 6th, 2012

Week number one of a brand new era is come and gone. Some say “Thank Goodness!” A new staff, a new sanction, a new computer program and a ton of new riders equaled a two hour late start and certainly not what we had hoped for.
On the bright side, we certainly appreciated the patience shown by everyone there as 138 riders is nothing to sneeze at. We promise to strive for on time starts.

So. When the racing finally did start, the 5 & under Novice class was first up and it would be a good size group with 9 riders for the 7 available positions in the Main event. They were split into 2 groups with 1 rider each moto transferring to the main from the first two rounds of motos. The third round would combine the 6 remaining riders into one group with the top 4 transferring into the main joining the other 3 who had previously transferred. The results from the exciting main event was Shawn Biello winning the class, second went to Johnathan Young while third went to Caleb Harris. It still was a great effort by the two riders who did not make the cut this week; Alex Donegan and 4 yr old Jack Garritty.

Six riders made up the six year old Novice class and the Domination of this group would go to Jacob Merenda, with riding skills far surpassing those exhibited by his dad. A solid second place effort belonged to Matt Evanuska and also nice riding by third place finisher Tristan Enquist.

A full gate of eight riders made up the 7 Novice class Main Event. These survivors from the original ten who were registered had a great run with Torrington’s own Ethan Hine going home with the top prize with Massachusetts rider Alex Bernard earning second and Austin Cole salvaging a nice third.

In the 8 yr old Novice group, four riders became three after the motos were run and it was Rylan Carlson, Kyle Lyman and Tommy Mitchell finishing one-two-three.

The 9 Novice class was the same deal and that one would be Dominic Nivolo, Jorn Layman and Dillon O’Brien across the stripe in the order in the Main.

Five rides made up the 11 Novice class, all vying for the four open spots in the main event. The hard luck guy would be Jaisun Chucta as he didn’t make the transfer out of the motos. The Main winner was Noah Klemonski with Dante Gonzalez and Mike Steinbacher rounding out the top three.

“Quick-Nick” Frenette would be the top point’s winner in the 14 Novice Total Points race with Nick Brown and Cody Gagnon in tow behind him.

Spider-Mite Robbie Webb got it done in the 7 Intermediate class with New Yorks Aiden Badendyck and Garret Cooper finishing second and third. All three riders have raced each other before so this could be fun to watch this summer. Trevor Cooper is hoping for better next time out as he was eliminated in the motos.

Another group that featured three riders very familiar with each other was the 10 yr old Intermediate class. Matt Webb, just as his brother had done moments earlier, won the class with Ethan Russell-Ward and Dusty Souza second and third.

The six rider’s registered in the 12 yr old Intermediate group were battling hard all day for those coveted five spots in the main. With Ed Lentz getting eliminated in the motos the main would see Steven Hull as the top gun. Second went to Dallas Tuttle while Jeremy Estrella was finishing third.

In the Main Event for the 13 yr old Intermediate class “The Marshall” Matt Dillon getting the best of Matt Higgs and Scott Thomson.

“The Reel Deal” Wes Reel won the 15 yr old Intermediate group as he managed to keep Trevor Fox and Connor Arnold behind him in what was a “reel” exciting group to watch. Bryce vallie is hoping to do better next time out.

A tough day for Chris Haas in the 16 yr old Intermediate class as he failed to transfer to the main which was won by a strong effort from Dave Lamb. He was able to hold off John Devino and Tyler Sypit.
A lot of three rider Total Point races would follow and 17-18 yr old Intermediates saw Justin Thompson Hold off a hard-charge from Cody Marchildon and former Track Champion, Angela Therriault.
The 9 yr old Girls class saw Avery Badendyck, riding out of New York, get the best of a local favorite Ashley Jasensky and 7 yr old Azra Milton.

Reigning Track Champion Kyly Milton had no trouble picking up where she left off last year with a win in the 13 yr old Girls class. Alexus Doty and Gianna Spina were second and third. Gianna, at only 10 yrs old, had a great attitude about racing the older and more experienced girls.

Total Points continued with our National Champion Rochelle Wooding, in a rare appearance here at Foothills BMX winning the 16 yr old Girls class. Autumn Classey and Jenn Cote’ settled for second and third.

Moving into the cruiser division, the 10 yr old Cruiser class saw Landon Pease, from Belchertown Ma., get the best of our locals Alex Kuehn and Derek Fantano. Also a local rider Rylan Carlson felt the sting of the new system as he watched the Main from the sidelines.

Congratulations to Nick Cote’, the winner in the 12 yr old Cruiser class. Jacob Oliver and Jon Moura would settle into the second and third spots. Dallas Tuttle rode the pines during the Main.

Ian Dickinson did the same to Bryce Vallie and Jake Layman in the 15 yr old Cruiser class. This was a Total Points Race.

Also going for Total Points, In 31-35 Cruiser action, Ted Faulise could only shake his head after trying his hardest but watching Greg Slone and Tom Kuehn pull away into the distance with Kuehn being the overall winner.

In 41-45 cruiser, Butch Feitel was odd man out as this 53 year old could not match the efforts of the younger guys this day. The main saw New York’s Jeff Badendyck getting the job done with Fred Roy and Kevin Marchildon second and third.

Moving into the Experts there were 40 of these hot-rods in the house. They were split into 8 groups. The first to run was the 8 yr olds and it would be Landon Richard capping off his day with a sweet Main Event win. Sam DeGrange was second with the third spot going to Derek Fantano.

The four 9 yr old Experts battled hard for the three available spots in the Main with Chris Mandeville the odd man out. The win was a big one for Nate Coyman as he stayed in front of both Hunter Zeiner and Fin Milton. Not an easy task for sure.

Total Points on the line for the 10 Expert class and it was Alex Kuehn outscoring Landon Pease and Jagur Layman.

Seven riders made up the field for the 12 Expert class. After the qualifying motos the Main Event saw Nick Cote’ waking up his father by acing a big win. Justin-Time for Justin Boissonneault to score a second place finish by staying just ahead of Jacob Oliver.

From Holmes New York it was Casey Tanner again grabbing a 14 Expert win. A nice second for Doug Cable while Jon Zeiner held onto third.

Total Points Racing action for the “Mod-Squad” (16 Expert) and whoa, a 15 yr old put the hurt moves on them as Chris Pannullo beat both Chris Pfeffer and Josh Santiago every time out.

19-27 yr old Experts featured a five rider Main vent and no surprise, Josh Wedge, now 19 yrs old and in tremendous shape, easily won the Main. Hanging in for a second was Cody Buck, all the way from Catamount BMX and Nate Basile was third, making a nice come-back from his first round crash in the new rhythm section.

In 36-40 Expert action it was Don Hottes, after announcing to this reporter that he was engaged to our 1999 Track Champion Jill Jenner, won the Total Points Race. Scott Merenda finished second with Nicole Milton, looking amazing after giving birth last fall, finishing third.

Bringing the curtain down on this long but action packed day was the 41 & over Expert class. Garrick Yanosky managed to stay in front of Mike Sigrist with the third spot going to Peter Cooper.

Whew, week number one is now history and in the record books. It was a great race to build on. Hopefully we see each and every one of back here again real soon.

So long for now.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes