August 18th, 2013

Here we are at week #14 already and well into the stretch run. There are numerous Foothills Track point battles going on and, with some of the regulars away at either the Red Line cup race at New Paltz or the Fair Race at Whip City this week, the gaps are shortening in some of the classes.

During the registration period, it was noticed that the phone was quiet. We certainly knew of the other two races in the area but this was virtually no call-ins. It was then discovered that the phone line was deader than a doornail. (What the heck is a doornail anyway?). Seems the city paved the access road this week and must have severed the underground phone line.

So it was a sparse crowd with only 57 riders and 13 motos. It was also a sad day as our clerk for the last two seasons, Amanda Hubbard, is relocating to Tennessee and this was her last race day with us. We wish her the best and will miss her smiling face and pleasant personality in the Registration building. Thankfully Catherine Biello has stepped up to fill the void left by Amanda’s departure.

Back on May 12th, Derek Wood won the three rider 9 year old Novice class. He has been trying ever since to duplicate that day but, as the 9 year old novice class has grown, he has been very competitive but not quite enjoyed another trip to the Winners Circle. Last week the class was the largest of the day with 9 riders registered. First time Foothills rider Alden Guzy won it but it was the efforts of second place finisher Derek Wood that caught our eye. Because of his consistent efforts we named him our Rider-Of-The-Week. When interviewed he named Chris Pannullo as his favorite rider.

Racing started with the 5 & Under Novice class and we enjoyed the 5 riders who were battling for the 4 main event positions. 4 year old Kayla Barker (Infinity Music Therapy) would be the rider eliminated through the motos but she is getting much better and now rides the entire track unassisted. 5 year old Dan Smith aced his 4th win of the year while Brady Kennedy had a solid second and Elena Curtis made her 5th main out of six tries for a third place finish.

The 6 year old Novice class had six riders registered and it was Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) who struggled a bit and just missed making the main event. Noah Anderson won his first main event on August 4th, was named Rider-Of-The-Week then and hasn’t lost since. Yesterday he made it three in a row. Brady Carlson was second with the third spot going to Andrew Beach.

Richard Castaldi put forth a great effort but just missed making today’s 7 year old Novice main event. This was probably the most heart-breaking main event of the day. After 3 consecutive second place finishes in the last three weeks Owen Annonson, after transferring out of the first moto, was on his way to his first main event win ever. As he headed for the final turn, with a sizable lead, he got crazy in the rhythm section and ran off the track. Although he didn’t fall, he virtually went from the penthouse to the outhouse and finished last. (third). Dad was waiting at the top of the finish line hill as Owen was absorbed into his arms. Owen failed to see the good times that lay ahead for him but he will soon discover them. The win went to Kayden Smith with Caden Kennedy finishing second.

The 9 year old Novice class was the largest class again this week with 7 riders going for some glory. Brendan Healy, coming back from a 7th place finish last week, won today’s main event, something that he hadn’t done since July 21. Derek Wood, who described his biggest competition as Brendan would finish second with the third spot going to Mason Blackburn (Barrett Builders).

With a very limited supply of Cruiser bikes in the house, only 5, they would all be combined and it made for a group of riders ranging from 9 years old to 47 years old. Personally, I believe the old NBL way of handling this type of situation was better as you could have a two rider Cruiser class where the 9 and 10 year olds would only race each other. But that was then and this is now so it would be 47 year old Bob (Moose) Delamare, all the way from Rhode Island) winning this strange main event. 45 year old Michael Nahom was second. The third spot went to 10 year old Ryan Hayes and forth went to 9 year old Ian Hayes as he beat his dad, 41 year old James Hayes out of the last qualifying position. That’s what being a dad is all about. (wink-wink)

Only 3 Girls in the 8 year old Girls class so Total Points racing was their situation. Danica Bailey (NAG 3) had no problems and aced a “perfect” with three wins. Azra Milton was second and a smiling Lily Dwan was third.

In 17-20 Girls action, 17 year old Brianna Delamare, in a very rare Foothills appearance, made it look easy as she won every moto in her Total Points class. 15 year old Lex Doty stayed with her but found no passing route settled into the second spot while third went to Kyly Milton (13 years old).

As the Intermediates took the track the 8 year old bracket actually had a 6 and 7 year old mixed in. 8 year old Dylan Barker won the class with 8 year old Trevor Nielson second and 6 year old Shawn Biello third. Even though he didn’t make the main it was nice to see Danny Calarco back at foothills for the first time this year. It was actually the first time he raced anywhere this year.

The 9 year old Intermediate class would enjoy earning expert points as both Tyler Bailey (Nag 9) and State #1 Robbie Webb were mixed in. Robbie got Tyler in the first moto forcing Tyler to wait till the second round to qualify. In the main event it was pay-back time as Tyler edged Robbie for the win. Third went to Ethan Hine. Ethan took over the points lead in the 9 year old Intermediate points race with this finish.

In the 10 year old Intermediate class there was a mixed bag for sure. Only 1 Intermediate rider, 1 girls and two Novice riders. Ashley Jasensky looked like she would ace a nice win after being the first to qualify would settle for a second place finish in the main event. The only intermediate in the group would finish third behind novice JT Kelleher, who not only enjoyed his first win of the year, but did it beating riders ranked higher than he is.

The 13 year old Intermediate class saw Eli Nahom get the job done. He won all three rounds of his Total Points class. Noah Klemonski was second with the third spot on the podium going to Connor Calarco.

In the 16 year old Intermediate class which had 7 riders but only two ranked as Intermediates saw the three experts make the transfer first. Trevor Fox, ranked Intermediate but who clearly rides as good as any expert out there, was last to transfer as Chris Michaelides had a broken bike and could not make the gate in round three. 15 year old Expert Casey Tanner won the main just edging out 16 expert Chris Pannullo. Trevor Fox was third.

In 11 year old Expert action it would be the two 10 year olds who would battle in all three rounds for superiority. Matt Webb cut the 37 point lead that Fin Milton has in the 10 year old expert points chase by 20 points with a win in this total points battle. Fin was second and Dominic Nivolo, who earned his expert ranking just the day before, finished third.

Please remember that to qualify for a Foothills BMX year end award, you must race a minimum of 10 race days here before the end of our points season.

As always, this write-up is the observations of and the Finish Report interpretations of Roger Plaskett.

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