Week #4

So after taking the Memorial Day weekend off from racing we were back at it again this Sunday. Even though there was no racing activity over the last two weeks at Foothills, it was obvious that there certainly was significant activity there.

The third straight had been completely redone culminating with a new turn three and other changes to the course. A huge effort and a huge “thank you” goes out to Pete Cooper for the countless hours he spent here getting the job done.

A RedLine cup race in nearby Kingstone New York, oppressive heat and even no racing last week probably all contributed to the smallest crowd so far this year with only 70 riders on site representing 18 motos of racing.

Just before we started Pierce Curtis was named our Rider-Of-The-Week for his efforts on May 19th. He named Ashley Jasensky as his favorite rider (Sorry Josh Wedge).

Speaking of Pierce Curtis, his little sister started racing this week in the 5 & under novice class. While Wyatt Cawley was working on his “perfect” after winning the first two rounds of this Total Points shootout, he may have taken his dominance for granted as Elena pulled up alongside of him half way around in round three and sealed the deal with a sweet pass. Elena wins a moto on her first day of racing. Wyatt, however, still had enough points to capture the overall win. Elena was second and Kayla Barker (Infinity Music Therapy) was third.

The biggest class of the day was the 6 year old novice class with 9 riders registered for some hot action. Split into two groups, normally it would be a real battle to make the main event. But on this day, “Hammerin” Cameron Trivaudey decided he was not quite ready for racing and pulled out of the motos leaving the qualifying positions automatic for the main event. Brady Carlson took care of business with “Mac Attack” Mac Zdziarski a close second. The third spot was definitely up for grabs and it would be Mason Jaquier who grabbed it.

In the 7 yr old novice class Chris “Moonman” Moon easily won the first round while Kyle McDonnell won the second and Johnny Tromboly won the third setting the grid for the three rider main event. One would think that Moon would be the favorite here after he beat everyone in the first round however nothing is automatic in the whacky world of BMX. Kyle would win the main with Johnny Tomboly second and Moon third. It was a good try by Matt Evanuska but came up just short of making it to the main.

In 8 year old novice action Brooke Klemonski looked like she was setting the stage for a main event win as she won the first round to be the first to transfer. Pierce Curtis earned the next transfer spot in round two while the third round shootout for the last spot between Jana Wilkinson and Leah Fox would go to Jana. Leah tried hard but was a little rusty after a long layoff from racing. In the main event Pierce Curtis would show why he was picked as our ROTW as his marked improvement continued with today’s main event win. Brooke settled into the second spot while third went to Jana.

The 9 year old novice class had a good turnout with 7 riders registered all going for those coveted 6 transfer spots for the main event. Sam Timmeny would be the rider who didn’t make it but he definitely has some skills that just need to be honed a bit. The main win went to Rylan Carlson who was really flying. Derek Wood was a pretty close second while the third spot went to Mason Blackburn (Barrett Builders).

The 15 novice class was a Total Points grouping and it would be Bailey Barrigan, in his first race at Foothills dominating with a ‘perfect”. ┬áThere simply was no catching this Baystater. Mike Wilkinson was second and the third sport went to Russ Timmeney.

It was a mixed bag in the 26-30 year old cruiser class as no rider in that age bracket was present. Anyway it was 30 year veteran Dave McKnight (42 years old) showing us how it’s done with a total points perfect. Fred Roy (47 years old) was second while Dave “The Beast” Albert (12 years old) was third.

More total points action continued in the 10 year old girls class. With Ashley Jasensky winning round 1 and Azra Milton winning round 2, it was the third round that would determine todays overall winner. Azra got an early lead and, although Ashley caught her, she could not find a way around as Azra captured the overall win. Ashley settled for the second spot with Lily Dwan third.

In what was called the 14 year old girls class the only 14 year old in it was Lex Doty and she swept the competition for a total points perfect. The other two ladies were 13 yea rolds and it would be reining track champ Kyly Milton second with Rose Timmeney third.

In Intermediate action the 6 year old class saw Collin Bourque put his Stampede colors in the winner’s circle with a perfect total points score. Robbie Solsbury (5 year old intermediate) would crash hard in round three but still manage enough points to salvage a second place finish ahead of Shawn Biello.

Six riders strong was the lineup for the 8 year old intermediate class and it was Jacob Merenda who was the only 7 year old in the mix tried his best but just came up short in making the 5 rider main event. Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) sped his way to a big win in the main event. Second on the podium would be Ethan Hine while Aidan Biello was third.

In 15 year old intermediate action the big guy, Ethan Begnoche got back on the top spot making it 3 wins in four weeks. Trevor Fox, who seemed like he could win if he wanted to, settled into the second spot while Adam Barker was third. Darren Taylor didn’t make the cut.

In the always competitive 8 year old expert class, Robbie Webb and Garret Cooper traded moto wins in this total points shootout. The deciding third round went to Garret. Overall it was Garret, Robbie and Trevor Cooper 1,2,3.

It’s been a tough time for defending track champion Fin Milton this year as the competition in the 10 year old expert class has become elevated. (no pun intended). Finny finally got the win yesterday in a tough battle with Matt Webb and Henry Dzwonkowski (10 yr old novice). Tommy Mitchell (9 year old intermediate) was eliminated in the moto rounds, it would be a three rider battle for supremacy in the class. Henry had a good showing against the two experts but, in reality, it was a two-rider shootout between Webb and Milton for the win. Finny was able to hold off the hard charging Webb on this day.

The 12 year old expert class was a battle for total points between three differently ranked riders. Dave Albert (12 year old expert) was first, Noah Klemonski (12 year old intermediate) was second with Evan Merenda (11 year old intermediate) finishing third.

The Mod-Squad (16 year old experts) was next with Casey Tanner making his 2013 Foothills debut to do battle with Chris Pannullo and Wes Reel (15 year old expert). This was a total points battle and it took Casey all he had to beat Pannullo at his home track. After splitting motos the deciding third round went to Tanner who ended up the overall winner.

Finally the last class of the day was titled 36-40 cruiser. At least there was one of the 5 riders falling in that age bracket. After Fred Roy (47 years old) was eliminated by his 17 year old daughter Jayna in the moto rounds, it would be Mike Sigrist (43 years old) winning the main. Jayna Roy was second while the third spot went to Scotty Merenda (40 years old).

Remember, it’s a 2:00 start for next Sunday. Watch the website and facebook for any updates.

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