August 4th, 2013

What a great day for racing weather-wise. Unfortunately it must have been a great day for other things as well as there were only 60 entries and 16 motos today. None-the-less the action would prove to be exciting.

Before we started, 7 year old Kayden Smith was named Rider-Of-The-Week honoring his first win two weeks earlier. He said that Mason Blackburn was his favorite rider. He also said that Meriden was his favorite track. When our announcer suggested it was because they had a better announcer there he agreed. The loud pop echoing through the pine trees was our announcers ego bubble bursting. Kayden had raced there for the first time the day before and had won.

A small turnout in the usually large 5 & under novice class with only four riders going for the win. Last race two weeks ago we saw, for the first time, this little red-shirted spit-fire from New York named Austin Perillo. He blasted his way to an impressive win that day. Today he was back and picked up right where he left off. Austin was the first to qualify and then easily won the main event. Dan Smith was second and nailing down a third place finish was Ayden Wolanski. Dylan Hilario just missed making the main event.

Total points racing was the normal scenario today and it started with the 6 year old novice class. After his 11th race at Foothills this year, Noah Anderson not only enjoyed his first overall win of the year here, but he did it by scoring a “perfect” by winning all three rounds. Brady Carlson was second with the third spot going to Andrew Beach.

With four riders in the 7 year old novice class, second time Foothills rider Anislee Bardunais could not get the track dialed in good enough to qualify for the main event. We sure hope we see this New York sweetie again as she could be a good one. Kayden Smith, after being named our Rider-Of-The-Week for his fist Foothills win two weeks ago, proved again that receiving this award provides supercharging energy the next time out as he simply did it again. Owen Annonson continues to impress as he enjoyed another second place finish in only his third race while the third spot went to Matt Evanuska.

It was an ominous start for the five rider 8 year old novice class. As they sped into turn one in the first round in a tight mix of riders, Addiison Miller would bail right in front of Jana Wilkinson who made a great move to avoid hitting the sprawling Miller. Justin Perillo would qualify out of this round but Addison was slow to get up and had a skinned knee and bruised shoulder. He would be hurting the rest of the day and failed to make the cut into the main event. We hope he feels better soon. In the main event it was Justin Perillo putting a second first place trophy in the car for the Perillo family for their trip back to New York. Christina Denovellis earned an impressive second place finish with the third spot going to Asher Smith.

If it was an ominous start in the 8 novice class, the same applies to the finish in the 10 novice class. It was the first race ever for Isaiah Parker from Winsted. He looked to enjoy himself as he had a smile on his face most of the day even though he missed qualifying for the main event. In the main it was Brendan Healy, former Rider-Of-The-Week comfortably in control with a nice lead going into the 4th turn when disaster struck. He exploded into a sprawling mass of bicycle and rider for no apparent reason. Barret Builders sponsored Mason Blackburn inherited the win with “JT” Kelleher following him across the stripe for second. Third was Dillon Obrien. Brendan would walk off into the mid day sun holding his left arm. We hope all is well for this Thomaston rider.

Next up was the three rider 9 year old Cruiser class in which “The King” Landon Richard was uncatchable. Landon aced a perfect with three moto wins. A perfect second went to Derek Fantano with a perfect third going to Aiden Badendyck.

More Cruisers and more perfects as the 36-40 year old class only had three riders as well. Aged to perfection could be the description here as the oldest rider in the mix, 44 year old Jeff Badendyck was our winner finishing just ahead of Fred Roy and Larry Stout who was here all the way from ledyard.

In the 10 year old Girls class it was yet another Total Points race and yet another Badendyck in the mix. This time it was Avery Badendyck bringing a first place trophy back to New York. 8 year old Azra Milton was second and Ashley Jasensky, clipped in for the first time, looked strong with a very close third behind Azra.

In the class described as “17-20 Girls”, 17 year old Jayna Roy and defending Track Champion, 13 year old Kyly Milton really put on a show. First year rider Rose Timmeney was in the mix as well. It was a two rider battle though as Jayna and Kyly went at it time after time in all three rounds. In the end it was Kyly scoring a perfect with Jayna and Rose second and third.

In 7 year old Intermediate action, it got a little dicey in round three. Cole Melillo was sitting on top of the pack with two wins going in. Hot-Rod Johnny Tomboly and Shawn Biello had traded second and third place finishes. So in round three Shawn grabbed the lead and never looked back...well...not exactly, but he did cross the stripe apparently breaking up the perfect that Cole had going. But in the end, Shawn was DQ’d for actions on the last straight pushing the other two riders up a position. In the end it would be Cole, Johnny and Shawn in that order.

Shawn Biello’s big brotherĀ  Aiden showed us how its done as he was unbeatable in the Total Points racing action for the 8 year old Intermediate class. He won all three rounds with Zander Hicks (Matck Tools) mired in the second spot all three rounds. The third spot went to Trev Nielson.

It was Total Points racing as it should be in the 10 year old Intermediate class. Round one it was Rylan Carlson. In the second round Anthony Denovellis was the winner. So in the third round showdown, it was Donovellis leading when Rylan dove to the inside and pulled off the pass of the day. Rylan would go on to be the overall winner, Anthony was second and the third spot went to Ethan Hine. The win boosts Rylan to the top of the leaderboard for 9 year old Intermediate points.

The 8 year old Expert class it was actually two 8 year olds and two 7 year olds going for the glory. The two 8 year olds used up the qualifying spots in the first two rounds leaving the two 7 year olds to battle for the last qualifying spot in round three. The main event finish would see the 8 year olds, Robbie Webb and Garret Cooper finishing 1-2 while 7 year old Trevor Cooper finished third. Aiden Badendyck was the 7 year old who just missed qualifying.

Injured Fin Milton’s lead finally disappeared in the 10 year old Expert points battle today as Matt Webb took over the top spot with a win. Fin has been injured for the last 5 races and he can only touch the gate getting last place points week after week. Landon Richard (9 years old) was second with the third spot going to Vic Alves.

It was a crazy line-up in the 14 Expert class as the only 14 expert was Ethan Begnoche, who earned that ranking with his 20th Intermediate win at our last race. Steven Hull, in a rare 2013 appearance is a 13 year old expert; Mike Wilkinson is a 13 year old Novice while Lewis Cianfarani, after a great showing in Kingston New York last week, in now a 14 year old Expert. It was too much to ask of Mike Wilkinson who tried hard and looked good, but did not make it out of the qualifying rounds. Ethan Begnoche won the mixed class, Steven Hull second and third went to Lewis Cianfarani.

The last class of the day was titled “17-18 Expert”. Okay, there was one of the 5 riders actually in that age bracket and he would be the one who didn’t qualify. Chris Pfeffer (Biker’s Edge), was really pushing it but could not get himself into a qualify position. The main event win went to 16 Expert Chris Pannullo. 15 Expert Casey Tanner was second and 44 year old Expert Jeff Badendyck held off 47 year old Expert Fred Roy for the third spot.

Remember gang, Next Sunday is our race for Life Race. This is a double USABMX points race with a $20.00 entry fee. Awards are certificates. Race for Life is a national fundraising event for the benefit of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society who are fighting blood related cancers.

As always, this write-up is the observations of and the Finish Report interpretations of Roger Plaskett.

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