Week #7

With the dog days upon us coupled with a state qualifier the turnout today was decent by 2013 standards with 156 riders in 38 motos. This was one of those days however, where if anything could go wrong, it did. Most of it was behind the scenes but we did get through it and the racing on the track was hot and hotter.

Just before we started we named our Rider-Of-The-Week for last Sunday and it was really a no-brainer as Nathan Giroux, after winning his first main event, was named last week’s recipient. Nathan named his dad as his favorite rider. When asked if his dad even raced Nathan replied that he used to. Come to find out Matt Giroux was one of our early racers at Foothills and actually started at Twin City BMX, which was located just three miles from the Foothills facility.

There was a full gate of 5 & under novice riders were going for the 7 positions in the main event. It was a tough day for Kayla Barker as she would fall a couple of times. Jack Santilli held off a hard charging Chris Strandberg for the win. Chris was second while Ayden Walanski earned the third spot.

In the 10 rider 6 year old novice class it was heart-break for one rider. Elizabeth Von Wahlde was sitting in the last transfer position in the third round when, as she entered the last turn, her pant leg got caught in her chain and she could not make it to the finish line. As she stood helplessly 30 feet from the stripe, Cole Barker went by and transferred into the main. From the second group it was Seth James who didn’t make the 8 rider main event. Richard Tuozzoli was the main event winner after holding off last week’s ROTW Nathan Giroux. In the third spot was Brady Carlson.

In the 7 year old novice class there were two groups totaling 9 riders. When there are less than five in a class that is split into two groups, under USABMX rules, You transfer 1 from each group in each of the first two rounds and then combine the remainder of riders, in this case 5 riders in one third round moto transferring 4. After a delayed Main event start as a little confusion reigned on the starting grid it was finally Trevor Held hanging on for the big win. Rex Davis enjoyed a solid second while the third spot went to Johnny Tomboly.

With 5 riders registered in the 8 novice class the competition was close. Actually it was really Close! “Fierce Pierce Curtis” was the winner but close behind was Close! Yup that’s his name; Cameron Close. So it was a Close call from the tower! Curtis, Close and Brooke Klemonski was close behind Close.

As the ages got older the size of the Novice classes got smaller. In the 9 year old division Brendan Healy was our winner in this 4 rider shootout. Mason Blackburn (Barrett Builders) was second while Rylan Carlson was third.

It was the first of a few “Total Points” races next with the 11 year old Novice gang. In reality there were two 10 year olds and only one 11 year old in this mix. The two 10 year olds proved that age does not always matter as both Joziah Gonzelez and JT Kelleher finished 1-2 ahead of 11 year old Jacob James. Jacob was making this his first trip to Foothills so that was the equalizer.

Speaking of first timers, that was the case with Nate Terra in the 4 rider 13 year old Novice grouping. With two 12 year olds in this mix, Terra got the transfer spot in the second round and then went on to win the main event. Second went to Mario Mortara (12 years old) while third went to Russ Timminey.

Moving into the Cruiser classes Landon “King Richard” dominated the 9 year old cruiser class. Tyler Bailey, all the way from Rhode Island was second while the third spot went to Derek Fantano.

In 13 year old Cruiser action Nick Cote’ was unbeatable. It was a good battle for the second spot as Jonathan Moura and Alex Kuehn were really hammering the pedals. At the end it would be Jonathan holding onto the second position.

Chris Therriault put the GHP colors in the winner’s circle in 16 Cruiser action. This was a total points race. Jake Pirulli was second and Matt Higgs was third, the same order in all three rounds.

In the 41-45 Cruiser division it was the “Mysterious Mike Savage” showing the competition how its done. Fred Roy almost pulled off an upset but had to settle for second while Mike Von Wahlde was third. Keep your eye on the next few issues of Pull magazine as Mike Savage will be a featured story in one of them.

Azra Milton was perfect in the 10 year Girls total points’ class as Ashley Jasensky (10 years old) was constantly challenging but could not find a way around. She would finish second with Lily Dwan third.
In 13 year old Girls action it would be Kyly Milton back on top as she won the main event this week. Mackenzie Atchison was second for Stampede with Helen Elizondo third also riding for Stampede.

After an absence of a few years it was great to see Julionna Olson back on the track. She would finish third in the 15-16 year old Girls total points class but it was just great to see her again. The winner was Lex Doty (Home Town Pizza) with Jenn Cote’second.

In 17-20 Grils action there was probably a groan in the division when that Stylin racing jersey showed up for only the second time this year. That meant Highland New York’s Carly Curtin was in the house and she did not disappoint by putting yet another win in the record books. Angela Therriault was second with the third spot going to Jayna Roy.

