July 14th, 2013

After a week of rain, sometimes torrential, the weatherman promised a day of dryness for our race day. The problem is the damage done by these unusually heavy rains has taken its toll on the track surface. Foothills BMX is primarily made of gravel and dirt with a coating of clay capping this base material. This week’s rain, coupled with the heavy rains all season, has virtually washed away most of the clay leaving a gravely surface. With volunteers manning rakes and shovels in the early morning hours, the ruts were filled and the track raked leaving a hard surface but at least ridable.

With another one-time start it was great to see riders from Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York joining are Connecticut Regulars resulting in a decent 25 motos made up of 98 riders.

In the pre-race ceremonies Danny Helms was announced as our Rider-Of-The-Week for the July 7th race. Dan was not present so he will be honored when he next attends a race at Foothills.

A lot of Total Points races today and a lot of “perfects”. Nathan Cedor, in the 5 & Under Novice class was the first to enjoy a perfect day as he won all three rounds of motos in his class. Ayden Wolanski and Kayla Barker (Infinity Music Therapy) were second and third.

Other Total Points Novice race results were Brooke Klemonski also scoring a “perfect” as she consistently finished in front of Jana Wilkinson and Josephine Bourque in the 8 year old Novice group.

In the 9 year old Novice class Brendan Healy finished 1st and 3rd in the first two rounds placing him in second place overall after two rounds in this Total Points battle. Brendan won round three with Derek Wood placing second. Both would be tied for points with a score of 5 but Brendan would be declared the day’s winner as round three is considered the Tie-breaker under USABMX rules. Mason “Chocolate Face” Blackburn (Barrett Builders) was third.

The 13 year old Novice class also required a third round shootout to determine who would be the Top-Gun. Nathaniel Terra, in only his second time here, won two of three motos for his first Foothills win of the season. Mike Wilkinson was second with Russ Timmeney third.

In 6 year old Novice action 5 riders were hungry for some glory. Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) was working hard but just missed the cut for the main event. In the main, last week Rider-Of-The-Week, Mason Jacquier earned his second consecutive win of the year. Second went to Brady Carlson while a much improved Noah Anderson was third.

The biggest Novice class was the 8 rider 7 year old division. First time racer Owen Annonson was showing some ability that will put him in the mix if he says with it even though he was forced to sit and watch the main this day. Owen is on a one-day trail membership. We hope we see him again. All the way from the Green Mountain State, it was Bennington’s Logan Corrales winning the main event in his first trip ever to Foothills. (Sorry Cory Buck) Matt Evanuska put in a solid effort and earned a second place finish while third went to “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tombly.

Twenty Four Intermediates were in the house and some were paired with an expert or two. In the 6 year old class Collin Bourque would ace a perfect in his Total Points class. Shawn Biello was second and Brady Bisaillon from New York was third.

A half dozen was the rider count in what was described as the 8 year old Intermediate class with the computer inserting 7 year old Intermediate Zachary Tuohy into the mix as well. Zack tired so darn hard but just could not qualify. Dylan Barker, qualifying out of the first round won the main. Ethan Hine and Aidan Biello finished second and third.

Riding out of Massachusetts, Matt Bacis, despite a good try, was odd-man out in the 9 year old Intermediate class. There were 5 riders in this class from three different states. Connecticut’s Mike Bohlke won it with second going to New York’s Jack Bisaillon and from the nutmeg it was Kyle Lyman third.

Multi-state action was certainly the case in the 6 rider 10 year old Intermediate class. From the Bay State it was “King Richard” Landon our winner. Finishing second was Cameron Albaugh from the Ocean State and from the Constitution State it was Nick Delbone finishing third. The Empire State’s Ryan Hayes failed to make the main despite a good effort. The good news is all who made the main will get “Expert Points” as Landon is an expert.

In 12 year old Intermediate action Zachary Albaugh would steal a perfect from the Connecticut riders and bring a first place award back to his home in Rhode Island. Dom Nivolo, the youngest in the mix at 11 years old, finished second. The third spot went to Noah Klemonski.

