August 11th, 2013

So is today a Race For Life? Is it a Double Pointer or Single Pointer? Is the track even open?

So yes, we really screwed this one up. For that we cannot apologize enough. We have found that our schedule was changed between April 9th and April 13th but the exact details of the reason for the change remain a mystery. All we can say is that we will learn from this and put measures into place for next season to assure this type of SNAFU cannot re-occur.

So it ended up being a Single Point Race For Life and we do understand that some thought it was a Double District Pointer and made the trip to Torrington because of that. All we can offer is that it was a beautiful day for racing and all for a good cause. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Societies quest to find a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma are reason enough to come out and support these fund-raising races. For more than sixty years, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) has supported groundbreaking and lifesaving research. We will all benefit by their efforts at some point in our lives.

With a sparse 77 riders registered they were split into 18 motos and the day was exciting even though it was rather short.

Before we started, our Rider-Of-The-Week for August 4th was named and it was a long time coming for 6 year old novice rider Noah Anderson. After 11 weeks of trying he finally got his first Foothills BMX win. Noah named Brady Carlson as his favorite racer.

So in the 5 & under Novice class we had 5 riders registered. It’s always sad to see one get eliminated but, that is the rule that we are bound to abide by. I sure hope they change on the local level someday soon. Anyway, this week it was Kayla Barker, our Infinity Music Therapy sponsored rider who missed the cut despite a great effort. A well rested Chris Strandberg, after sitting out the 2nd and 3rd rounds because he qualified out of the 1st round, won today’s main event. Dan Smith, our point’s leader in this class, was second. The third spot went to Elena Curtis.

In 6 year old novice action Mason Jacquier was the first to qualify while it wasn’t until round two that Noah Anderson would make it out. Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) had a tough day and missed making the main. So far this year, it seems that nearly every week the rider named Rider-Of-The-Week comes through the week he was named. It happened yet again today with Noah Anderson laying claim to fame by making it two wins in two weeks here at Foothills. Mason settled for 2nd place while Brady Carlson rode to a third place finish.

It was another strong novice turnout in the 7 year old class with 5 riders going for the glory. Natalie Hayes, who just doesn’t race at Foothills enough, missed the cut in only her second appearance here in Torrington this season. Kayden Smith powered his way to the checkered flag in the top spot. Owen Annonson enjoyed his third consecutive second place finish while Richard Castaldi III was third.

The largest class of the day was the 9 year old novice group with a full gate of 8 riders including an 8 year old. Unfortunately Asher Smith just turned 8 only a week ago so it would be tough going for him and he did not qualify. Alden Guzy, all the way from Ridgefield, won the main event in his first trip to Foothills ever! Derek Wood came close this week but had to settle for 2nd place while James McCormack, also making his first appearance, earned a hard fought 3rd place. It was good to see Pierce Curtis back on his bike after some scary events regarding his ankle earlier in the week. “Fierce Pierce” looked a little hobbled but should be fine soon.

In the 10 year old Cruiser class there was some adjusting done in the spirit of fairness. The computer had inserted 10 year old Ryan Hayes in the 41-45 class as the 9 year old class already had three riders. (two 9’s and one 8) We moved Ryan to the 9 year old class making it a “10 year old Cruiser class. It was won by Landon Richard with Tyler Bailey finishing in the second spot while Ryan managed a third. Ian Hayes just missed qualifying for the main.

Next was the 41-45 Cruiser class and, because of the previously mentioned edit, was now a total points race. Rick Marceau, who is rarely seen at Foothills these days looked sharp as he scored a "perfect". James Hayes and Mike Nahom traded second place finishes with James edging out Mike in the third round for the second spot on the podium overall.

In 8 year old Girls action Danica Bailey was the dominant rider bringing the gold back to Rhode Island. Azra Milton was denied her 8th win of the season and went home with a second place finish. Third went to Marissa Lyman. Lyly Dwan tried so hard but just missed making the cut.

With four riders going for the 3 positions available on the starting grid for the 7 year old Intermediate main event, it was “Hot-Rod”, Johnny Tomboly who would fail to make the transfer. Zachary Tuohy nailed down his second win of the year. Kyle McDonald was second and Shawn Biello (6 years old) was third. So after 12 races here this season, Johnny Tomboly failed making the main for the first time this year. What the heck happened? Hmmm rumor in the pits was that his chief mechanic changed some gearing around. Johnny, maybe send that mechanic to BMX school real soon?

The 8 year old Intermediate class enjoyed a 5 rider registration. Jacob Faunce went home a little heart-broken as he missed the cut. (Hey, it almost happened to Tiger Woods this week also). The top-gun was Aiden Biello with Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) second gun and Trevor Nielson third.

In the 9 year old class for Intermediates Ian Hayes, riding two class barely 5 motos apart, paid the price of exhaustion as he missed the cut. Nick Strandberg, riding out of the famous Strandberg racing stables, got the job done fairly easily. Ethan Hine was solid with a second place finish and third went to Rylan Carlson.

It was Total Points racing for the 10 year old Intermediates and enjoying a “perfect” today, despite the strong efforts from Ryan Hayes and JT Kelleher, was “The King” Landon Richard. Ryan and JT traded second place moto finishes but it was Ryan finishing ahead of JT in the third round for second place overall. These total points were “expert points” as that’s what Landon is ranked as. Remember, anytime Intermediates are mixed in a class where there is at least one expert, all get expert points.

I’ve heard that Domonic Nivolo only needs one more win to shed those Intermediate stripes and move onto the Expert classes. It would not happen today as he just could not make it into the main event. Fin Milton, would regain the top spot in the 10 year old Expert points chase as he was back after not racing other than touching the gate since mid June. It would be “expert points” for the other two finishers, both novices, Mike Strandberg and Josh Faunce second and third.

In 13 year old Intermediate action Kyly Milton continued her lock on yet another Track Championship as she aced another main event win in the 13 year old Intermediate class (She is actually a 13 year old girl). 13 Nov Russ Timmeney was second with the third spot going to Eli Nahom (13 Inter). Rose Timmeney tried but missed qualifying.

Jimmy Borucki and Dean “The Machine” Zebian really went at each other each round of 14 Intermediate action but the finish was always the same. Borucki 1st; Zebian 2nd and Nathanial Terra 3rd.

The “28-35 Intermediate corp was infiltrated by 17 year old Expert Chris Pfeffer (Bikers Edge). ┬áChris’s presence assured everyone they would earn expert points this day but they would not be for first place. Chris saved those for himself as he won the 4 rider main event. Big John Ouellette was second with Randy Vincent rounding out the top three.

In what was described as 8 year old expert racing, 7 year old Trevor Cooper again drew very tough duty as he was combined with three 8 year old experts. Robbie Webb held off a really hard-charge from Tyler Bailey while Garret Cooper held off brother Trevor for the third spot.

How about a little “Sweet-n-Rowe” with that? The 12 year old Expert class saw three total points motos with different results each time. Jagur Layman won round one with Ryan Sweet 2nd. Round two saw Sweet on top with Matt Rowe 2nd. Round three was Sweet, Layman and Rowe. Overall it would be Sweet, Layman and Rowe. Nice racin!
The Mod-Squad” 16 year old experts were the last group of the day.

Easy pickins for Crispy (Chris Pannullo). He was the only 16 year old expert in the mix with newly crowned expert Ethan Begnoche representing the 14 year old guys and 16 year old Intermediate (Really?) Trevor Fox in the mix. So in the end it was Pannullo, Fox and Begnoche at the award window.

As always, this write-up is the observations of and the Finish Report interpretations of Roger Plaskett.

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