August 25th, 2013

Weather-wise it was a beautiful day for racing today with temps in the mid 70’s, a light wind and cloudless skies. The turnout was still small and it appears that, as the summer winds down, so does the popularity of Connecticut BMX. Only 58 riders from the Nutmeg state were here with another 11 from Massachusetts and 4 from New York. These 73 riders were split into 19 motos for a short day but some good racing.

Before we enjoyed another on-time start we named 10 year old Girl rider Ashley Jasensky as our Rider-Of-The-Week. Ashley rarely has enough girls her age to create a pure class and is always racing in a combined class, usually with girls or boys a year or two older. Last week she was in with the 10 year old Intermediates and, after transferring out in the first round with a moto win, finished second in the main event. After she applied much thought she named Elena Curtis as her favorite rider.

The day started off with the 5 & under novice class. It usually works out that the first rider to qualify wins the main event. Ayden Wolanski was poised to do just that as transferred out in round one. That was amazing in itself as Ayden is only 4 years old and the other three riders are all 5 years old. In the main however, Danny Smith roared to the front and never looked back as he easily won it. Ayden finished a solid second while Brady Kennedy finished third. Elena Curtis, after a crash late in the practice session, never regained her confidence and had to watch the main from behind the fence. Hopefully she will re-discover her groove soon.

It was total points racing for the 6 year old novices and Brady Carlson and Nathan Giroux would trade wins making the third round a race for all the marbles. Giroux went home with the bag full as he edged Carlson for the overall win. The third spot went to Noah Anderson.

In 7 year old novice action, Kayden Smith nailed down his fifth consecutive win with a solid effort again this week. Owen Annonson continues to impress with yet another second place finish. That’s five in a row for him also after failing to make the main in his first week only six races ago. Richard Castaldi was third.

Back to total points racing and time for the 8 year old novices. Jana Wilkinson, who has never enjoyed a first place over-all finish at Foothills, won the first two rounds. In round three she was in control coming out of turn five. With the finish line in sight, she appeared to assume she had another win for her first “perfect” and let up just a bit. A determined Caden Kennedy sped by her at the stripe winning that battle. The war however, was won by Jana for her initial first place finish of the year. Caden's second place finish puts him on top of the leaderboard for 8 year old novice points.

It was a good turnout with 5 riders going for the gold in the 9 year old novice class. The point’s leader struggled today and “Fierce” Pierce Curtis missed making the cut for the main event. Brendan Healy won it with James McCormack second and Derek “Hollywood” Wood finishing third. After today only 17 points separate the top three riders in the class for years end total points.

The first “perfect” of the day went to Mike Wilkinson who also enjoyed his first win of the season. Russ Timmeney was second and Connor Lafleur was our third place finisher.

The typical unfair combining in the only Cruiser class of the day occurred as all that showed up with the big wheels were thrown into the same moto resulting in a class ranging from 6 years old to 43 years old. 13 year old Nick Cote’ easily won the main event. Second went to 19 year old Ryan Bogli while 11 year old Alex Kuehn finished third. A generous Gina Layman let 6 year old Joe Santilli make the main. Personally, I wish USABMX would reconsider the rules for Cruisers and let two riders make an official class. I’d rather see a 6 year old racing an 11 year old compared to this crazy combining due to requiring three riders to make an official class. Maybe it’s something to discuss at the 2014 Summit.

Another “perfect” went into the record books for 8 year old Azra Milton in the 8 year old girls class. Callie Atchison, in only her 4th appearance this year was second while Lily Dwan was third.

Once the “perfects” started flowing they just kept coming. The next one was in the 13 year old girl’s class as 13 year old Kyly Milton turned the deed. Ashley Jasensky, 10 years old was second. Rose Timmeney, also 13 years old, was third.

Moving into the Intermediate classes, Mason Jacquier, who was a novice when we last saw him two weeks ago, showed everyone he is already a force in the Intermediate ranks as he won today’s 6 year old Intermediate main event. But maybe the most impressive ride in this 4 rider class was the efforts of 4 year old Jack Santilli. Jack managed to eke out a solid second place finish in front of 5 year old Chris Sandberg. Shawn Biello, who is a lock for the year end points title in this class, fell in practice and elected to sit the day out nursing a sore knee.

In what was described on the moto sheets as the 7 year old Intermediate class there was another “perfect” earned. This time it was the only expert in the class Joe Santilli showing them the difference between the two classes as he easily got the job done. The good news is that both second place finisher Zachary Tuohy and third place finisher Trevor Held will earn “Expert points”. This would put Zack on top of the points list in the 7 year old Intermediate points chase.

It was “expert points” for the 8 year old Intermediates as well this week with 7 year old expert Trevor Cooper in the mix. Trev made easy pickins in this class but the action was good back in the pack. Aiden Biello was second and Trevor Nielson earned 64 points for a third. It was tough day for Jacob Faunce as he just missed making the cut.

Up next were the 9 year old Intermediates and again, expert points would be enjoyed by those making the main event. The only expert in the four rider class was Garret Cooper and he wasted no time in breaking away from the pack and capturing the win. Second place went to Mike Bohlke while third went to Rylan Carlson. Hunter Moulton, traveling all the way from Enfield for only the second time this year, could not hold off Rylan in the third round for the last transfer spot. This was big for Rylan as those expert points put him on top of the years points race.

In 11 year old Intermediate action it was yet again “expert points” up for grabs as 9 year old Nick Strandberg was in the mix. Nick would finish in the third spot behind the two 11 year old intermediates Mike Strandberg and Josh Faunce. Isaiah Parker is still looking to make his first main. This was only the third week for this Winsted rider. He is showing much improvement and will be in the mix soon.

It was a perfect day for 11 year old expert Alex Kuehn as he swept his way in the 11 year old expert total points class. Fin Milton, with the absence of Matt Webb, who was at the National event in Canada, still maintains the points lead for 10 year old experts with a second place finish. Third went to Domonic Nivolo.

There were four 12 year old experts in the house and they certainly put on a good show.  “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor captured the top spot on the podium with a nice win. Tommy Gladstone, who had to battle Matt Rowe for the last transfer spot in round three, earned a solid second and third went to Jagur Layman.

Five riders registered in the 14 year old expert class and Jeremy Estrella, who we usually only see in team races here at Foothills, go the job done as he put his Wallingford Bike Barn colors in the winner’s circle. Ethan Begnoche, who moved up to the expert class just a few short weeks ago, nailed down a solid second place finish while the third spot went to “Double D” Dylan Denette. Griffin Lafluer gave it a good try but just missed the cut.

In 16 year old expert action, Casey Tanner and Chris Pannullo traded moto wins in the first two rounds of this total point’s class. The decisive round three went to Casey for the overall win. Trevor Fox finished in the third spot.

The final group of the day was a mixed bag full of experts ranging from 17 years old to 43 years old. Gina Layman found herself in this class and had a great view of the eye candy in front of her. She would sit out the main event. Shaun O’Connor, 20 year old expert, won today’s main event. Ben Atchison was second and Anthony Kumeiga, who we have not seen for about five years, looked good for a third place finish.

As always, this write-up is the observations of and the Finish Report interpretations of Roger Plaskett.

Remember, no racing here next week and then its the State Championship race at Bethel Supercross on September 8th. Our next race is September 15th. Hopefully, see you then.

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