So here’s an interesting class; four riders and here is the line up by age and proficiency; One 15 Intermediate; one 15 Girls; one 14 Intermediate and 1 14 Novice. Trevor Fox (15 Inter) won the main with Damon Bachand (14 Inter) second and Alexus Doty (15 Girls) third. The Novice rider, 14 year old Matt Kolodziej just missed making the main.

Jash Rivera, who last raced at Foothills when he was probably about 11 years old, won the 17-18 Intermediate Total Points shoot out with two of three moto wins. Chris Michaelides would take a second overall as his chances went down in flames with a crash in the main event. Third overall went to Jayna Roy.

In 11 year old Expert action Alex Kuehn and Jerry Taylor would wreck hard in turn #1 in a qualifying round. Both would eventually get up and ride off and both would eventually qualify for the main. In the main it was obvious that Taylor had recovered completely as he captured the win in a fantastic comeback. Landon Pease was second while Alex finished third.

Last week Mason Jacquier told us that Dave Albert was his favorite rider. This week Albert showed us why as “The Beast” got the job done in 12 year old Expert action. Jagur Layman had to settle for second while Tom Gladstone went on to a third place finish. Matt Rowe just missed qualifying.

The 14 year old Expert class was a Total Points race. With Anthony Lucchesi working on a ‘perfect” after two rounds, “The Marshall” Matt Dillon would ruin it with a win in the third round. Lucchesi would finish up first overall. Dillon was second with Dallas Tuttle third.

Also Total Points on the line for the 15 Expert “Wild Bunch”. If this was President’s Cup action it would have been New York 1st, Massachusetts second and Connecticut third. In reality it was Casey Tanner, Josh Blanquart and Chris Therriault 1-2-3.

I don’t remember ever seeing this speedster before at Foothills but 18 year old Ryan Bogli sure made a good first impression while Chris Pfeffer (Biker’s Edge) was making a different kind of impression on the asphalt in Turn one. In the class that featured riders from the 16-18 age span and all Experts, it would be Chris Pannullo the first to qualify. Next it was Bogli and finally it was Pfeffer. Wes Reel, who was injured in practice, was a DNS. In the main it was a very tight pack into turn #1. Pfeffer tried an awesome move but lost traction. He slid out hard right in front of a fast moving Bogli. Ryan slammed into the sprawling Pfeffer while Chris Pannullo cruised off into the distance. It was a while until both would get up with Ryan finishing his ride onto the finish line. Chris would walk off and was last seen with multiple bandages covering some nasty looking road rash on his fore-arms. Officially it was Chris Pannullo, Ryan Bogli and Chris Pfeffer in that order.

A crazy line-up in a class identified as 28-35 Expert. There was a wide range of age and proficiency from a 20 year old Expert to a 49 year old Intermediate. Jason Gladstone did not transfer to the main, Josh Wedge (20 Ex) won it with Ben Atchison (34 Ex) second and Fred Roy (47 Ex) third.

Azra Milton, the oldest in the 6-8 Girls class easily go the job done. Marissa Lyman, who is really becoming a force to contend with, was second and the third spot went to Callie Atchison. Lily Dwan continues to try and her efforts will soon be rewarded.

In 13 year old Girls Total Points racing it was yet another perfect for reigning champion Kyly Milton. Ashley Jasensky was second and third went to Rose Timmeney.

In Cruiser action “King Richard” Landon Richard would enjoy a perfect in the 10 year old group. Ryan Hayes was second with Matt Bacis third.

Chris Therriault also “perfected” in the 15 Cruiser class with Dave Albert and Alex Kuehn second and third.

In 26-30 action (anthing but) it was the return of Alex Rivera to Foothills action as he was here in full Crupi Colors. 37 year old Alex had no problem aceing a perfect. Tomas Bacis (40 yr old) was second with “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli third.

As always, this write-up is the observations of and the Finish Report interpretations of Roger Plaskett.


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