With 44 Intermediates in the house the action at that level was fantastic. Stampedes Collin Bourque was awesome as he aced a main event win in the 6 year old Novice class Cole Melillo (5 years old)  was second with Shawn Biello third. Robbie Solsbury broke his arm at school and could only touch the gate.

In 7 year old Intermediate racing this would be for total points as there were only three in the house. Fisher Stites, first time at Foothills, was perfect, Tristan Enquist, who continues to look sharp as a short-timer at this level, was second with third going to Jacob Merenda.

6 riders were out for the 8 year old Intermediate title today. Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) was the “Top Gun” today and had little trouble winning the main event Jadan Asklar had a well earned second place finish with third going to Trevor Nielson.

In 9 year old Intermediate action from Newington it was Michael Bohlke winning the prize. Nick Strandberg also looked fast and earned a second while Hayden Provencal nailed down a third.

In the 11 year old Intermediate group it was “Dominating Domonic” Nivolo hammering out a win. Ryan Friedly second and a nice third place effort came from Mike Strandberg.

It was nearly a full gate with 7 riders strong in the battle for supremacy in the 13 year old Intermediate class. Still not jumping that second straight double but determined as ever it was the “Dean Machine” Dean Zebian the main event winner. Eli Hahom was second and Lewis Cianfarani was third.

In the 16 year old Intermediate class Chris Michaelides was the first to transfer out of the motos making him the apparent favorite for a main event win. But 15 year old Trevor Fox turned up the heat in the main and captured the win. Chris was second while Cameron Johnston grabbed the third spot.

In 17-18 Intermediate action the oldest rider, 18 year old Alex Hubbard, was the star of this show. He must have been thinking how much he likes April even though it’s June as he was definitely in a hurry to get the job done. Chris Haas grabbed second place away from Justin Walker who finished third.

7 year old expert Ty Bailey, sport a nifty NAG 9 number plate, made his trip from Smithfield Rhode Island worth the trip as he nailed down a total points win ahead of Joe Santilli and Trevor Cooper.

After winning the 9 year old Cruiser class Landon Richard doubled today by also winning the 9 year old Expert class. Robbie Webb gave it his all but settled for second while the third spot on the podium went to Garret Cooper.

Total points action for the 10 year old Expert class. Defending Track Champion Arefin Milton’s grasp on first place for the year in this class took a major hit this week as he has a severly cut finger from a dirt bike mishap. Just touching the gate, he was kinda lucky that this was a total points race with only three riders. With a third place finish, his lead in points is still sizable but shrinking. Matt Webb got the job done with Vic Alves second.

In 12 year old expert action it was a rare appearance by Alex Kuehn. Once a fixture here every Sunday, we have only seen him twice before since this time last year. Picking up where he left off Alex, after being the last to qualify for the main, was first across the stripe for the win. Ryan Sweet was second with Jagur Layman third.

Another rider who enjoyed a “Double” today was Nick Cote’ Not only did he ace the 13 Cruiser class but did the same in 13 Expert.

Amazing under these rules you can enter two classes, race four laps and come home with a “Double”. Times have sure changed. None-the-less it was a great day for Nick. Jon Maura made a very good showing and enjoyed a solid second while Steven Hulls put a third place finish in the books.

In 14 expert total points action it was Jeremy Estrella winning round one. Round two went to “The Marshall” Matt Dillon. In the third round show down it was The Marshall laying down the law with a win. Estrella was second with Scotty Thomson third.

The Mod-Squad (16 year old Experts) were a strong group with two 15 year old hot-rods thrown in the mix. The first to make the 4 rider main was Chris Pannullo. Then it was 15 year old Casey Tanner out of round two. In the third round both Jake Pirulli and Wes Reel made the cut. In the main Tanner had the lead down the front straight but Pannullo, with a sweet swoop in turn one, took it away. All the way around it was Pannullo by as much as 4 lengths. When they hit the rhythm section Tanner caught fire, caught Chris and completed the pass in the final turn for the win. 

In the 19-27 year old expert class (Actually one 20 yr old and two 17 year olds) it was our Awesome coach Josh Wedge showing us how it’s done. Shawn McAuley and Chris Pfeffer (Bikers Edge) wee second and third.

Also showing how it’s done was Ben Atchison in the 36-40 year old Expert class. Ben, owner of Stampede Clothing / racing had no real problem acing a perfect. The Bike Barn colors, worn by Scott Merenda were second with Matt Lucas third.

Mike Savage won the 41 & Over expert class. The rest of the description of todays action in this class was removed at the request of the Litchfield County BMX Group Inc. who deemed it inappropriate.


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