July 7th, 2013

So it’s 84 degrees at 10:00 with high humidity and a National Event in Pittsburg. This could be a somewhat small race as a few of our regular supporters are at the National Event. None-the-less, it really wasn’t that bad, again, by 2013 standards with 76 riders and 20 motos.

After enjoying his best finish of the year last week, Mason Jacquier was named our Rider-Of-The-Week. He said David “The Beast” Albert was his favorite rider.

In the 5 & under Novice class there were 4 riders going for the glory. This means one rider would transfer into the main event from each of the three motos. Danny Helms from round one and Brady Kenndey from round two transferred out leaving a two rider shootout between Kayla Barker (Infinity Music Therapy) and Brett Moran for the last qualifying position. It looked like it would be Brett as he had a sizable lead over Kayla as he dove into the rhythm section heading towards the last turn when disaster struck and he would fall. As he was slowly getting up and trying to get back on his mount, it was Kayla who would go by and earn the last spot as she made her first main event since June 9th. In the main Dan Helms earned his third win of the year. Brady Kennedy was second with Kayla earning a third.

A full gate of 8 riders lined up for the battle rounds in the 6 year old novice class. Our Rider-Of-The-Week, Mason Jacquier would be the first one to transfer out with Brady Carlson joining him also from round one. Nathan Giroux and Jesse Moran would join them on the bench from round two. The third round sent Noah Anderson, Kevin Kelleher and Cole Barker to the main. The hard-luck rider was Drew Beach. He was comfortably sitting in a transfer spot in round three when a little contact between him and another rider occurred in turn two. Beach would go down and lose any chance of making the main event. Mason would win the main with Nathan second and Jesse third.

With 5 riders going hard in the 7 year old novice class it would be Aden Helms the odd-man out as he put in a great effort but just missed qualifying. Johnny Tomboly put this one in the “win” column with Matt Evanuska second and Caden Kennedy third.

With only 3 riders in the 8 year old novice class it would be a Total Points race for these riders. After a first straight crash in practice, Pierce Curtis, mounted on a brand new hot looking PK Ripper, would continue his dominance as he nears an Intermediate ranking with another perfect score. Fierce Pierce won all three rounds with Christina Denovellis and Jana Wilkinson second and third.

The last of the 23 novice riders in the house would be the 3 riders in the 9 year old novice class. Rylan Carlson would ace a perfect in this Total Points battle with Derek Wood and Victor Frolov second and third.

In 10 year old Cruiser action it was an interesting placement of one rider here. The ABA race program does all the combining based on certain situations. With an 8, 9 and 10 year old combined into one class, the computer program is satisfied that it now has created a class and will put the rider of the next age into the next Cruiser class, in this case the 41-45 cruiser class. A quick call to the ABA office (Thank you Bill Curtin) allowed us to place 11 year old Jacob Bacis in with the 8,9 and 10 year olds rather than the 40, 41,44 and 45 year olds. Common sense prevailed and it would be Jacob winning the main event with Landon Ricard a close second while Matt Bacis finished third. It was a good effort by Ryan Hayes but he would watch the main from the side-lines.

In the 41-45 big-wheel competition (Cruiser) it was James Hayes who was edged out by inches in the third round for the last transfer spot. Michael Nahom earned the last spot and would finish third in the main behind Terry Moran (2nd place) and our winner Tom Bacis.

In a class identified as 10 year old Girls, in reality, had only one 10 year old (Ashley Jasensky) and two 8 year olds. (Lily Dwan and Azra Milton). Ashley was right on Azra in all three rounds but never found the speed to complete a pass. Azra was perfect with Ashley and Lily second and third.

A great battle ensued in the 7 year old Intermediate class. This was a Total Points Race with three rounds of action with three riders entered. Tristan Enquest would win two of the three rounds for the overall with Shawn Biello (6 yr old) winning the middle round. Overall it was Tristan, Shawn and Ethan Hubbard.

In 9 year old Intermediate racing, 8 year old Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) put a perfect in the record books in this Total Points war. Aidan Biello was second with the 10 year old Tommy Mitchell finishing third.

A strong line-up was in the gate for the 10 year old Intermediate main event. Abigail Poole, all the way from Rhode Island, would not make the main event but showed the skills that will keep her right in the mix for making a main event on any given Sunday. From Russia with love could be the theme in this one. Iakov Frolov was the best of the class this day. It was a nice second from Anthony Denovellis who fell very hard in practice over in the rhythm section with Jorn Layman earning a third place finish.

Three riders from three different states was the feature of the 12 year old Intermediate class. From Rhode Island, Alex Poole showed us how they do it in the Ocean State by earning a win with a perfect score. Connecticut’s Eli Nahom was second and from the Bay State, it was Austyn “The Shadow” Denette finishing third.

A decent turnout also in the 14 year on Intermediate class with 5 riders going for the first place gold. The first to transfer out was Ethan Begnoche. In round two it would be “Road Rage” Corey Heath. In round three the last two riders to make the qualifying cut were Kyly Milton and Matt Kolodziej. It looked like Mike Wilkinson was going to transfer but he may have stopped pedaling one crank too early allowing Kyly to edge him at the stripe. In the main it was Ethan with maybe his 6th win here at Foothills this year. Second place honors went to Kyly Milton with Heath finishing third.

Trevor Fox (16 year old Intermediate) is almost unbeatable when he wants to race. Today, he definitely came to race and put his smooth riding skills on display with a perfect. “Double D” Dylan Denette was second with Chris Michaelides third.

The next three races were all Total Points races and all winners did so with perfects. In 28-35 Intermediate action it was 17 year old Expert Chris Pfeffer (Bikers Edge) easily winning over 17 year old Girls rider Jayna Roy and 28 year old Intermediate rider Steve Scibelli.

Garret Cooper turned the dirty deed dirt cheap in 8 expert racing with little bro Trevor Cooper second and Matt Bacis third.

With Matt Webb in Pittsburgh for the Stars and Stripes National at South Park, Fin Milton, without even riding a bike, would gain 60 points on his lead over Matt for the 10 year old expert 2013 points chase. Fin, with an injured arm can only touch the gate but it was good enough for 60 third place points today.  “King-Richard” Landon won the class today with Victor Alves second.

In the 12 year old Expert class it was Jumpin Jerry Taylor winning this four-rider all Bay State class. Hannah Blanquart continues to show how amazing she is by racing the expert boys and nailing down a solid second place finish with Matt Rowe third. Jacob Bacis was the rider forced to watch from the bench despite a great effort to qualify.

The best completion in the expert classes was the 16 year old “mod-Squad” in my opinion. With Josh Blanquart, riding out of Massachusetts, stating he will try and make every Sunday at Foothills for the rest of the season; this potentially makes the class very competitive. Josh is only 15 but has some skills that definitely match up with some of Foothills best. Today he, Chris Pannullo and Wes Reel would show us how hard core racing can be done cleanly as these guys really went at it. In round one it was Pannullo and again in round two. Both of these rounds were hard earned wins for Chris and he had a good shot at a perfect. Josh, starting on the inside in the final round, used that slight advantage to hold off a hard-charging Pannullo at the stripe, Josh would win that battle but Chris would win the war as he was first overall, Josh settled for second with Wes finishing third.

Fred Roy, the only Expert in the 41 & over Expert class, easily beat Mikkail Frolov and Terry Moran.

As always, this report is solely the observations of Roger Plaskett coupled with his interpretations of the days finish report.


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