Olympic Day Race

So a lot of money spent on advertizing this race and a good effort to get the word out by certain staff members results in the smallest race ever held at Foothills.

I guess when you schedule any race on a normally non-race day the turnout would be low.

Whats more disturbing than the low turnout is the fact that only 4 new riders showed up and two of them left after the first round. Hard to figure out whats wrong, if anything?

Gotta just keep on pluggin along I guess.

It was nice to have Rick Dalla Valle in the house representing the Mayors Office. Rick was very instrumental in getting Foothills BMX off the planning table and becoming a reality back in 1993 when we first approached the city. Rick read an impressive citation from the city of Torrington.

When racing started it was a short program with only 20 riders split into 6 motos.


Complete finish report