July 21st, 2013

Finally, we get a break from the oppressive heat and no threat of afternoon showers. It was a very comfortable day of racing.

Normally we have enjoyed an invasion of a high number of riders from Massachusetts but today, only five Bay-Staters were in the house.
However, of the 85 riders here today, eleven of them were from New York. I can’t forget to mention that we had three riders from St. Petersburg also. Not Florida but Russia!

Before we started, Dan Helms was honored as our Rider-Of-The-Week for the July 7th race. Dan had won his third main event of the year that day but was not present last week to receive his award. He named Andrew Beach as his favorite rider.

For last week it was Marissa Lyman who was named Rider-Of-The-Week. She, without hesitation, claimed her brother Kyle as her favorite rider.

There was some moto reposting due to another crazy placement of a young Cruiser rider in a class that was 3 times his age. With the permission of USABMX this rider was manually placed in a class that was much closer to his age. The repost caused a 7 minute delay in our otherwise on-time start.

With 31 Novice riders today, their brand of racing was pretty competitive. The 5 & under class featured 6 riders going for those 5 positions in the main event. In this race the influence of the large New York rider count quickly became evident as first time Foothiller Austin Perillo, from Wappingers Falls, New York was the dominate rider. He was first to qualify and first across the stripe in the main. Maybe the biggest cheering of the day happened in the third round with the remaining 3 riders going for the last two qualifying positions. It was a tight pack going into the last turn and it was Elena Curtis, a rider who’s confidence has been shaky at best in recent weeks, leading the charge to the stripe. This is after she crashed in round one. While the crowd was screaming encouragement, Elena won the moto with Dylan Hilario right on her rear wheel. In the main Dan Smith and Dylan Hilario would finish second and third behind Perillo. Elena finished 5th. Kayla Barker (Infinity Music Therapy.) struggled a bit today and just missed making the main event.

7 riders strong was the 6 year old Novice class. Mason Jacquier made it three weeks in a row for Main event wins. Amazing what the influence of being named Rider-Of-The-Week has on the recipient. Brady Carlson finished right behind him and the third spot went to Andrew Beach. Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) just missed making the big show.

In the 7 year old Novice class it was a 7 rider shootout, Kayden Smith earned his first victory of the year with a big win in today’s main event. Last week Owen Annonson raced his first race and didn’t make the main event. This week he not only made the main, but finished an impressive second place. Look for big things from this kid down the road. The third spot went to Caden Kennedy.

IN the 8 year old Novice class, there were four riders with two being boys and two being girls. Despite a tremendous effort, Jana Wilkinson missed making the transfer into today’s main event. Justin Perillo, after being the first to transfer to the main, looked to be set-up to win the main just has his brother had done two races before him. But this win belonged to the Massachusetts entry of Jacob Faunce. Sporting his Evolution-X team shirt, Jacob beat Justin to the stripe in the main. Christine Denovellis was third.

In 9 year old Novice action it was Brendan Healy who got the job done. Mason “Chocolate-Face” Blackburn (Barrett Builders) was second with “Fierce” Pierce Curtis earning the third spot. Pierce only needs one more win to move up to the Intermediate class but seemed a little intimidated by racing for the first time in the 9 year old class. Pierce had a birthday since we last saw him. Victor Frolov, on holiday here in the States with relatives, didn’t make the main today.

The last of the Novice riders were in the 14 year old class. Four riders were battling hard. When the dust settled it was Matt Kolodziej winning the main event. I’m sure he was much happier this week after being placed in with the 15 year old Intermediate class last week. Lewis Cianfarani was second and Nathanial Terra was third. Mike Wilkinson, the youngest rider in the mix at 13 years old, just missed making the cut. This was Matt’s second win of the year here at Foothills.

With some moto adjustments in this Cruiser class (only two Cruiser motos today), 11 year old Alex Kuehn would be today’s winner. Second went to 9 year old Landon Richard while 9 year old Derek Fantano was third. There was also a 10 year old and a 7 year old in the moto. The computer identified the class as 9 year old Cruiser.

The only other Cruiser class was the 41-45 division. In reality the rider’s ages ranged from 37-47. Without the aforementioned adjustment, there would have been an 11 year old in this class. The USABMX computer race program will move a rider up to the next age class that has enough riders rather than look down an age class. Hence an 11 year old was penciled in with the 9 year old rather than with the 41 year olds. Anyway, it would be Alex Rivera (37 years old) winning the main, Garrick Yanosky, in what has become a rare appearance at Foothills was second with Fred Roy finishing third.

