Race Report September 9th, 2012

The final week of the season was a true test of the resilience of the Foothills track and the staff who maintains it. With nearly 4 inches of rain falling in the last 48 hours, the track was in dire need of some significant repair on Sunday morning. In anticipation of those conditions, it was Broad-texted that we would start at 1:00 pm giving us an extra hour to get the track ready.

Using this race as a “Dress Rehearsal” for the upcoming State Championship, the staff was a little divided on whether to attempt the repair or throw in the towel for the day. Most had never experienced a major mid-season rain and what would be required but all pulled together, rolled up sleeves, manned shovels and rakes and got the job done in time for an on-time start for both practice and racing.

By the time racing started the track had firmed up very nicely and was in pretty good shape for some exciting racing.

We started by naming 6 yr old Novice Johnny Tomboly as the Rider_Of-The_Week form the August 26th race. He named Pierce Curtis as his favorite BMX’er.

The day featured 23 motos and started with a nice group of eager 7 year old Novices. Unfortunately for 5 year old Mac Zdzairski, he would be combined with these much older riders and would be the odd rider out not making the Main event. Moto winners were Trevor Nielson, Ryan Corrigan and Jana Wilkinson. The Main win would go to a determined Trevor Nielson with Matt Evanuska second while Tristan Enquist finished third.

The next moto with enough riders to avoid the three-rider total point’s scenario was the 4 rider 6 year old Intermediate class. Again it would be a younger rider being combined with older riders who would suffer the cut in the motos. This time it was 5 year old Shawn Biello forced to sit out and watch the main. Trevor Cooper, the first to qualify for the Main event would be the rider to win it. Ethan Hubbard looked good and finished second while the third spot went to a great effort from Danny Calarco.

There were also 4 riders in the 8 year old Intermediate class with 2 of them being 7 yr old Experts. With the 2 Experts (Robbie Webb and Pat O’Brien) qualifying in the first two rounds, Ian Hayes would edge out Tommy Mitchell for the last spot. In the Main it was a two rider breakaway as Robbie and Pat were really going handlebar to handlebar. It couldn’t have been closer as they entered turn three when, right behind the announcer’s tower, both went down in flames. Ian Hayes, upon seeing what happened a good distance in front of him, got on the jammies and rode his way through the wreckage. Pat was the first to get up but Ian was too far ahead and notched a nice win. Pat settled for second with Robbie coasting in for third.

The 17-18 Intermediate class was mixed with a 16 yr old Expert, two 16 year old Intermediates, to go with the three “pure” riders in the 6 rider class. “Spanky” Chris Pfeffer (16 Expert) won the first moto with Josh Thans (17 Intermediate) winning the second. Tyler Cortis was our third round winner but, when the dust settled, it was Pfeffer winning the main with Ty second and Thans third.

In 9 year old Expert action and with no other 9 year old Intermediates in the house, Nick Delbone had it tough as he was forced to race three pretty fast hot-rods. Nick could not qualify but sure put in a great try. The main win would go to Fin Milton with Matt Webb in Derek Fantano in hot pursuit.

Combining continues in the 13 year old Expert class with the only 13 Expert was the one that won it. Matt (The Marshall) Dillon got the job done with his posse’ made up of second place finisher Matt Higgs (13 Inter)and third place finisher Jon Moura (12X). 12 year old Intermediate Connor Calarco gave it a good try but did not qualify.

The last group with enough riders to have a Main was the 41-45 Girls Cruiser class. With three ladies going for the Main event glory it would be Denise Classey crossing the stripe first. Second went to Gina Layman while the third spot went to a very tired Bridget Holland-Stone who, if there was a bucket nearby, may have spewed her lunch into it.

In the three rider Total Points classes Mason Blackburn aced a perfect in 8 year old Novice action and was named Rider-Of-The-Week for his efforts. In the interview he named AA Pro Mike Day as his favorite rider.

Also perfect for the day was 11 year old Novice rider Devin Gulyas who, with this win, moves up to the Intermediate class. When he does, he will be sporting the Overthrow Gear colors as he was picked up for their team. Way to go Dev.

Lewis Cianfarani, in only his second time ever at Foothills, was perfect in 13 Novice action.

Matt Higgs was unbeatable in the 13 year old Cruiser division today.
Greg Slone and Chris Therriault shared wins in the 26-30 Cruiser class. Chris is 14 years old. Two of three for Slone gave him the overall win.

A big dude indeed is Jeff Badendyck but this guy can ride. He had more than enough to defeat Fred Roy and Art Corrigan in the 41-45 Cruiser class.

Jeff Badendyck was not the only one of that family to ace a perfect score as his daughter Avery did the deed in 9 year old Girls action.
Defending Track Champion Kyly Milton was also perfect in 13 Girls racing as was Michaela Groves in the 16 Year old Girls class.

18 year old Angela Therriault got the job done in 28 & over Girls Total Points action.

“Perfects” continued today with Garret Cooper earning one in the 7 year old Intermediate class.

In the three rider 11 year old Intermediate class Dominic Nivolo took a pretty nasty tumble in the second round after winning the first round. He would come back and win round three and that was enough for the overall title.

In 11 year old Expert action Scotty Barnikow and Hunter Zeiner each enjoyed a moto win but it was two of three for Scotty, good enough for the overall win.

Chris Therriault had no problem in the 14 Expert class and he won every round.

In 15 Expert action it was Chris Pannullo and Jake Pirulli trading wins with Chris winning the decisive third round.

Finally just as he was unbeatable on the Cruiser, Jeff Badendyck was the same on a 20” as he aced his second perfect of the day in 41 & over expert.

Our next race is on September 23rd and is the State Championship.

For a complete listing of all of todays finishes