The first of the Total-Points races was the 9 year old Girls class. Azra Milton had no problem in scoring a “perfect” with three moto wins. Marissa Lyman finished second and third in the first two rounds but left the facility before round three. That allowed Daniella Hart to be unchallenged for the second spot overall.

In 13 year old Girls action, Kyly Milton scored a “perfect” just as her little sister did in the previous moto. Avery Badendyck was second and Ashley Jasensky was third. Kyle is 13 years old while the other two are 10 years old.

There were 19 Intermediate riders registered today. In the 7 year old division (actually two 7 year old and two 6 year olds) it would be Aiden Badendyck the first to qualify in this four rider class. Next it would be Shawn Biello and finally it was “Hot-Rod Johnny Tomboly. In the Main, 6 year old Biello edge out 7 year old Aiden Badendyck for the win. Hot-Rod was third. Finn McIntyre, from Mastic New York, missed making the cut on his first-ever visit here. This was Tomboly’s first race as an Intermediate ranked rider at Foothills. Nice Job Hot-Rod!

It was again 4 riders going for some glory in the 8 year old Intermediate class. Aidan Biello won the main making today a pretty good day for the Biello family. Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) was second while Ethan Hine earned a third. Trevor Nielson just missed making the cut.

With only two 9 year old Intermediates in the house, they were combined with the three 10 year old Intermediates as was one 10 year old Novice rider. Six riders were going for it and it would prove to be a tough time for J.T. Kelleher as he was the Novice rider in the mix. JT would not make the main. Iakov Frolov, from the family from Russia here on holiday, won the main event. Rylan Carlson enjoyed a solid second with the third spot going to Anthony Denovellis.

It would be “Expert Points” on the line in the 12 year old Intermediate class as Alex Kuehn (11 year old Expert) was placed in this mix of 11 and 12 year old Intermediates. Alex, as expected was the winner. Domonic Nivolo, who is one win away from earning his Expert classification, was second while the third spot went to Josh Faunce. Robert Hart narrowly missed making the main.

It was a classic shootout in the 14 year old Intermediate class going for “Total Points”. Ethan Begnoche and Jagur Layman traded wins in the first two rounds it was going to be an important third round, especially for one of these two riders. Even though Jagur is an Expert, Begnoche took the lead in round three and never looked back. As he crossed the stripe for his 20th and last win as an Intermediate, he now joins the exclusive Expert class. Well done Ethan, welcome to the club! Jagur was second overall with Jake Layman third.

Robbie Webb aced a “perfect” with a sweep in the 8 year old Expert class. Garret Cooper was close every time but just could not find a way around “Spider Mite”. He would finish second with 7 year old Trevor Cooper finishing third.

Injured Arefin Milton (Injured finger) continues to touch the gate but is forced to watch his point lead in the 10 year old Expert class shrink to a meager 29 points as Matt Webb is closing in fast. Matt won today’s action holding off Landon Richard and Vic Alves in that order.

The next class was identified as “15 Expert” but in reality it was a mixed bag of three riders. Casey Tanner, 15 year old Expert, Trevor Fox, 15 year old Intermediate and Lexy Doty, 15 year old Girl. This was a “Total Points” event and it was the same order in all three rounds. Casey, Trevor and Lexy 1-2-3.

Same type of situation in the “17-18 year old Expert” class. Three rider strong and it would be Chris Pannullo (16 Ex) winning all three rounds; Bikers Edge sponsored Chris Pfeffer (17 Ex) second; Jayna Roy (17 Girl) was third.

The last moto of the day was the 41 & over Expert class. Mikkail Frolov, an Intermediate inserted into this line-up would not make the main. Mike Savage would put another win into his impressive list of wins. Fred Roy was second with the third spot going to Dan McIntyre.

It was a fine day of racing and the track looked good. Due to the Kingston New York National next week, there is no racing at Foothills on Sunday.

Thursday is a one day clinic by London Wilmont’s Bizzarro Racing Inc’s gang of riders made up of some from the FBN / Supercross factory team. Clinic runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and is only $50 for instruction from some of the best riders on the east coast. Sign-ups at the track on Thursday morning.

As always, this write-up is the observations of and the Finish Report interpretations of Roger Plaskett.


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